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15% off The Kids, Teen, Home, Baby, Active, Pamper, Cinema, Shop, Love & Good Food Gift Cards @ Coles


Decent gift card deal in the upcoming Coles catalogue starting 24/11.

Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer

Travelling at the moment so don’t have time to post what retailers are available for each card. TCN website has all this info.

Mod Edit: Refer to pinned comment for full list of retailers - Credits to WookieMonster

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                    • @toxicshiba: Yup only instore use only…where are you seeing the digital cards? This is a Coles offer so you can only buy them instore and not online…

                      • @SunnyinDubai: The TCN Website but the 10% off deal expired on 21/11/21

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          The physical EFTPOS gift cards sold in Coles, Woolworths, etc are sold in $30, $50 or $100 denominations (depending on the type of gift card).

          The digital gift cards are sold in much larger denominations, but the digital gift cards are not part of this deal.

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      Make sure you tell them the cards are for a tax debt to prevent your imminent arrest. That's what I do every time.

  • Has anyone used these gift cards to buy apple products in jb or tgg? Just in case any t and c caveat for apple products…. For ex:10 percent off macbooks and pay with these gift cards for additional 15 percent off

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      I've negotiated small discount on iPhone, then used 15 discounted gift cards to pay for it. The receipt was over 2 meters.

  • Can you use Coles gift card as payment?

    • Cant do gift cards to purchase gift cards.. applies to all gift cards transactions.

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      Whilst I have not bought this specific gift card, I have in the past 2 weeks used my Coles gift card to buy JB HiFi, Amazon.com.au and eBay cards. The only card I couldn't buy using a Coles gift card was a Coles Myer Group card. So yes, I think your chances are pretty good.

    • I used Coles digital gift cards and they worked fine last year

      • Where did you get those? (and can they too, be purchased at a discount?)

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          You should check the discounted gift card bible page, as it lists a number of discounted gift card portals that sell Coles gift cards. If you ever need to find the page on this site again (without having to revisit this comment), go to the top of your screen, hover or tap on Pages and you'll see the link in the menu.

          Keep in mind the page is not exhaustive, because there are some discounted gift card portals I (or the other people who help update the page) are not aware of, plus there are other portals where we are legally not allowed to advertise the discounts on gift cards…

          Also, discounted Coles gift cards can be difficult to find, as Coles stopped supplying discounted gift cards to nearly all portals in March 2020, and only brought them back to some portals at a lower discount from about August 2020 onwards.

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      You could use your Coles prepaid credit card as payment if it hasn’t already been hacked.

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    Wish thy could increase the denominations or atleast do what apple does with a variation from 20 to 500. Saves the environment with lesser plastics in the bin.

    • They should just allow to be purchased online without physical card. It will be virtually unlimited. But they need to make it work so we can use at retailers

      • might get abused if its online. people will just buy bulks of it for resale later.

        • Hmm some what true

      • Or just take 15% off the JB HiFi prices so we don't have to buy gift cards

  • Baby or Love may be available, wouldn't mind the H&M. It would stack well when they have 20% off. 35% off would be sweet!

    Anything with JB will sell fast lol

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      To be exact, it would be 32% off only.
      Since the 15% discount will be applied on the discounted price, not the original one.

      • my man!

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    Hey guys,
    There were numerous posts last year, reporting TCN gift cards didn't work; and it was near impossible to contact the company.
    I suppose all these concerns have been put to bed now. Is it correct?
    Hope someone familiar with this can confirm.
    Thanks heaps!

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      I've bought close to $10,000 worth of TCN cards in the last 2 years and never had a single issue

      • @digitalane (profanity) me! what did you buy? I am getting a TV but CBB running around to multiple stores to get the gift cards ….

  • great

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    For the people that bought these physical cards previously, what was the largest amount you can buy on a single card?

    Thanks in advance :)

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      • What? No? I've been told of people stacking the cards when buying televisions and what have you.

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          I thought the commenter was asking “what is the highest denomination of the physical TCN gift cards?” I have only ever seen $30, $50 or $100 denominations sold at Coles, Woolworths, etc., which is why I responded with “$100”.

          However, there’s nothing stopping you from using 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x or 63x physical TCN or Ultimate gift cards in one transaction at JB Hi-Fi.

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            @WookieMonster: Oh I apologise - yeah gotcha, highest denom is $100 - HOWVER when I went, the "home" card was only $50 discounted not $100 or some crap :(

  • Can we use a combination of the Kid, Teen, and Home gift cards for JB Hifi purchase?

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      Yeah, that’s fine.

      All these cards are processed through the EFTPOS network (not JB Hi-Fi’s gift card system) and will appear to the JB Hi-Fi POS system as EFTPOS/Visa/MC/AMEX cards, so mixing and matching different types of TCN gift cards will be fine.

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        Nice, thank you!

    • Do all of them allow you shop there? I thought only teen one

  • Has it already been a year? Time flies

    $1500 last year

  • I wonder if I could redeem on the Xbox web site as credit into my account, then use it the next time Microsoft has the Series X in stock?

  • