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BIGW $14.76 36x375mL Pepsi Max, Pepsi, Pepsi light, Sunkist, Solo or Lemonade. 41c per can.


Saw this in their latest catalogue, might go pickup some. :D

$14.76 Pack

Starts 18 September - Ends 24 September.

Cartons Of Soft Drink

Hot price. Equates to 41c per can. 36 x 375mL cans. Available in Pepsi Max, Pepsi, Pepsi Light, Sunkist, Solo or Lemonade.

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  • Pepsi Max ftw, Coke Zero ftl

  • very average "deal". 8.99/24 is decent value, which equates to $13.50 for a 36 pack.

  • This definitely is not the cheapest. Woolworths sells 24 cans for 8-9 dollars.

    • At the moment it is $9.99 for the pepsi/max/schweppes 24 pack at woolies according to the latest catalogue.

  • Yea, I used to buy coke for 25c a can - ah but wait that was 20 years ago. Still that makes this a poor deal doesn't it??

    Since I cant buy that now or the $8.99 deal I guess if i want a deal today then this is it. - thanks for sharing

  • Like that kid said last time a pepsi deal was posted, "I don't get excited until it's 36c a can or less!".