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15% off The Kids, Teen, Home, Baby, Active, Pamper, Cinema, Shop, Love & Good Food Gift Cards @ Coles


Decent gift card deal in the upcoming Coles catalogue starting 24/11.

Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer

Travelling at the moment so don’t have time to post what retailers are available for each card. TCN website has all this info.

Mod Edit: Refer to pinned comment for full list of retailers - Credits to WookieMonster

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  • anyone know which suburb still got plenty of this item in stock?

  • Thinking to buy enough gift cards to purchase a new TV from JB Hifi. Haven't gone to any Coles to check yet but if anyone in Sydney can PM me to let me know where they saw a lot of gift card stock, I would really appreciate it!

    • I just bought 5 cards from Turrumurra Coles,
      plenty there.
      small Coles got more chance

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        Ah Turrumurra Coles, I will try to go have a look, thank you. I just tried 4 Coles and nothing. May even have copped a speeding fine from a mobile speed camera, hasn't been my day.

  • Altona has plenty of $50 ones

  • None left at Broadway Coles or world square coles

  • What's the procedure if I want to return the item that I partially paid for using these gift cards?

    • Congrats, I got done on this, $100 of my cards 4 months ago went on those crappy Jabra 75T headphones from TGG.

      I got a refund in the form of TGG credit ONLY, not cash, not credit card, not a TCN gift card. So I was boned :/

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      Can't say if it is the same everywhere, but once I returned a monitor purchased using these gift cards and TGG refunded the amount to my credit card.

      • That's the way to go, having store credit is not worth it if the store doesn't have the stuff we need. But maybe better to pay off a small part of the total from our own credit card.

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    Do they restock the cards each day?
    or once they've sold out, that's it?

    • +1

      They told me that they restock them twice a week….

      • +1

        damn….. all my local Coles were out of stock by 9am on the day it started…..

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    Not a receipt length record but just used 12 cards to buy a price matched Sonos Arc in my local JB

    • +2

      Used 5k worth of these cards at JB today. Will post a picture when I get home.
      They gave me a bag just to carry the receipt.

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        Haha nice. I’ve got an $8k purchase on the cards if I can get enough gift cards!

        • +1

          How many have you already got? I can check if I can get you some.

    • Who did you use to price match the Arc?

      • Qantas Store ($1243)

        • Thanks!

        • By the way, which JB did you go to? I went to one in Brisbane and they said no. Any chance you could upload a receipt with your details scrubbed out?

  • I got some $100 Home cards in Warrawong. They didn’t have any on the shelf but when I asked the lady was really helpful and unlocked the aisle end. The three other stores I visited didn’t have any $100 cards but I didn’t think of asking them since normally they say it’s whatever’s on the shelf.

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    Does anyone know where in Sydney I can find the gift cards? I know it's a bit late but got a deal at JB Hifi and want to get gift cards. I just went Kellyville and the lady there says many people bought them today, none left there.

    Just went to another Coles and they said people go there in the morning and buy 5, 10 at a time so also none left. Mmm

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    Well I accidentally purchased $200 ultimate HOME gift cards and they couldn’t offer me a refund. My kid was distracting me and I wasn’t paying attention. Oh well, you live and learn.

  • Can I buy goid guys gift card with these in the store?

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      Officially, no.

      According to the TCN website, you’re not allowed to use TCN gift cards to pay for TGG gift cards. Refer to the answer for I tried to swap my gift card for an e-gift voucher but the transaction failed. Why? under Using the card.

      However, I doubt they have actually set up their POS system to automatically block you from using TCN (or Ultimate) gift cards to pay for gift cards (including TGG gift cards), so I have some suggestions for you…

      • Try to only use one TCN gift card to pay for a TGG gift card. If you ask to use multiple cards, that will may arouse suspicions from the TGG staff. However, considering that you can only use a maximum of two TGG gift cards to pay for items on the TGG website (and zero gift cards on the TGG Commercial website), it is something you may have to do if you want more than $200 in TGG gift cards.

      • Ask to pay by card. Try not mention anything about paying using gift cards. These gift cards are actually EFTPOS gift cards that can only be used at specific merchants, so the POS system will treat it as an EFTPOS card, not a TGG gift card.

