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Christmas Tasting Pack $159.95 (RRP $309.60) Delivered @ Dad & Dave's Brewing


Merry XMAS to everyone from Dad & Dave with another great deal- with free delivery Australia wide

8 each of the following beers (48 beers in total) - all freshly brewed for XMAS with long expiry dates (not old stock).

XPA - 4.6%
L'il Hazy Pale Ale - 4.6%
Citra Sabro Hazy IPA - 6.2%
Citra Mosaic IPA - 7.2%
Galaxy Smash IIPA - 8.0%
Blueberry Sour - 6%

To ensure delivery before XMAS for Sydney customers we are personally delivering all orders next week.

All other orders received today will be made available for transport tomorrow morning. All orders received by Sunday will be packed and made available for transport by Monday morning.

Check out the other deals on our website if you need other gifts.

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  • Sound reasonable. Pity I'm in Vic, don't think I can trust delivery in time for xmas

    • Delivery to Victoria is good at the moment. Certainly not like it was during the lockdown. I can't guarantee but I think it will get there.

    • Waiting for few parcels from Syd to Mel (with different couriers , including AusPost) - takes about two weeks.

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    To ensure delivery before XMAS for Sydney customers we are personally delivering all orders next week.

    Who's quicker: Dad or Dave?

    • +22

      Depends on how many beers we have had.

      • +2

        I like the added element of risk. I'm in.

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    Normally $6.45 a can each?

    • +6

      On Average. There are some high percentage alcohol beers in there that get taxed quite heavily. So not just your ordinary beers @ 4.6%. Two or three of those will make you quite happy!

    • +9

      More for us yay!!

      • enjoy…

        • +3

          Have been!

          • -1


            Have been!

            More alcohol excise for us yay!!

            • +6

              @jv: And more local australian breweries and jobs yay!!! Without travelling for months across the ocean!

              • +14

                @onlinepred: Thanks. We now have 16 employees! We love making beer and being a small family business employing and training local people.

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    Not sure 48 beers constitutes a "tasting pack"

    • +1

      One of each every day from christmas to new years, drinking them in different order each day to see which is the best combo.

      The alcoholic tasting pack.

    • When I was 16-25 I'd say so… not these days.

      • 48 beers would probably be a Friday night in with two mates.

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    Any chance of changing the sours for something else?

    • +1

      Sure. What do you want?

      • 4 hazy pale, 4 Citra mosaic IPA. If possible

        • +1

          OK, I can do that. Just put it in the comments and I will follow up. Just message me your order number and I will put it aside for you.

    • +2

      Let me know if there is a way around the sours too because I was interested until I saw the 8 sours in the pack.

      • I suggest exchanging for Ginger Beer - it is awesome! But PM me if you do and make sure you put it in the comments section of your order.

        • Do a deal on those babys! I love me a ginger beer

  • Do you guys do any Dark Ale's, perhaps something similar to White Rabbit?

    • Sold out of the cans as these are seasonal. We did a few specials on OzBargain.

  • Thanks OP, ordered a deal out of Perth. Crossing fingers these arrive before Xmas

    • +1

      Fingers crossed. Thanks for your order!

  • +1

    Absolutely recommend. We had the SMASH in our advent calendar and everyone loved it. Dad even recorded an intro video for us

  • Do you guys use fastway by any chance?

  • Any of these contain Lactose? If so are you able to substitute?

    • +1

      The Citra Sabro has lactose. Choose something else when you order in the comments and then PM me your order number.

  • Thanks OP. I ordered this deal. PM'ed you as well as I wanted some of it swapped for something else..

  • +12

    Purchased some beers from their previous offer and thanks to the useless courier they used I never received my items. Emailed the team for a refund which they processed straight away and they also personally delivered the items next day free of charge and refused to accept my offer to pay for those beers. Now that's what I call service. Thanks guys 👍🏽

    • +3

      Hi jruban. Not a problem. Glad you are a happy customer. Cheers, John (Dad)

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    375ml cans!

    • +3

      yep - 375 ml cans

      • +3

        Great to see. So many breweries have crept down to 355ml and even 330ml cans without really adjusting their prices accordingly.

        edit: just bought 2 slabs - cheers

        • -3

          Cool so some haven't noticed the beer glut where I buy well know slabs for around $30-$35 all day with double stackers .
          Enjoy paying 3 X for 375ml cans Einstein's of this thread .

          • -1

            @popsiee: Do you feel threatened that other people are willing to pay more than you for good beer?

            • +1

              @Tycn: That the problem I get a better beer too lol :)

  • Ordered and PM'd you regarding swapping out the sours.

    • OK

      • +1

        I've done the same. And had to reply to this thread as I'm also an Alex Kidd :)

  • How are these beers generally? I tried the Belgian IPA and I thought it was a very average beer. Could just be the cold fermented style I don't like however

    • Hi Bizzle, I think the Citra Sabro is the best beer Dave has made. The Belgian IPA is not everyone's cup of tea as it is a unique flavour. I think you will be pleasantly surprised, especially if you are into your Pale Ales and IPAs. Cheers, John (Dad)

  • Must resist to buy more beer.

    • -1

      Please don't resist!

  • Very tempted to buy….for Xmas but so much expenses

  • After drinking your last black IPA special and a 4 pack of the BFG Pastry Stout, this is a simple must buy. Thanks!

  • Ordered, can't wait to do some Christmas tasting

  • +1

    Oh no, none left. 😞

    • Sorry, we ran out.

  • +2

    Thanks to everyone who purchased the deal. We are sold out. Look for the next great beer deal in the New Year!

    • Thanks for the Bec Hardy Sauv Blanc order too gents - much appreciated. Bec & Richard :-)

  • +1

    I placed an order successfully when the post went up but haven't received any sort of email from Dad&Dave. Anyone else the same?

  • Pretty tasty so far! Was concerned I wouldn't like the sours, turns out I like this one! Thanks!

  • Ordered on Thursday and it arrived yesterday, Sydney to Melbourne. Pretty good.

  • Wow you guys are lucky. I ordered on Thursday and it just got picked up from the brewery today… fingers crossed it arrives in brissy before Christmas.

    • Unfortunately, not all orders went with the same courier company. Everything is on the way!

  • How on earth did I miss this :(

    • Sorry, it sold out very fast. Send me your email address and I will put you on our mailing list with all of our specials and new releases.

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