Is CL16 Crucial Ballistix 3600MHz 32GB Good for a AMD 5950?

Hi guys upgrading from 16gb corsair vengeance 3200mhz

is this ram ok for my 5950 cpu and 3080gtx graphics card?

Noticed most 3600mhz kits were only cl18 but this is cl16.



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    Is that ram listed on the mb website as compatible?

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    Is this a humble brag or something?

    Yes, it'll be compatible and work well. Hopefully your mobo is compatible…

  • Yeah, it's good stuff, but only single rank, so get 4 sticks ;)
    Single rank at two sticks will cost you about 10% performance (but will overclock far better than dual rank) :P

  • I'm not sure what dual rank is? i knew about single vs dual channel.

    Is it not worth ugrading? I have corsair vengeance rgb pro 3200mhz at the moment.

    I thought i'd get maybe 5-10fps more with faster and more ram? not so?

    If the upgrade is negligible i might as well forget about it

    • What?

      Your 3080gtx doesn't need assistance with a system ram upgrade

      • faster ram = faster system and a few more fps

        • What fps are you getting now?

          • @oscargamer: It's good but i have quality parts (cpu and gpu). Thought i should add some better and faster ram to it.

            If it's gonna be neglible like 1 or 2fps i'll save the cash. Have only 16gb 3200 ram at the moment

            • @johnnyg: So if you are getting maybe 150fps now, you will not see any difference whatsoever even if it jumped to 200fps, which of course it wouldn't

              Can't you say the current fps?

              • @oscargamer: i play at 4k ultra around 50-60 on flight simulator

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                  @johnnyg: IMO, you might gain 1-3fps.


                  • @oscargamer: oh really? what about apps?

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                      @johnnyg: Mate - you're going to get absolutely no noticeable return for the new ram. But if it's an itch you have to scratch, scratch away.

  • It’s good memory. I’ve got 4 sticks of it with a 5950x (data science and software dev with many VMs and code that is slow to compile.

    Worth it over what you have now? Probably not if it’s just for gaming, although going from 16 to 32 Gb might help a bit in very, very few titles. It’s not going to be significant.

    If you’re happy with the current amount of memory you have. I’d personally wait til DDR5 becomes more common. The price of DDR4 should drop a bit further in the next 6-12 months before it starts creeping back up when production of it winds back.

    • Just want to add that I read recently that ddr4 production is already scaling back, I'll come back if I can track down the source. I ran into the info because I was hoping the 2x32gb cruical kits would come back in stock.

      On a side note, I'm data science / date engineering so lots of containers, I've been umming and ahhing about increasing my RAM, after black friday was a bust I got a 4x32GB ripjaws 3600mhz cl18 kit recently for just under $900 when the priced dipped. I think it'll be a reasonable amount of time before I could bring my full stack over to the newer hardware and ddr5 anyway?

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