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15% off Ultimate Home, Kids, Thanks, Eats, Beauty & Spa Gift Cards @ Coles


From the upcoming Coles catalogue sale starting Wednesday December 8.

Limit of 5 gift cards per customer.

Full credit to Wookiemonster for the list of retailers -

Gift Card Participating Retailers (Visa) (Last Updated 25 Oct)
Kids Cotton On Kids, Dymocks, H&M, Holey Moley Golf Club, JB Hi-Fi, Kingpin, Rebel, Smiggle, Strike, Timezone, Toyworld, Xbox, Zone Bowling
Home Amart Furniture, Baccarat, Barbeques Galore, Dusk, House, House Bed & Bath, JB Hi-Fi, MyHouse, Pet Circle, Pet House, Robin's Kitchen, Star Car Wash, The Good Guys, The Iconic
Eats Ben & Jerry's, Boost, Chatime, Deliveroo, Grill'd, Hogs, Mad Mex, Menulog, Nando's, Ribs & Burgers, San Churro, Schnitz, Sushi Hub
Thanks Adrenaline, Angus & Coote, Edible Blooms, Goldmark, House, Luxury Escapes, Menulog, Michael Hill, MyHouse, Prouds, Redballoon, T2, The Body Shop, The Iconic, UGG, Webjet
Beauty & Spa Dusk, Ella Baché, MAC, Michael Hill, Sephora, The Body Shop, The Iconic

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  • what denominations do the cards come in ?

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      Considering Coles use these promos to simply drive in foot traffic, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything over $50. They don't order stock to cover these promos. And the stock they do order is primarily the $30 cards only (with smaller batches of $50 cards).

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        That's false, they have toll delivery these cards. Just open the cabinet and you'll probably find them still wrapped up inside with the promotion start date written on them. Coles staff don't stock the shelves.

        • +4

          I went to the same Coles for three days straight. First thing in the morning (because they said they get their delivery later at night) and they opened the cabinet each day because nothing was on the shelf. And there was nothing in the cabinet.

          I've had the same result then and numerous times before. Yet, during a normal week without a promo, they've got the $100 cards in surplus.

          This isn't my first rodeo and I'm not the only person to experience the same thing at different Coles stores.

          • +1

            @KangaDrew: These cards aren't delivered with their regular deliveries they are delivered via courier post. Most staff just leave the box behind the service desk until a manager or the gift card rep come and restock it. I'm sure there is plenty of stores that either get none delivered, sell out or just don't restock.

            • +4

              @MrrMagic: No one said they get delivered with normal deliveries. At the end of the day though, the facts remain the same. I can understand smaller stores having low volumes, but when you've gone to a dozen of the largest Coles stores in your area over the course of numerous promos and the results are the same, what you say should/could/might happen differs vastly from reality. And the reality is that the only time you'll find larger denomination gift cards is when they don't have a promotion running.

              • @KangaDrew: Both my local coles have loads of $100 ones. Maybe I’m lucky

          • +1

            @KangaDrew: Both Coles near me have tons of $100 cards today. They are in small suburban shopping centres away from main roads, so worth checking in those kind of locations if you think supply is a problem.

    • +9

      Someone will have to correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember correctly:

      • Kids: $30, $50
      • Home: $50, $100
      • Eats: $30, $50 (I think)
      • Thanks: $50, $100
      • Beauty & Spa: $50, $100 (I think)

      I’ll have a look the next time I’m at Coles.

    • lost, misplaced and forgotten

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    Home coming home.

  • +78

    19.25% Off with Officeworks Price Match on the following gift cards;

    Call 1300 633 423 on Wednesday morning to match and save time rather than go in store.

    • +1

      Thanks for posting this, very helpful!

    • Cool

    • Any home or kids with officeworks ?

      • +2

        I checked Officeworks in-store earlier today and the only Ultimate gift cards sold there were Beauty & Spa, Eats and Thanks.

        • +1

          Cheers mate

    • +3

      Thanks, none of those can be use with JB or Good Guys

    • Is it call them before I go officework ? Or how to do so ? Thanks in advance :)

      • +15

        You can ask Officeworks staff in-store or over-the-phone to beat Coles' price.

        • For in-store, you'll need to show the staff member a physical or digital copy of the weekly catalogue.

        • For over-the-phone, please tell the staff member to refer to the specific page of the current catalogue (unless they're already aware of this deal); you will be given the option to collect the gift cards from an Officeworks store, or have them mailed to you (and you may be charged postage fees, depending on your location).

        Some staff may tell you that the PBG cannot be applied to purchases of gift cards. This is false, as the PBG page does not list gift cards as an excluded item.

        Please note you can only ask Officeworks to price beat Coles if Officeworks does not drop their prices on their Ultimate gift cards to match (or even beat) Coles' price.

        • +1

          Thank you OP

          • +1

            @xenb: I'm not the OP lol

            • +1

              @WookieMonster: Haha. Sorry my bad
              Actually I don’t know what is OP stand for ..

              • @xenb: OP = original poster.

                I'm not the OP for this deal, that is dealbot.

                • @WookieMonster: Thanks to letting me know
                  Anyways , thank you to @wookiemonster

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          Have OW reduced their prices previously to match the Coles offer?

          • +6

            @unity1: They used to do that if any major retailer (e.g. Coles, Woolworths, BIG W, Myer) sold gift cards (e.g. iTunes gift cards) at an upfront discount, but they stopped doing that two or three years ago.

            Officeworks didn’t drop their price for Google Play gift cards when Woolworths sold it at a 10% discount earlier this week.

            I think Officeworks calculated that they’d lose more money selling gift cards at an upfront discount to all customers than if they honoured the PBG for a handful of customers.

            • +1

              @WookieMonster: OW have saved me a boat load on Apple gift cards too. Have found a few times they try and not honour it…. employees must think the savings are coming out of their own pockets…. anyway… stay strong and save!

              • +1

                @basketcase86: Yeah I've had an employee say they only price match full price items..

                • +2

                  @djlee: Have had an employee lie to my face…. she was on the phone to Woolworths to "check the price" and she says so they aren't on special…. Had to call myself then pass the phone to another staff member…. bit sad really.

            • @WookieMonster: @WookieMonster Do you know the Ultimate Beauty and Spa Card can it be use on Sephora Online? Thank you

    • -1

      Plus remember the flybuys points from Officeworks!

      • I wonder if Officeworks will actually reward you with Flybuys points for gift card purchases. Their website says no, but know knows!

        • +3

          However, you'll earn reward points on your credit card 😉
          (assuming you pay for it with CC with points rewards)

    • Do they not sell the home gift card in officeworks?

      • why would they? It has their competition stores on it (JB HIFI and TGG) lol

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      Can these cards to he used to buy iphone from jb? If so how many cards can he used in one transaction?

      • +4

        Yes, it can be used to purchase an iPhone. The limits on the number of cards you can use in one transaction is discussed here.

    • +1

      Does this actually work? Never heard of price match on gift cards

      • +3

        If you look at their price beat guarantee (PBG) policy, gift card purchases are not excluded, but they also reserve the right to limit the number of gift cards you can purchase through the PBG.

        I’ve also had success in the past getting Officeworks to price beat Coles, Woolworths and Myer selling App Store & iTunes gift cards at a discount in the past. However, you’re at the complete mercy of Officeworks staff, and some staff may refuse to apply the PBG for really random reasons, so YMMV.

      • Very much so. Ive used Officeworks to get the 19.25% off Itunes cards many times. Shame Apple changed the cards where it now seems they dont discount them anymore. best you get on Apple cards now is points deals through retailers. Still something but not as good as saving almost 20% off face value.

    • Why is it 19.25% off with OW? I thought they will beat price match by only 5%

      • +3


        So you saved 19.25%.

      • +2

        They do beat it by 5%.

        But the don't go, Ok let's take 20% off the original deal, they match the special price and then reduce it by a further 5%.

        $30 - 15% = $25.50 - 5% = $24.22 (rounded)

        So you only get $5.77 ($5.775) off, not $6 (20%). Which means it's 19.25 percent off $30.

        Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the way I've always understood it.

        LOL, beaten by @GuyfromMelbourne because I took too much time writing it out on the phone, I'll leave it up anyway for the $30 example.

        • Appreciate the detail, clarifies something I was a bit confused about. Thanks!

    • Sorry stupid question, but when you call and they confirm that they do price match, don’t you still need to go in store to buy it or can you buy online?

