expired Indie Royale - April Fools Bundle (5 Games for $3.99 USD) [Pre-Order]


The Indie Royale's April Fools Bundle is available to pre-order at a minimum of $3.99 USD.
Indie Royale's April Fools Bundle will launch soon at $3.99 USD and up.

Headlining the bundle in an acclaimed tower-defense game with a free built-in expansion (for Windows on Steam, Desura, and DRM-free). Featured alongside it is a retro turn-based dungeon crawler (for Windows and Mac in a Steam debut, Windows and Linux on Desura, and Windows/Mac/Linux DRM-free), a pair of titles from the same developer spanning platformer shooter and horizontal shmup (for Windows on Steam, Desura, and DRM-free), and an incendiary 2D action platformer (for Windows on Desura and DRM-free).

Those who pre-order the April Fools Bundle receive an awesome vocoder-heavy bonus: Sexy Synthesizer's Japanese '80s-style chip album Rock: Deluxe Edition, available in .FLAC and HQ .MP3 file formats. Those who pay over the minimum while the bundle is live will also receive the bonus.

Game Title Developer Platforms
Defense Grid: The Awakening Hidden Path Entertainment Windows, Desura, Steam (PC)
Hack, Slash, Loot OddballDave Windows, Mac, linux, Desura, Steam (PC and Mac)
Alien Zombie Megadeath PomPom Games Windows, Desura, Steam (PC)
Explodemon CurveStudios Windows, Desura
BONUS: Astro Tripper PomPom Games Windows, Desura, Steam (PC)

Defense Grid comes with Resurgence Map Packs 1-4

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    Waiting for when the games get posted. The past few bundles havn't had that good games in them.

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    It might be worthwhile to actually mention what this deal is for (ie: what is the product?)

    After clicking the link and reading the description I think I've worked it out, but many people (like me) won't have a clue what "Indie Royale" is supposed to mean.

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    With the popularity of original Humble Bundle, expect to see more/similar *** Bundles. I already hating this because of minimum pay required (not pay as you want). I bet more people willing only pay for minimum compare to original humble bundle.
    Also, need more info on the donation, if any, but i guess all money goes to IR and developers.

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      The Indie Royale bundles are not bad at all. Better than the humble bundle IMHO. Cheap minimum price (less than a buck a game), great site that works 100% unlike some of the other bundle sites, and individual steam keys rather than one steam key that activates all of the games even if you already have some of them (humble bundle is guilty of this). DRM free downloads as well of course, and Desura keys.

      Don't like one of the games in the bundle? No problem, be a good guy and send a friend or family member the individual steam key for the game you don't want. A few dollars can make up some good gifts for birthdays which you had forgotten about for your gamer friends.

      BTW the humble bundle always has a minimum amount to pay which is far higher than the indie royale minimum if you actually want to get ALL of the games on offer. Sure indie royale might only be 4 or 5 games each time but you can't complain for $3-5 especially for the consistency they provide with a new bundle every two to three weeks, pre-order offers, extra's added in for pre-orders and the previously mentioned individual steam keys :)


    i wonder if that "retro turn based dungeon crawler" will be Legend of Grimrock


      It would be awesome if it is, that is a $12 game right there. Already pre-ordered it myself (from their official website) but don't mind getting another key for a friend.


        Yeah, I was going to preorder but then I realised it would probably end up in a bundle eventually (there is actually a humble store icon on the preorder page)

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          You mean Steam store icon lol - http://www.grimrock.net/buy/

          But no, you are wrong sorry.

          Indie Royale We generally NEVER comment on what the games are or aren't, but just so people don't get too carried away, the title making its Steam key debut is not Legend Of Grimrock - it's a game that is also on Mac and Linux, as we noted.

          Taken from Indie Royale's Facebook page.


          Click here and check out the logo underneath the Google Checkout button http://www.grimrock.net/store/


          oic.. I thought you meant 'Humble Bundle icon' my mistake. Haven't heard of the 'Humble Store' up until now but after looking it up, it appears to just be a game distribution platform for indie games.


    Update: Bundle is now officially live.


    Bonus Unlocked: Explodemon - Original PC prototype

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