      • Try to hold the physical gift card in a way that it is not obvious to the staff that you are holding a TCN gift card.

      Hope this helps.

      • +1

        Thanks very much.

      • Should I select credit after i swipe
        The card? Or savings?

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          For TCN gift cards, Savings

  • Can you use these cards to buy an item on-line from JB HIFI (cost $1700)? as the item I am after is not available in stores within 200km and only online. Thanks

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      Pretty sure that is a negative unfortunately

    • +2

      As confirmed by the previous reply, no.

      The gift cards in this deal can only be redeemed in-store at JB Hi-Fi, as they are EFTPOS gift cards and EFTPOS gift cards cannot be redeemed on any online purchases (since EFTPOS cannot support online transactions at this stage). JB Hi-Fi (or TCN) also shut down the gift card exchange facility on the TCN website a few weeks ago, so you can no longer ask TCN to redeem part or the full balance of your EFTPOS gift card for a digital JB Hi-Fi gift card.

      You have two options if you still want to purchase that item:

      • Go to a physical JB Hi-Fi store and purchase JB Hi-Fi gift cards using these gift cards. Please note that JB Hi-Fi officially does not allow this, but their checkouts probably still don’t automatically block you from doing this. If you are interested in going down this route, have a look at my response to this comment.

      • Ask your local JB Hi-Fi store if they can order the item in from another store or one of their warehouses and let you pay for the item at the store using your TCN gift cards.

      • +1

        Thanks for the detailed response, will ask in store if possible to order the machine and if so will look to buy the TCN cards (if they are available in stock at Coles) . Cheers

  • Does anyone know if there’s a limit on how many I can claim at the good guys to purchase a TV?

    • +2

      No. Just be polite and friendly as it’s a chore for the cashier

  • Coles are holding these cards back on purpose behind the shelf/service desk to put the brakes on quote "internet marauders".

    • which coles?

      • +1

        A lot of Coles. I’ve been to a few that will say there’s no stock, and on the shelves there really isn’t, but other Coles they actually check the stock and there’s plenty behind the shelves. Literally the shelves are cupboards that open up to reveal more stock

        • -1

          So which coles?

  • Are there two types of Home gift cards with different packaging other than the one listed in the original post? Trying to find the one in the photo in $50 denominations but haven’t found it

    This is the other one I saw - is it part of the deal


    • +3

      No this card is not part of the deal…none of the Ultimate ones are

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    So TCN gift cards work to purchase apple products at Jbhifi? Looking to get a 14 inch MacBook pro

  • Is there any thing you can’t buy with these?
    Like are iPhones excluded or anything?

    • +1

      I'm assuming you're referring to JB Hi-Fi? Or another participating retailer?

      Officially speaking, the only products you cannot pay for using these gift cards are JB Hi-Fi gift cards. There are ways around this if you are desperate for JB Hi-Fi gift cards.

      You may or may not be able to purchase Apple gift cards, Nintendo gift cards, PlayStation gift cards and other gift cards using TCN gift cards. Staff at one of the stores near me say they will not let me do that, but other people find that staff at their stores don't care.

      Those are the only exclusions I'm aware of.

      • +1

        Thanks wookiemonster, I don’t have a jb near me unfortunately so it’d have to be TGG
        Went in and ask today if I was to buy a Iphone with 18 of these cards would it be a problem and they said no apart from the admin chick will hate me 🤣🤣😭

  • +1

    Just went to a Coles (in Melbourne) and asked the Service Desk if they had any $100/$50 Teen Cards in stock. After saying NO, the person was quick to say - "Any TCN Cards ​which has JB Hi-Fi or TGG mentioned on them, those cards are not valid in JB Hi-Fi or TGG". However, I found a few $30 ones, so I took them and went to Self Service checkout. While approving the purchase/activating the cards, the attendant at the checkout also gave me the same spill "Any TCN Cards ​which has JB Hi-Fi or TGG mentioned on them, those cards are not valid in JB Hi-Fi or TGG".

    I didn't bother arguing with them about false advertising/misrepresentation of the product, and took the cards quietly.

    Seems like they have been instructed to say this, with JB Hi-Fi being the popular store for the redemption of these cards.

    Anyone had a similar incident or issues using the Teen/Kids cards at JB Hi-Fi?

