"Telstra Day", Hype or Actual Deals?

Anyone have some insight into what kind of deals we can expect?

Actual deals or just generally overpriced stuff "discounted" to RRP?

Telstra Day

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    There was one earlier in the year. You can probably search for the deals posted from that one.

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      ah! cheers 👌🏻

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    Few months earlier were good deals, almost 50% off, after that not really

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    My $624. outright S21 says the Telsta day was pretty good..

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      Nice. 128GB or 256GB?

      I'm eyeing the iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB, would be awesome if they did 50% off but it's unlikely.

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        My partners is 128GB at the 624 and mine is the 256GB for a fraction more. She wanted a colour, so 128 only..

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