Gillette Fusion Proglide Flexball Power Razor + Cartridge $16 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ Chemist Warehouse


I was looking for a new cartridge shaving razor and saw that CW is having a sale that includes Men's Grooming products. In addition to the handle pack, the 8 -pack of cartridges are also one sale for $38

Gillette Fusion Proglide Flexball Power is one of the best rated razors available in Australia:

Preemptive comments

  • Free deliver with $50 spend
  • I believe the battery is included
  • No 4G Band 5 or bluetooth… thankfully
  • Cartridge razors aren't for everyone - see this GQ article. It's cool that some people prefer safety or cut-throat razors - I don't.
  • I buy Gillette because it's best rated for what I want and I posted this deal because I have a CW very close-by. FWIW, I have seen their advert - I like it and don't get why some men here are being such snowflakes about it :p
  • Harry's Mens Razor seems better rated. Does anyone know of a local retailer? I'd rather not buy from overseas because then I will also need to import the refills.

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  • Good price, but no option but delivery at my location.

    • +1

      The handle pack and the 8 cartridge pack come to $54 and there is free delivery with $50 spend.

  • Since Gillette went woke they can go broke for all I care.

    Can't support a company that openly insulted it's core customer base with bullshit moral standards while manufacturing its goods in slave labour camps in China.

    Edit: Won't downvote because it not OP's fault and it's a deals website after all.

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      This isn't Reddit mate

      • True.. people vote with their dollars and should support companies that do right be their customers.

  • Shave like a real man! Get a safety razor. I have myself a muehle made in Germany with a cherry wood handle. It takes some time to find the right angle, but when you got used to it, you won’t cut yourself. The slim double blades are so cheap for this. Every OZBARGAINER should have one…

    • +1

      A real man uses a machete.

      Still have 1 ear so all is good.

    • +1 for this mate. Recently made the move over. It took me about 4 shaves to get used to it but I'm all good now.

      You do need to take your time and take care but it gives a great shave and is much much cheaper.

    • +1

      Every time I hear someone talk about a safety razor, the talk reminds me of hobbies, rather than a chore or something that needs to be done.
      It sounds lovely, but it sounds like you have to basically get into a routine, of having a proper shaving cream, having a time set aside for shaving, etc etc.

      Plus the logic reminds me of the rabbit hole I fell in with fountain pens. How it could be economical if you get bang for the buck stuff, and how it likely won't be once you get into it as a hobby. Of course that's the point of a hobby, you spend money on things you enjoy to get enjoyments out of. Hence why the whole talk reminds me of hobbies.

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