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15% off Ultimate Students Gift Cards (Can Be Converted in EB Games Gift Card) @ Coles


I was randomly browsing Ultimate GCs at Coles and decided to scan Ultimate Student card version. To my surprise, it gave 15% discount. I bought $50 cards but the discount also worked on $30 card.

It may be linked with following deal but this card type is not mentioned in catalogue.


I thought this deserved a deal in its own. It's pretty handsome discount for people who recently pre-ordered Xbox via EB games.

Full list of stores that accept this card is available via link below.

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    Nice find, thank you for your discovery.

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    For a second I thought you scanned your school ID (student card) at the coles checkout.

    This card does look pretty good.

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    ARGH bugger I too thought teens were excluded from the 15% Coles deal. Thanks op for the discovery.

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    Ultimate Stud GC! Now that's a bargain.

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      Send him over!

      • Username checks out

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    It is apparently all Ultimate Cards. The picture is just reference. All cards are 15% off.

    • Can anyone confirm it's 15% off all cards?

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        all ultimate cards yes

        im not sure about ther variable cards though there are some ultimate card that you can charge 20-500 but didnt want to risk it

        if you are unsure go to self check out scan and the discount is applied right away

        if you dont see the discount abondon the cart and walk away

        • You can also abandon at the retailer. Just said you change your mind and dont want to buy anymore

          What is this variable Ultimate GC?

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            @Xantar: there were cards that had $20-500 in the top corner instead of a set price this was rare though as I only saw it at one coles

            might be really new or really old cards

            • @QuQ: Interesting to know :D

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    Good for those preordered consoles.

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    Also works on a few others - I bought some Teens cards today and a bunch of Active cards and they scanned with the discount.
    Took my 7 year old daughter along (5 cards for me and 5 for her!) and we managed to get through three different checkouts before getting told off by the staff.

    • +4


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        Haha… nope, not me ;)
        There were so many left! And I make a point never to take the last item if stock is low. Sharing is a part of the satisfaction!!

        • $3000 worth of cards is pretty hardcore.

          • @raptormesh: Lol feel sorry for your 7 year old daughter. Wasn't she embarrassed?

            • +7

              @AussieMark: It's so embarrassing having parents who pay less than they need to for their material possessions…

            • +3

              @AussieMark: If I was his 7 year old daughter, I'd be ashamed to have a dad who paid full price. She's a little ozbargainer in the making!

        • +1

          Lol so if there were only 29 cards you would have left one behind?

    • +1

      what exactly did they say to tell you off lol?

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    I have no idea what the OP is talking about πŸ˜‚

    • +1

      He just bought a gift card at 15%. I had problems understanding it the first time lol.

  • And the mad rush starts again !

  • +2

    I use these cards @ nandos

  • -3

    `^ 's I just picked up a couple XboxX last week with 8% off gift cards .
    I'm grabbing a beer !

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    If someone lives close to Mount Druitt NSW, plenty of $100 Home Cards are available in this Coles store.



    • lives close to Mount Druitt NSW

      if only,
      anyone lives close to Hurstville NSW don't bother. lol

      • Hahah

        • Broadway coles still have heaps. Whole shelf full of the home gift cards.

    • Oh my god πŸ˜‚ I wish

    • 1hr train. Should i go there early tmr morning πŸ‘€

      • Yep! it's 7:50 or so for a full day ticket, off-course if in greater Sydney. Get a paper ticket and meet fellow ozbargainer once your travel done to sale it for half price.

      • 1hr train

        just wondering, how much was the train fare?

        • 1.82 go + 1.82 back. Im on concession. Otherwise adult card 3.66 + 3.66

    • Thanks mate more the information i got some from mount Druitt.

      • +1

        any left or all gone?

        • +1

          Yes come quickly! Im here atm

        • Plenty mate in the morning. Idk if it's been sold out after ozbargain

    • +1

      Thanks a lot. I was initially bit hesistant as it takes me 1.5hr to get there, but still wanna tried my luck one last time. And woohoo a lot of cards are there πŸ˜‚ Most importantly, the staff at self-checkout was so nice. She asked the manager for me and managed to get me whatever amount i want.

      • 1.5hr to get there

        hardcore ozbargainer

      • +1

        how much you bought it for it?Nice looks like someone will be buying apple or white goods. Well done buddy.

        • +1

          Thanks. I got 40 cards. And ur right, i've been yearning for a macbook pro πŸ˜‚ I dont have any business today so i think it's worth the travel time

          • @123nkj: Haha well done. Mate it was worth to travel 1.5 hours 1 sided. Look like you bought all πŸ‘πŸ‘

            • @jag007: Even after I grabbed 40, they still had plenty of cards left (like hundreds). Plus the staff was even refilling the shelf.