      • You should be given the option to either:

        • Collect the gift cards from an Officeworks store, or
        • Have them mailed to you (and you may be charged postage fees, depending on your location).
  • Out of curiosity, can you add those cards into iphone's wallet app for convenience sake?

    • +9


      Add to mobile wallet
      Add your Ultimate Gift Card to your Apple, Google or Samsung mobile wallet and purchase your favourite item at terminals that accept contactless payments.

      Add your eGift to your Mobile Wallet

      1. Click on the eGift link sent to your email
      2. Fill out the registration form to activate your eGift
      3. Click on the Add to Wallet
      4. You will be promoted to download My Prepaid Center App if not already installed
      5. Your card has been added to your mobile wallet

      Add your Physical Card to your Mobile Wallet

      1. Go to the Wallet app on your mobile device
      2. Click on the plus icon
      3. Select Debit or Credit card on the next screen
      4. Enter your card details
      5. Your card has now been added to your mobile wallet
      • Does this work for the EFTPOS cards as well, or just the VISA ones?

        • No, only the Visa gift cards.

          • @WookieMonster: So compare to TCN seems you can use these physical gift card to buy apple gift card in jb hifi thourgh mobile wallet

            • @SawI: If you are buying a JB Hi-Fi gift card in-store, and as long as you tell staff that you’d like to pay by card, yes.

              If you are buying a JB Hi-Fi gift card online, it should work if you’re using Apple Pay, but there’s always a chance that JB Hi-Fi will cancel your order (which has happened to some OzBargainers). It will not work if you’re using Google Pay or Samsung Pay, as JB Hi-Fi does not accept either of those mobile wallets as a payment method on their website.

      • Apple wallet asks for expiry date… I entered issue date plus 3 years (so 12/24), terms and conditions came up for "Blackhawk Network", I press agree but it says card details are invalid…

        Edit: Expiry is 12/29

        Confirmed on the Ultimate Gift card website.

  • +1
  • +11

    Will see angry senior staffs again

    • +2

      it's called "old seafood" in Cantonese 😂

  • Anyone know if these cards are susceptible to being abused like the coles prepaid mastercard? They have recently been changed so they can be used online…. And no point in buying if some turd will spend your credit :(

    Also just read on faq that can't split payment with ultimate cards online so will need to ensure full amount used/leftover not wasted

    • +34

      tl;dr highly unlikely.

      Keep in mind the following is only in relation to the Visa version of the Ultimate gift cards. There are still some EFTPOS versions of the Ultimate gift cards being sold at my local Coles, and those gift cards are as safe as houses (even if you can only use them in-store).

      My response also assumes the recent attacks on Coles Gift Mastercards are due to Bank Identification Number (BIN) attacks, rather one of Indue's systems being compromised or some other reason.

      BIN attacks exploit multiple weaknesses in the payment card number system.

      • Visa and Mastercard card numbers have 16 digits, with the first 6-8 digital reserved for the BIN identifying the issuing financial institution, and the last digit reserved for the Luhn algorithm that can pick up transposed digits or single digit errors.

      • Some purchases (e.g. mail-order/telephone-order (MOTO) transactions) only require the card number and the expiry date of the gift card to process a payment, so the CVV2 (Visa) or CVC2 (Mastercard) printed on the card is not even required for some card-not-present transactions!

      • Some online payment processors do not adequately protect their online payment portals against people (or bots) guessing and checking different combinations of card numbers and expiry dates (and maybe CVV2/CVC2 values).

      In summary, to pull off a BIN attack, you need to be generate multiple potential card combinations and test them without flagging suspicions from a payment processor.

      The Coles Gift Mastercard is a Mastercard that can be spent at merchants that accept prepaid Mastercard gift cards (which is most merchants accepting Mastercards).

      The card number structure is so limited that there is a theoretical total of 5,000,000 card number combinations. I won’t go into detail as to how I got to that specific number, but you’ll have to trust me that the total number of combinations is quite low. I don't think Indue (the card number) has ever issued that many Coles Gift Mastercards, but that's the number they could issue.

      The Coles Gift Mastercard is also created in batches, so it comes with a limited number of expiry dates. The expiry dates are printed on the front of the gift card (because customers would want to know the expiry date of the gift card they're about to buy), so anyone who walks into a Coles or Coles Express store can see some of the expiry dates. I have only ever seen five unique expiry dates, so that's not great…

      Because it is really just a Mastercard and can be spent at millions of merchants across the world, it would not be hard to find a merchant whose payment processor does not adequately protect themselves against someone guessing and checking multiple card combinations in a short period of time.

      The odds of correctly guessing the details of a Coles Gift Mastercard (including the CVC2 value and assuming five expiry dates) is 1 in 25,000,000,000. However, you can shorten the odds to 1 in 25,000,000 if you find a merchant who does not require the CVC2 value, and that's probably why so a lot of people were hit with fraudulent charges. If you use bots/scripts, you can quickly check multiple card combinations, and then it is only a matter of time before you come across an activated Coles Gift Mastercards with funds on it.

      The Ultimate (Visa) Gift Card in this deal is a Visa gift card that can be spent at participating merchants. If you have the gift card's details, you can:

      • Spend directly at merchants that accept this gift card for online or in-app purchases, or
      • Exchange the gift card for a digital gift card from some of the participating retailers, or
      • Add the Ultimate (Visa) gift card to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay and use it participating retailers who accept Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

      There is a theoretical total of 1,000,000,000 card numbers, but if you look at different Ultimate (Visa) gift cards in-person, you'll probably notice a pattern and be able shorten the odds. My assumption is that the Ultimate Home gift card will have a series of numbers distinguish it from the Ultimate Kids gift card, the Ultimate Thanks gift card, etc, and from looking at multiple (used) Ultimate Home gift cards that I currently have on me, I suspect there are currently actually only 12,000,000 total card numbers across all Ultimate gift cards (i.e. 1,000,000 Home gift cards, 1,000,000 Kids gift cards, etc). This is something I will have to look into the next time I'm at a place selling Ultimate (Visa) gift cards.

      The expiry date for online purchases for all Ultimate (Visa) gift cards is 12/29, but when you go to exchange the gift card for a digital gift card, I think you use the gift card's actual expiry date (i.e. the month and year that is three years from the gift card purchase date). I haven't ever exchanged the Ultimate (Visa) gift card, so I'm not sure which expiry date you're supposed to use!

      The problem is that you can only guess and check different card combinations:

      • Online or in-app at participating retailers who allow this, or
      • On the gift card exchange facility, or
      • On Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

      I'd like to think that all of the participating retailers and Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay adequately protect themselves against BIN attacks. My only concern is that the gift card exchange facility does not require you to pass a CAPTCHA test, so I don't know how well their systems will block someone (or a bot) inputting multiple card combinations in a short period of time.

      All the participating merchants who accept Ultimate gift cards online or through their apps should be requiring the CVV2 value printed on the card, so the odds of correctly guessing an Ultimate Home gift card in this situation is 1 in 1,000,000,000 (assuming you know the BIN and the string of numbers of identifying the card as a Home gift card). However, if someone found a way to redeem this gift card with only the card number and CVV2 (which I don't think is even possible), you'll shorten the odds to 1 in 1,000,000.

      The odds of correctly guessing the gift card through Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay is 1,000,000,000 (assuming you know the BIN and the string of numbers of identifying the card as a Home gift card).

      If you are exchanging the gift card for a digital gift card from a participating retailer, the odds of correctly guessing an Ultimate Home gift card (assuming you know the BIN and the string of numbers of identifying the card as a Home gift card) is 1 in 3,000,000,000 (assuming you have to use the actual MM/YY of the gift card, which I think is the case).

      The challenge for anyone trying a BIN attack on Ultimate gift cards is that I don't think there's an easy way to guess and check multiple card combinations, which is why I say it is more likely you'll have one of your Coles Gift Mastercards compromised than one of your Ultimate (Home) gift cards compromised.

      • +1

        Thanks for the very detailed reply! :)

      • Excellent work. Appreciate the time you took to lay it down. From your answer I would suspect you work finance fraud or digital forensics. Nice one.

  • Damn, these seem better than the TCN version of "Home". Looks like you can use them online with JB and Good Guys (and Iconic), is that right??

    • +14

      That’s only true if you buy the Visa version of the Ultimate gift card.

