This was posted 7 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Whole Roast Chicken with $10 Spend (Click & Collect) @ Red Rooster via App


Red Rooster are offering one free whole roast chicken with a $10 minimum spend as part of their 25 Days of Christmas promo. Must be a member of Red Rooster Royalty and order Click & Collect via the app. Available for the next 7 days.

Other app deals are also available, but this one looks like the winner to me.

T&Cs here:

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      Many others like me feel similar, yet ozbargain voting doesn't allow you to change a plus to a neg #systemisbroken

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    No deal showing in my app. I love Red Rooster but I find they are one fast food outlet that makes it incredibly difficult at times to access their deals. I'd say they have most likely pulled the deal. I guess that's their prerogative, BUT this is one reason why they aren't as popular as other major Fast food outlets.

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    yeah, Red Rooster has a tragic app experience, this isn't showing in my app either!

    I want RR to be good, but honestly whoever runs this company needs to be fired. They are so hard to use. The app sucks, the ordering sucks, the food can be delicious. The stores feel like a hospital in how cheery they are in there usually.

    • Agree. It's almost like they don't want customers. Some stores have the deals, some don't. Their App can be incredibly clunky at times. Their food is pretty good and should be far more popular than it currently is.

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    What a dog move by Red rooster. I was actually a huge advocate for them before and enjoy their food but this was super dodgy stuff.

    • Edit: showed up again. All is good.

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    Mines gone as well - uninstalling app and unsubscribing the cheating scum! 😔🤘

  • They probably didn't want a whole bunch of random people across the country who don't normally go there to be downloading the app today and taking advantage of them. Probably coded in something to only provide the deal to their own returning customers who had the app before just recently.

    • Nah I got it as a new customer but was removed this afternoon?

      • Thats what I mean. They probably revised app coding to target their own returning customers.

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          I’m a returning customer and don’t have a free chicken with $10 purchase.

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    Worst app ever it's constantly moving me from the app to the website and back again. Piece of junk

  • Not targeted unfortunately.

    Just checked my order history in the app for a laugh and I've done 3 orders (all ridiculously cheap deals with free delivery) between Dec 2019 and Jul 2020. I think it's time to finally uninstall it.
    From memory the food, delivery and all around meal was great, but outside of these sporadic deals it's just over priced.

    Maybe in another 6 months there might be another decent deal…until then KFC Cheap as Chips is still the best value imo.

    • mate you should try going to a nice restaurant in the city if you think red rooster is expensive lol

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    I got mine, when I saw the deal this morning I placed the deal then went to Red Rooster at 4:45pm and clicked the link letting them know I was there and got my chook and chips.

    Maybe they underestimated the amount of free chooks they were going to have to give away and pulled the deal?

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    Somebody has to say it.

    It looks like Red Rooster "Chickened Out"

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    I thinka they pullet.

  • ^ Cost 'em too many Buck…Buck…Bucks

    Yeah, so says $5 for joining, offering 2 free Fried Chickens pieces Delivered/Pick up - free 1.25l Coke - $10 price (cheaper?) for Red Rooster Box [burger, chicken, drink, chips).

    I don't mind the $10 Fish & Chips - Fish not a large amount - seems for 2 adults, 2 kids - but Chips fill up the rest of the box, so Mega-Chippage.

    Fried Chicken used to be $2 each but now is about $2.40 each - I like the super crunch (bit salty - can sort of taste the brine they soak it in).

    Their roast chickens are V salty (think it's a buy-a-drink-too tactic) & not huge - the Chicken hero bun version is surprising good.

    Will get the 2 pieces today I s'pose - going out anyway.

    EDIT Yay for tiny rewards $1 Red Rooster Bucks for every $20 spent - looks like Red Rooster is the OzBargainer here - not Cheep.

  • bait and switch

  • Not working for me in S.A.

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    I just received an e-mail advertising this… Yet I still can't work out how to actually get a free chook… they certainly are difficult to deal with…

    edit: Here is a snip of the e-mail:

    • I got email as well so I checked my app and the voucher returned.

    • I received the email this morning with the free chook offer. It doesn't show up on the site or app for me :(

      • I tried again at lunchtime and the offer turned up in the app. Free chooken for meee! Damn chook is huge too!

  • Same here, received e-mail and the free chook offer is in the app (wasn't there yesterday)- marked as a click and collect deal only (but no expiry date so might be valid for this week only)

  • Free chooks are back on , burpengary Qld

  • Worked and received today - Bullcreak WA.

    Had to find the voucher, then clicked the button at the bottom which allowed me to add it as free.

    Finally added the burger box to make up the $10 minimum spend.

    So $12.95 for a burger box and whole chicken.

  • I got it today

  • Doesn't work for me :(

  • My voucher returned yesterday. I didnt use it during the day as wanted to pick up in evening but couldn't see how I could schedule pickup. In the evening it disappeared! Now the next morning it has returned. So strange. Are they not allowing evening orders?

    • I managed to claim. Voucher still there so in theory I could make another order

  • RR so annoying……don't put menu prices on website ……and specials invariably don't apply in SA (which would be fine if they put that info on emails!!!)…..Most annoying is for example …get 15% off….but 15% off what price??? Just need to know end price but it seems that is too much to ask…

  • OK, the deal is back. Will try to claim for lunch today.

    • Claimed today just after 12pm, no issues. Great deal and cheap lunch and dinner for just over $10.
      The woman before me also ordered a full chicken, I did hear the staff saying to each order they would need to cook more roast chickens so possible the deal may run out later on in the day if very popular.

  • Downloaded the app, checked offers and there was heaps of vouchers in there, this chicken, free 2 piece, free chips, free drink etc. That was before I signed in my account so maybe just for new downloads?

  • yep def reappeared and used - its been a while —— sooooooooooooo much better than a woolies chook in taste and texture.

  • Dinner and lunch sorted lol just picked up my order!

  • Thanks OP easy Sunday roast for the family :)

  • Was a muck around to get it to work but it did work (I see why some people saying it doesn’t) Need to select store then click and collect, add $10+ first then add the chicken. After I used this today, it let me do it all again so maybe you can use more than once.

    • Yup. I have got 5 free chicken. However, its over now

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