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    Likewise, fully stocked at Stockland Tooronga, Hawthorn East (Vic).

    • Thanks. Bought 5 $100. 4 left from this evening.

  • Can we get rain check if out of stock lol?

    • +1

      The terms say no raincheck

    • Officeworks would price match if they sold this card. (Unsure if they do).

  • Nice find thank op ! πŸ‘

  • +1

    Can you use EB gift card to buy a gift card at EB?

    • No

    • Why do you need to exchange Ultimate Gift Card for EB Gift card? It works like a Credit Card at EB plus a bunch more.

      • when your online order is over $50. student only sell $30 or $50. Because you can only use 1 credit card, say your order is 79, you can not use 2 ultimate student as credit card online.
        i am not sure how many gift card you can use on eb website, but at least you can use 1 eb gift card + 1x credit card (ultimate student).

        • Do EB games have exclusive online deals like jb hifi which is the main reason people swaps.

    • actually you can, like say steam card or other. not sure online, at least works in store.

  • Purchased this card in Big W last week. Should have waited for this one:(

  • i don't need eb cards now, but will check tomorrow see if i can get some left. even the 15% off for xbox is decent, better than 10% at shopback

  • EB Games normally price match, worthwhile with their membership which allows change of mind on console games within a small window.

  • +1

    Reminder you can't stack giftcards on EB website.

    • That sucks, however by using 1 swapped giftcard and 1 ultimate as credit card. At least makes it $100.

  • How does one convert these to a EB Games gift card??

    • +1

      You don’t. You spend it on store like an EFTPOS card.

  • Can I use this cards to buy Macbook Air?

    • -2

      None of the retailers for this card would sell a MacBook Air.

      • +2

        You can with the home one as JB is a participating retailer

        • Thanks

  • Works for ultimate Hers :) thanks op

  • How many GCs would JB take in one transaction?

    • +3

      Last time I used 5 gift card to buy fridge. They will take all the cards you have

    • +2

      I used 16 cards at JB on Friday, no issues. Just remember to come prepared with all the of the pins scratched off and ready to go.

  • +1

    Can anyone enlighten me what this deal is.

  • Thanks OP, just pick up my pre order from eb games and purchased a few, save $80

  • Thanks OP, for $100 worth to go towards my Elden Ring CE!

  • -1

    First time i tried hunting these cards. No cards with JB or GG in stock at sth melb or port melb.

    Just bought some students cards for strike and holey moley. Would be nice if U can get cocktails and stuff with this card.

    Wish you could just order 15% discount cards online without all the hassle. Won't probs bother in the future.

  • Does any of these ultimate cards have Officeworks on them? I even checked Suncorp and they are not even on there now.

    • No. Doubt that will ever happen considering OW's owner

      • Who is the owner

        • -1

          You would have found the answer faster if you Googled.

        • West lol could be bothered to check but was bugging me, they have not always neen owned by west right, as im sure we used to be able buy discount gift cards and all sorts of deals.

  • Thanks OP.

    Just about time!!
    Kid decided what he wants for christmas present really late this year.
    2 days ago, he said he wanted plush toys and went to EB Games yesterday afternoon and he chose a set of 5 Minecraft plush toys.
    Went home to get 8% discounted gift cards from Resimac Member Advantage and saw this deal came up on OzBargain for 15%.
    Went to Plenty Valley Coles to find 4x $50 and do self checkout with shop attendee assistance with no drama.
    They still have a few $50 cards up on the Gift Cards section, if anyone looking.

  • Thanks OP, got $800 worth today

  • Just grabbed 4x$50 at Croydon Coles. One left, but tonnes of $30. The staff were ontop of only allowing 4 but I didn't want any more anyway.

  • Just got one in Perth, and the guy in front of me bought 5. Still about 15/20 left in the $50 denomination.

    Thx for the good deal

  • i picked up $4350 worth of GC $100 + 1 x $50 home ultimate on day 1. my 77' c1 will be quite cheap now considering =)

  • Got the DJI mini 2 combo price-matched at JB for $854 and paid with the gift cards. Great Christmas gift for myself

  • Thanks OP, can anyone confirm if EB Games accept multiple ultimate cards in one transaction?

    • They took a couple for the controller I bought. And they've taken multiple eb gift cards in store no issues in the past for me.

  • Thanks, picked up both PS5 and Series X today and paid the balances with these cards

    • How many gift cards did you use in total?

      • 22

    • Lol big spender

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