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Audio Technica AT-LP2X Turntable $299 + $9.90 Shipping ($0 Click and Collect/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Seems to be the lowest price I've seen in Oz, gets decent reviews for an entry-level turntable. 30% off RRP of $429

Stack with 15% off Ultimate Gift Cards deal to get it for $254.15 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670989

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  • Nice!!

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    I have one of these, great entry point. Can get it for 320ish at some buyers, but 300 Is a good deal imo.

  • What does "entry-level" mean? If it's not that good, couldn't you just go to a garage sale?
    (phono amps are dirt cheap if you know where to look - not a hifi shop.)

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      Based off what I've read, it has decent construction, parts can easily be upgraded as required, and the sound is alright (see reviews for the LP3, it's the same player barring the lack of MM/MC switch).

      Entry level in the sense that it's considered to be a decent step up from the terrible suitcase players that plague the lower end, and doesn't cost as much as an audiophile quality player.

      I would agree that a better second hand player could likely be found for the same or lower price, however it's a lot harder for someone getting into vinyl to know what to look for in the second hand market.

    • (phono amps are dirt cheap if you know where to look - not a hifi shop.)

      Do you mean Ali Express? But how good are those?

      • Some of them are good. But yes, electronics places, and the modules without boxes are cheap, and suit modifying old turntables.

        Unlike a power-amp, the component-part cost for a pre-amp is very low. Unless you are an audiophile and don't like modern designs.

      • I was about to say the same thing, cheap Phono Stages aren't worth their materials for recycling.

        If you want audio quality, you'll want something like a Rega Fono Mini A2D which has the benefit of a USB port for converting your old records (if they aren't available elsewhere)

  • Spend $300 on gumtree on an 80's turntable and you're sure to get something that does a better job of playing records.

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      I like vintage audio gear, but he reality is that something from the 80s will be likely to have corrosion on metal parts and degradation of rubber and plastic. I would pick this for $299

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      I dont disagree but the value on older turntables is certainly isnt what it used to be. There seems to be a lot of people out there who prey on these sites to buy anything cheap then resell at a premium.

    • I agree to some point however these turntables aren't good for the audiophile or anyone wanting something to use a lot.

      These are for people who want to play their old records, or people entering vinyl. These are as simple as plug and play as opposed to an older table.

      I can't suggest buying an "80's table" is for everyone, you can find some stellar deals but you've gotta factor in an amp and possibly a phono stage which is at least $100 on top as well as speakers if you do not already have passive speakers.

      I 100% agree that older hardware is typically better, I'm currently running a turntable older then myself and I was using an amp older then myself as well but I also started with a LP60x and active speakers.

      Tl;Dr these tables have their place, $300 is a fair bit of change but it's a decent entry point for the beginner or someone older who just wants to play their old records.

      Old gear does not inherently mean it's going to be "used" or "worn down", but you need to know what to look for and what to expect.

      Also old records tend to be better for audio quality then new. Not ALWAYS the case, but usually is (unless you go with MoFi or a known good pressing) - E.G Wolfmother's self titled album

      Also to note; the type of people with this type of gear (anything worth buying) will typically have looked after it. These are typically older people where it may not have been used much in recent years or used much at all. It was also made to last a lot longer then current hardware.

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    Picked up the ATLP120XUSBBK for $400 from the GG Commercial. Retails for $649.

    • Wow those retails are high, the LP120 used to retail for $450

      • Covid tax perhaps…

      • Kicking myself! Saw it's $390 now

    • Wow, thats pretty great. Does GG mean good guys? and is there an active discount code?

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        Yes it’s Good Guys Commercial. No code required- just their regular price.

  • Found these ones:

    Audio Technica LP60X Fully Automatic Turntable (Black or Red) - $198 Save $71

    Audio Technica LP60XUSB Fully Automatic Turntable (Gun Metal) - $227 Save $62

  • If I was hell bent on getting a turntable I’d avoid belt drives and pay the extra for a direct drive turntable tbh.

    • Why?

      • Belt drives are basically a rubber band around a spindle.
        Over time they warp, stretch and need replacing,
        Trained ears will hear the difference.
        Trained ears like good sounding songs that play like they should sound.
        Direct drives are a motor of electromagnetics that in sequence rotate the record allowing precision in lp rotation thus no risk of speed degeneration.

        Hope this was what you were after.

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    Good deal for a decent t'table, and as mentioned above, easy to set up, good sound, and ready to go those new to vinyl … and saying that as someone selling a "1980s-90s" German-made Dual for about the same price! Helped a mate audition 3 Audiotechnica t'tables recently and this was the order for us, from best to worse: the direct-drive LP120, which sounded solid (and built well); this LP2, which didn't have the bottom-end of the LP120 but was 'well balanced', especially when we tried it with a spare Grado cart we brought along; and lastly the LP60, which was a bit thin-sounding. fwiw, the basic Pro-Ject still bettered all but the LP120… but was fiddly to set up properly and needed a cartridge tweak etc.

  • Is it worth upgrading from the LP60 to this?

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    Finally, a turntable popped up on my ozbargain page for a decent price, so I dug around my wardrobe, desperately searching for my gift cards in excitement to finally get my first turntable!

    Long story short, the deal is over.

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