Neighbour Cats Come to My House

I live in Sydney burbs and there are 3-4 cats crossing my back yards every day.
Particularly in this suburb there are lots of cats and dogs (obviously dogs are more contained in their homes) but some cats are really friendly and approach me when I do some garden works in the back yards.

One day one particular cat (which I know who's the owner is) came to my back yard and I gave her some cat foods a couple of times and since then she's come to my back yard every often and sometimes wait until I give her some foods.

This cat is so friendly and cuddly but I think I shouldn't feed anything even some cat snacks.
Should I or should I not?


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    Up to you.

    If the owner doesn't mind and you are happy to give the cat snacks I say go for it.

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    If it looks healthy, I wouldn’t feed it. You never know how many people in the neighbourhood are doing so.

    My friends adopted a cat that roamed and then it was getting too big because of all the people feeding it so it had to go on a diet and they had to attach a note to its collar saying not to feed him.

    Of course, if you know where it belongs, have a chat to the owner.

    There is a chance that if you stop feeding it will stop visiting, but hopefully it enjoys the cuddles enough.

    • this as well as some cats can be on a special diet eg renal

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    If you don't want it to visit - stop feeding
    If you want it to keep visiting - stay feeding
    If the cat looks fat - stop feeding

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    You shouldn’t feed someone elses cat, it will just keep coming back and expecting it.

    But to be fair, that’s your neighbours issue, they shouldn’t let their cat outdoors, too many issues with outdoor cats (getting into fights, getting fed by other people and going missing, killing native wildlife).

    But thats just my opinion.

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      well you know, thats just, like your opinion, man.

      • K

      • maybe the cat is in Northa Melbourne or Foot is Gray?

    • hmmm, maybe I should get a cat and then let my neighbors feed it and then I don't have to worry about paying for cat food!

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    if you do like the cat, get a mouse
    if you dont like the cat, get a dog

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    They always say that a cat has two homes

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      PPR and investment property? this why real estate has become so expensive

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    If you want the cats to keep coming, plant some catmint or catnip. A friend of mine does that to keep the birds off his veggie patch.

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    cats are such sluts

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    • Last time I hit on one … got me groin shredded

  • I think the Cat is found a new servant.

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    This happened to me. The cat kept coming around, I kept feeding her, and the owner didn't mind. She started spending more time at our house and when we moved I asked if we could keep her. She's ours now.

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      This also works when finding a potential mate. Feed each other until we're both ours. Guaranteed strategy

      • You married your neighbour?

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    Talk to the owner before feeding, as the cat might be on a special diet

    • That is the main concern for me.

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    Neighbour Cats Come to My House

    Just get a Rottweiler

    Problem solved.

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    Speak to the owner first. It looks like you don't have a problem of the cat visiting which is nice.

    But I would suggest speak to the owner if they're happy you can feed it cause the cat may be on medication or a specific vet food. You never know.

  • Tell the owner to lock up the cat. It should not be roaming around. Cats kill native wildlife.

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    Nothing wrong with being welcoming but feeding is not the right thing to do. People sometimes end up keeping other people’s cats this way. If somebody was feeding my cat I would ask that they stop or share the vet bills. If you want a cat get your own and take on the 15 odd years of responsibility that goes with it.

  • Let the cats roam they keep the street free of vermins. I know not all cats are anti-vermin but cats are generally good at catching them and they don't make a mess like possums.

    • That is what my neighbour said. Because of cats there's no snake around the suburb.

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    Cats should be kept inside. It is not normal for a cat to be roaming.
    Even if you feed the cat, it will be out to kill native wildlife.
    Please keep your cat inside.

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      The hell are you talking about? It's not 'normal' for any animals to be kept inside.
      They need/deserve to run through some grass and feel the wind on their face.
      You know what else kills native wildlife? Other native wildlife. Geeze.

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        we also kill native wildlife too

  • Is this a complaint, or humanitarian advertisement? It seems to be about cats entering your property…. but then you encourage it by feeding them.

  • Awwww … tell kitty he can come visit

  • I had this happen with a cat that ended up staying full-time. I did not know where it lived. I discovered quickly that it was pregnant and eventually had 6 beautiful kittens. The owner turned up on the doorstep and told me the cat was hers. She lived next door but we did not know her. I offered her a choice of the kittens and she picked the ugliest one. Fine. I kept another one. Both the mother and son had the best natures and the son let my baby torment him without protest. I think the neighbor did not feed her enough and when she became pregnant she come around for more food. The neighbor obviously did not look after the cat as she did not have it fixed.

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