  • I have never used a TCN card before namely looking at Baby bunting and jb hifi. First of all are there any restrictions in terms of products that can be purchased. like if i wanna buy an iphone 13 pro max from jb is that possible? Also, would any of these retailers accept multiple gift cards to pay for items such as the iphone since these cards only go as high as $100?

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      why so hard to read hundreds of comment before mate… can lah!! can

    • +1

      are there any restrictions in terms of products that can be purchased.

      Participating retailers can decide when you can or cannot use TCN gift cards at their stores. For JB Hi-Fi, refer to this comment for the answer.

      would any of these retailers accept multiple gift cards to pay for items such as the iphone since these cards only go as high as $100?

      Participating retailers can decide how many TCN gift cards you can redeem in one transaction at their stores. For JB Hi-Fi, there is probably no limit (or the limit is 99 or 100 or something like that) on the number of TCN gift cards you can redeem in a single transaction in-store. Someone reported redeeming around $5,000 in TCN gift cards at JB Hi-Fi this morning, which is a minimum of 50 TCN gift cards (assuming they were all physical TCN gift cards, and not the digital TCN gift cards).

  • Does anyone know a coles with more cards in stock? Looking to by an iPhone at JB but only managed to find 30 and 50s and is still a couple hundred short. I live in the northeastern suburbs of Melbourne but am willing to travel a bit for the cards.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Did you ask the front desk?

      • Is there a good way to do so? I've tried asking people but all they would say is 'it's whatever is left on the shelf'

        • Normally they say that. After checking four different Coles stores, I thought I'd ask and sure enough they had hundreds locked behind the aisle end. I might have just been lucky though.

          • +1

            @Savas: I think lucky there, the more I ask lately, the more I get fed up looks and rude responses. It's like I am personally offending them asking about a special they advertised that they do not have enough stock for.

            1 guy at 1 store had a look in a box but said no spares there.

            • @JL1: Hahaha. I had to wait about 10 minutes for a staff member because the lady wasn't allowed to leave the front desk. I told her not to worry because I doubted they had any but she was really nice and insisted they check. You shouldn't feel like offending them, they are the ones offering bad customer service.

              • @Savas: I do not feel like I am offending them by asking but some definitely try to make me feel that way by their response.

                Yesterday I asked really politely if they have any more stock or know when they will get more stock and one staff yesterday said no no, all sold out and walked away from me while saying that with her back to me. A few others were nice though but only 1 staff bothered to try to look somewhere for me.

                What do you mean by aisle end? As in opening the shelf and inside it? I just asked a few if they can check if there are any spares but no one checked at shelf or inside any drawers, etc

                • @JL1: If you look at one of the sides of the gift card display, they can open the metal panel. I know.. I don't get why they don't have much stock. The cards probably cost a few cents to manufacture.

                  • +2

                    @Savas: I imagine it’s TCNs way of capping the offer discount. I spoke to one store earlier and they said all they received before the promo started was one box :(

                    • +2

                      @digitalane: I think it's partly Coles too. Or they both share in the promotion. Perhaps even the retailers.

                      Good advertising for them to get people to the store but limit amounts so they don't take too much loss.

                  • +1

                    @Savas: Ah they can open. No one tried to open any to check and I asked if they had extra stock but didn't ask them to open the shelf. A few staff said they don't refill gift cards and managers do it. One even said he has never seen gift cards restocked as they don't sell much normally.

                    Just went to another Coles and nothing left, getting tired hunting for it, spent a lot of time and petrol.

                    • @JL1: damn.. that sucks. i just hope you don't get a speeding ticket. I guess in Sydney there is more demand for the gift cards than where I live.

                      • @Savas: Yeah I hope so, now need to wait and see. Was slightly raining, wide 1 lane road downhill. Mobile speed camera in a white car just parked with lights off.

                        Another one different area the next day huntjng for gift cards and hoping the road was 60 and not 50. Hope it doesn't cost me hunting for gift cards.

                    • @JL1: just read that you went to 10 different Coles stores! that's shocking!

                      • +1

                        @Savas: To be honest I have gone to more than 20, lost count after around 20. Was hoping to get as much savings as I could on a TV.