      There are two versions of the Ultimate gift cards:

      • EFTPOS gift cards: can only be used in-store at the participating retailers. These are being slowly phased out, but they’re still kicking around at some Coles supermarkets. If you can see the card sitting on top of the cardboard sleeve and a list of participating retailers printed on the card, that’s the EFTPOS version.

      • Visa gift cards: this version is the one pictured in the deal, and can be identified by the fact that the gift card is hidden inside the cardboard sleeve.

      • Do you know if the older EFTPOS cards can be used in-store, but only with the details or photo on the phone (i.e. the physical card is not there with you)?

        • +1

          You must have the physical EFTPOS gift card with you at the retailer, as you need to swipe the gift card on the EFTPOS terminal to initiate payment. These EFTPOS gift cards do not (and cannot) support card-not-present transactions.

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: Thanks for all the help you've been providing in these comments!

    • -1

      except someone said in the thread that you have to use the full value in one go, otherwise you have lost the remainder? IDK if that is true or not

      • +2

        that is not true, you can use whatever amount and use as many times as you want.

    • not really better since you can't split payment online with Credit card payment so you can only pay maximum $100 order.

      • If these are treated as visa credit cards, can you potentially use these Ultimate cards to buy TGG gift cards, and then combine payment that way?

        • +1

          You can only use a maximum of two TGG gift cards in a single online transaction, so you'll quickly run into problems if you're wanting to spend lots of money at TGG.

          If you live near a TGG store, you could try your luck and use multiple Ultimate Home gift cards to purchase a TGG gift card in-store. Another OzBargainer successfully did this recently, but YMMV.

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: Thanks for the info Wookie!

          • @WookieMonster: @WookieMonster is this less of a problem at JB Hifi?

            • +8

              @tripdubz: It's more of a problem at JB Hi-Fi, but only if you end up with the older EFTPOS version of the Ultimate Kids or Ultimate Home gift cards.

              The Visa version of the Ultimate Kids or Ultimate Home gift cards (i.e. the ones pictured in this deal) can be exchanged for JB Hi-Fi gift cards on Ultimate's dedicated gift card exchange website, or you purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card directly on the JB Hi-Fi website. You can use an unlimited number of JB Hi-Fi gift cards on the JB Hi-Fi website.

              However, if you end up with the older EFTPOS version of the Ultimate Kids or Ultimate Home gift cards in this deal, and tell staff at JB Hi-Fi that you would like to purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card using an Ultimate gift card, JB Hi-Fi staff will almost likely tell you "no". JB Hi-Fi head office issued a directive to all staff during last year's 15% off TCN gift card sale at Coles to stop customers from purchasing “gift cards” using TCN or Ultimate gift cards. I know this, because I asked a couple of JB Hi-Fi staff members late last year (out of curiosity) whether I could use two Ultimate Home (EFTPOS) gift cards to purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card. You may be lucky and find a staff member who will look the other way, but don’t bank on it.

              However, JB Hi-Fi has not set up their POS system in their stores to automatically block you from using Ultimate (or TCN) gift cards to pay for gift cards (including JB Hi-Fi gift cards), so I have some suggestions for you…

              • Only use one Ultimate EFTPOS gift card to pay for a JB Hi-Fi gift card. If you ask to use multiple cards, that will most likely arouse suspicions from the JB Hi-Fi staff. That may mean you will have to do multiple visits to multiple stores (if possible) over multiple days, so it may a tedious task…

              • Ask to pay by card. Do not mention anything about using gift cards as a payment method. The Ultimate EFTPOS gift cards are treated the same way by the POS system as a regular EFTPOS card, not a JB Hi-Fi gift card.

              • Try to hold the physical gift card in a way that it is not obvious to the staff that you are holding a TCN gift card.

              • @WookieMonster: Thanks for the tip!

                When we swipe the gift card on EFTPOS, do we then select credit?

              • @WookieMonster: Please be advised JB Chadstone (near Holmesglen) may pay attention if you are buying gift cards using TCN.

                I overheard them talking among themselves saying they should not have processed my purchases but got overruled by senior staff.

              • @WookieMonster: Does Coles have discount of 15% every year?

                • +1

                  @Bettyboo: I don’t recall a previous 15% off discount at Coles for the Ultimate gift cards in this deal.

