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Alpha Guitar Stand + Tuner + Capo + Acoustic Steel Strings $10.95 Delivered @ Ozplaza eBay


Having missed out on the previously posted guitar stand deal, I went looking through eBay and found this. Guitar stand, capo, tuner and set of steel strings for $10.95 delivered!

Edit. Keeps coming in and out of stock, so put it on your Watchlist.

Edit 2. You may add musician to your dating profile only after the items arrive.

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  • Looks like a price mistake.

  • Done..looking forward to what I get? Hopefully no surprises as the link takes to the only stand.
    Juciness included more unavailable juices..

    • If you click through on the description it says about the extras being included.

      • Great.. Thanks jonnyb… Didn't realise that… Glad to find this.. Cheers

  • +1

    dont need ebay plus to buy it and OOS

  • Damn too slow… deciding too long. have to buy now, think later.

    • -1

      4 available still..

  • +2

    Cheers, got one. For the last 5 years we've had a guitar balancing on a unicycle stand, will be nice to know the kids can't accidentally bump it over. Looking forward to the bonus strings, capo and tuner (surely a price / listing error?)

  • +6

    Also here

    • Thanks, got one!

  • Sound out I think

    • Back in stock

  • +1

    $11 delivered from https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265192267372?epid=10040195417&ha...
    3 available at time of posting.

    • Thanks bought one

  • Thanks. Got one

  • +1

    Back in stock. Got one. Thanks!

  • Is Alpha Guitar 38' any good for beginners?

    • +5

      No. It will make you frustrated at its build quality. This woud be most prevalent with the

      • Tuning pegs (strings won't stay in tune long enough for a song)

      • The neck setup (intonation will be off, high notes will sound bad)

      • The resonance/tone (less time/money available to work the wood, let alone use acoustically pleasing wood)

      • The neck shape (hard to move your hands up and down)

      • And the fretwork (metal bars on the neck, may not be stuck down properly, or have overhang and just generally not be consistent - your fingers will catch and sometimes get scratched).

      It will likely just act as a $30 price increase for buying a guitar that is actually legitimately good for making music.

      • Thanks mate.

      • +1

        Lol, just seen close up pics of the Alpha today and build quality doesn't look bad. I wouldn't make blanket statements w/o trying it in person.

        • +2

          Ok sure but the tuning pegs on all of my guitars cost more than this entire instrument - you do the math

  • Back in stock just grabbed one, also deal is not exclusive to eBay Plus, I’m just a regular account and still got the same price plus free shipping

  • Been needing a new stand.. so good timing. Thanks OP.

  • OOS

  • Cheers Juiciness, will be payed for with the Foxtel bonus on cashback.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.
    Someone gave me a guitar over the weekend, so just nice and got one.
    Maybe targeted but I got $10 voucher, so I paid $0.95.
    Feel like king today..

  • Are there going to be a lot of new OzBargain guitar players playing wonderwall at Christmas barbies this season?

  • thanks Juiciness great deal bought 2 :)

  • The rrp is nuts. The stand doesn’t have neck support, not worth even close to that.

    • It's never been at RRP. Normally it's around $30.

  • The last free tuner I got was a pos. I just use the one built into the guitar. It's a budget guitar but the tuner actually works.

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