                        Got a blow when JB said they will price match what I got but I will get charged shipping. Sales wouldn't lower the price to make up for the difference.

                        • @JL1: Ouch!! Sounds painful. Honestly sometimes ozbargain deals are more effort that they’re worth.

  • +3

    I went to the good guys today with 20*$100 TCN HOME gift card to purchase the good guys gift card

    The cashier asked manager and i was told that is fine to buy TGG gift card with these.

    So now i have TGG gift card instead of 20 pieces of TCN ard

    • where did u get those?

    • +3

      Why would you do that? TCN lasts 3 years and if you spot a great deal at JBHifi the TCN works @ JBHifi, TGG card is now locked to TGG?

      I'm lost? What reason?

      • +1

        Consolidating 20 physical TCN gift cards into one TGG gift card is not as crazy of an idea as you may think it is:

        • One reason is that you cannot use physical TCN gift cards on TGG's website. You can also only use two TGG gift cards on the website, so consolidating it into one gift card makes sense, especially if you're wanting to order a TV (or other expensive item) on TGG's website and there is no stock in any nearby stores, so you have to use TGG's website or sales phone line to order that item.

        • Another reason is that TGG can stop accepting TCN gift cards at any time without any warning. Sure, TCN gift cards have a three year expiry, but will TGG still accept TCN gift cards in three years time? Considering TGG, JB Hi-Fi and TCN didn't issue any warnings before shutting down the TGG and JB Hi-Fi digital gift card exchange facilities on the TCN website, it makes some sense to convert them directly into TGG gift cards now.

        • +2

          Yeah that’s a risk for sure

          I’m sure TCN wouod be on shaky ground though given they advertise they can be used in JB

          In fact in one batch I got from them directly there was a postcard that said can use in JB a online so they’re probably contravening some rule with the recent removal.

          On another note I’m planning to set a new record. Currently have 64 giftcards stacked up here and hoping to get 17 more. 81 in a single purchase (and a 5 metre receipt!) will surely be a new record!

          • @digitalane:

            I’m sure TCN wouod be on shaky ground though given they advertise they can be used in JB

            I think TCN (and JB Hi-Fi or TGG) would probably be fine from a legal stand point.

            Paraphrasing clause 15 of the terms and conditions, TCN can add or remove participating retailers at any time without any warning or can change the goods or services you can pay for using TCN gift cards. The next clause also states the terms and conditions can be updated at any time, so it is those two clauses which make me say that JB Hi-Fi or TGG can be removed at any time.

            However, I also think it would be a massive dick move if JB Hi-Fi or TGG were removed, and it would be a very easy and quick way to destroy a lot of customer goodwill.

            On another note I’m planning to set a new record. Currently have 64 giftcards stacked up here and hoping to get 17 more. 81 in a single purchase (and a 5 metre receipt!) will surely be a new record!

            Lucky you! I have visited five Coles stores over multiple days and have seen zero of the TCN gift cards on sale. I've asked plenty of staff and even had a staff member search the storage area behind the gift card shelves at one store, but I haven't found any gift cards…

            • +1

              @WookieMonster: To be fair I had $4k from previous sales which I’ve kept in a draw for a rainy day.

              But managed to get another $3k this weekend with the help of some friends and about 6 stores!

          • -1

            @digitalane: Be aware, I tried to order a fridge through JBHiFi about an hour ago and the TCN cards could not be used.
            JB can only accept their own branded cards at this time.
            Their system expected an 18 digit number whereas the TCN cards have 19 digits.

            • +2

              @OzB123: Yeah because it's an eftpos card. It's well documented.

            • @OzB123: You have to use them in store

  • +1

    I know they’re not listed as such, but has anyone actually tried using cards like Active and Baby in JB? I’d be surprised if they actually gone to the bother of setting every card up with different inclusions

    • +1

      That would be ideal and make it possible for me to get enough gift cards for a TV. But feel if that was possible someone on ozbargain would have posted it already but if anyone is willing to try please let us know!

      I think it will not be hard for them to set up inclusions for each type of card though.

      • +1

        Yeah I hear you. I’m tempted to do a test with a $20 one just to see

        But your right I’m sure someone here would’ve thought of it

        • +2

          At least buy a card you can still have a use for if it fails. No one said it works but no one said it doesn't work either!