                  There was a 10% off deal earlier this year, and some of the less popular Ultimate gift cards (e.g. Him, Style) were 15% off earlier this year too.

                  • @WookieMonster: @wookiemonster, thanks for all your inputs here, really appreciate it. just to be clear, if it's in-store there's no limit to the number of cards we can use at both TGG and JB Hifi?

                    • +2

                      @tripdubz: Considering another OzBargainer used 81 TCN/Ultimate gift cards to pay for an item at JB Hi-Fi last weekend, I think it’s safe to assume that there’s no limit on the number of TCN/Ultimate gift cards you can use in one transaction. A different OzBargainer used 20 TCN gift cards to purchase one TGG gift card last weekend too.

                      There’s always a chance JB Hi-Fi or TGG will introduce a limit in the future (like what happened just before last year’s 15% off TCN gift card deal at Coles started when JB Hi-Fi and TGG limited the amount of TCN gift cards you could redeem in one transaction to $500), but at this stage, you should be fine.

                  • +1
              • @WookieMonster: I have a question if you don't mind.

                Is there a way to physically tell if the gift card is the EFTPOS or Visa version?

                It's so I don't buy the wrong one..
                Thanks in advance

                • +8

                  @Ausdave: There are two ways you can spot the difference:

                  • Look at the packaging. If you can see a gift card sitting on top of the cardboard packaging, that is the EFTPOS version. If the gift card is tucked inside the cardboard packaging, that is the Visa version. In this photo, the $50 Active gift card is the EFTPOS version and the $100 Active gift card is the Visa version.

                  • Look at the gift card number on the back of the gift card. If the gift card number starts with 502125, that is the EFTPOS version. If the gift card number starts with 457824, that is the Visa version.

                  • +1

                    @WookieMonster: Thanks for reply.

                    Also thanks for the other detailed comments above.

                    I don't know what you do for a living but you're a very smart fella

                    • +5

                      @Ausdave: I don’t know whether I’d call myself smart. I’ve simply absorbed a lot of knowledge from other bargain hunters on OzBargain over the last few years and I’m happy to share that knowledge (as well as first-hand knowledge I’ve picked up from using gift cards and working out what I can and cannot do when purchasing or redeeming gift cards at Coles, Woolworths, BIG W, etc).

                      I also don’t work in the gift card industry or for a retail business. Strange, eh? I guess you could say bargain hunting is my hobby and my particular area of interest is gift cards!

  • +1

    Can the Home cards be used online at the Good Guys?

    • +2

      Only the Visa version of the Home gift card can be used at The Good Guys online (and probably also The Good Guys Commercial, but don’t quote me on that). My local Coles still stocks the EFTPOS version for some reason, and those gift cards are in-store only.

      • +3

        I tried recently but unfortunately you can't use gift cards on Good Guys Commercial.

      • +1

        Can home (visa version) gift card use online at jbhifi to buy jb’s own gift card as jb’s gift card never expire and we can use online as well.

        • It worked a couple of weeks ago for another OzBargainer, and my guess is that should still work.

          • @WookieMonster: I just tried to use, but there is no expiration date???? I just put 12/24 but it didn’t work. I tried as a gift card but gift card number must be 18 digits but this new visa card has 19 digits, so it didn’t work as well.now waiting for another way to convert these new visa card to JB hifi gift card

            • +1

              @R n b: The Visa version of the Ultimate gift card is a Visa card that can only be used at participating retailers, so at the end of the day, it is a Visa card, not a JB Hi-Fi card.

              The expiry date you use for any online purchase (or exchanging the gift card on Ultimate’s exchange portal or adding to a mobile wallet) is 12/29.

    • +1

      there is no point, you can only pay with 1 credit card online. It means you can ONLY use it for order that is less than $100 which is the max denomination for this gc.

    • Just keep in mind that TGG only accept 2 gift cards max online, IIRC this includes credits too eg concierge credit. Its a PIA as they have a lot of online only sales and its hit and miss to getting them to match the price in store.

      • a way around that is ring your local store, get them to do the sale over the phone, email them your gift cards and they can then send you an invoice with residual balance (if you have any) that you can pay online….this can only be done if you have TGG gift card numbers (i.e. if TCN you have exchanged to TGG, so unsure about using these cards)

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