Nature Strip Rules ACT Regarding AC Compressor Installation

Hi All,

I need AC installation in my hall and it is more economic to install the AC compressor in the nature strip back of the wall. I am under the impression that it is not allowed but one of the person who gave the quote told me that it is OK to install. I am checking ACT guidelines regarding nature strips and I cannot see any info. Thought I would check with the experts here.

Conclusion: after reading all the comments here I think it doesn’t make-sense to put the compressor there. It could block the council lawn mowers. I will spend some money now to avoid any future issues and put the compressor with extended pipes.


  • Will it be wall mounted or ground based?

    • Whichever is allowed(If applicable). If you have information or a link to read about this in ACT council site , please let me know.

      • If its on the ground then the council will love it when they try to cut the grass with the whipper snipper and you will love the paint the comes off due to the whipper snipper cutting nylon hitting the air con compressor that is outside.

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    I've always thought of a nature strip as the greenery between the road and footpath

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      OP needs to supply MS Paint diagram so we know what he's talking about

      • I have the picture, how do I upload here :(


        • in your account settings there is a files tab which lets you upload files. then copy the link and post

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      This is Canberra. It's unlike anything else you've seen before.

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        living on a roundabout?

        • There is a large roundabout near me with several driveways within it :) These people are living the full CBR experience!

    • My house is end of the street house. Behind my house is a land with lot of trees and a small park belongs to ACT council I guess.

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        belongs to ACT council I guess.

        Find out. If it's federal land we all own a bit of it in which case I approve your installation.

      • I don't think it is a problem, I back onto green space too and lots of people on the street have made little gardens against their back fence and nobody seems to mind. As long as you maintain the grass around it yourself

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          And if you wall-mount it high enough, the grass can be cut underneath with no problems. If you're really worried, you could try calling Canberra Connect to confirm that there would be no problems, although with their track record, you're likely to get 10 different answers, depending on who you speak to there…

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    no problems, quotes, invoices, plans and if the council doesn't like it, call the guy back out to relocate it (since it was his advice)

    most of the time, it'll fly under the radar and you should be ok

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      Haha thanks! He wouldn't suggest doing it if I am to hold him responsible for any calls from council

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    It's unclear if you are proposing to install on land you own, or ACT gov land. The nature strip is generally the land between your property and the rd, but you are talking about land at the back of your house? You would need to determine your property boundaries. Is there not a fence that delineates your land from the park?

    • I didn’t exactly mean i am next to the park. Two streets divided by a nature strip. My house is at the end of the street followed by council land with lot of overgrown trees.

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    You should contact before Ozb, but what fun in that :)

    • I read the guidelines before coming here. Specific information i am looking for is not available though. Thought any one of the community members here might have done it or have an idea about it.

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        Is it too hard to send a request via fix my street form? And ask them for guidelines?

        • I think I will call them directly, they are asking me for a plan in the fix my street.

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    If it is in isolated area could get away with it for a while but eventually a ranger will spot it. Also it may be a target for theft or vandalism.

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    Photos explain 1000 words

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    I'm struggling to visualise your situation but is it on your property?
    If the wall is on the boundary, then the AC unit hanging off the wall would be outside your property boundary. Not legal.

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    What are you talking about? Putting a compressor on a street! You don't own the street. What about other neighbours?
    Place it in your roof.

    • that is a good plan. I will ask if they will do that, but would it impact the roof.

  • If you don’t own the land then you shouldnt. Would likely also affect insurance

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