  • As of yesterday plenty of stock left at Kippa-Ring, Redcliffe stores (QLD). Kippa Ring store has limit of only 3 cards per person though.

  • I was able to change these GC for apple GC (wanted an iphone). Worked at JBHIFI

  • +1

    Thanks OP.
    Managed to get 5 * $50 Home cards from one Coles yesterday and 6 * $100 cards from another today. Then went and got a new phone from JB Hi Fi. Still had cards as of this morning, one of the staff went and grabbed some for themselves after helping me at the self checkout.
    On Central Coast near Wyong.

    • Went and got another bunch of cards from the same two stores equalling $650 so I could order a replacement fridge.
      Had to go in store to order though - see comment above

      • The cards have to be used in store.

  • Any cards Home gift cards avaliable in Melbourne south east ?? Went over to 6 coles but no luck.

    • +1

      politely insist that the staff check the cupboard behind the gift cards, it has worked for me but I've had to ask a couple different staff members at the same store as some won't do it for you

      • +1

        I wish I knew earlier to ask them to open that up like someone mentioned earlier. But many just want to say whatever is there and another staff said only managers deal with those gift cards.

        Had a really nice lady look at the back for me yesterday but found nothing more. Been to more than 20 Coles since Thursday night.

        • -1

          "Been to more than 20 Coles since Thursday night."

          probably the petrol, time, disappointment, angry, sadness and stress worth more than the savings.. unless you are planning to get $10,000 value of giftcards…..

          • +3

            @ChiMot: Yeah this is how I feel right now. I think I spent more than 12 hours driving last few days looking for them. Went North West Sydney, South Sydney, along the North Shore and up towards Northern Beaches.

            Must have driven more than 400km looking. No idea if Coles regularly restock it, limit it on purpose or no restock since discount started since every Coles tell me different things.

            Definitely a lot of disappointment, anger, sadness and stress.

            • @JL1: yeah and dont think you can call and ask them to check, they will say too busy or something like that.

              just let it go man… let it goooooo ~~~
              chasing bargain is never enough….. never enough ~~~

              • +1

                @ChiMot: 2 of the staff out of the many I saw said I could call and ask but I know no one would actually check.

                I stopped after staff after many times as they were just getting more and more rude. I guess next time can ask them to check at the aisle end like someone mentioned behind all the gift cards.

                Just think about the $200 extra savings I missed out on. Chasing the bargain has burnt me today too. Tried to wait for increased cashback on Myer for the Nintendo Lego and it sold out right before it started. Have been a few bad days chasing the specials.

                • +2

                  @JL1: well you've been to 20 coles so technically $200/20 .. you cant keep comeback to $200
                  the saving becoming less than $10 if you decide to try again….and less and less each trips
                  sorry probably doesnt make sense the math but yeah thats just easy way.
                  at this point you are actually losing money and getting no item at all
                  but thats fine next bargain probably you get it right away ie online, or shop next door

                  • +1

                    @ChiMot: Thanks for your reply. Yeah it's getting ridiculous the more I thought about it and 1 store I found a few at was nearly 1 hour away from me and mostly $50 gift cards there. I understand what you mean.

                    Unfortunately my last few days of bargain hunting has been hugely unsuccessful. Missed the Lego Nintendo twice today after missing it a few days ago. Got greedy waiting for cashrewards upsized cashback when I was contemplating just going for it instead. Really regret it.

                    Like I said in a different post, my ozbargain faith is being tested by the world.

                • +2

                  @JL1: if your after home giftcards there where about 10-15 $50 left at cambridge gardens when i was there yesterday, they wont on the isle they are on a small separate rack that display gift cards

                  • +1

                    @smeng: Thank you for your reply and the heads up! I am afraid probably gone shortly after you posted here, haha. But will see if I am around the area to check as I live quite far away.

                    2 days ago someone looking for gift cards at a Coles told me they found a lot at Concord Coles, I went and not even 1 left!

                    • +1

                      @JL1: if i go around again, i will PM you the locations, just trying to help you out as you have been finding it difficult

    • Try Cranbourne park shopping centre. $50 cards there.

  • Only $30’s left at Coles Petrie Terrace in Brisbane :(

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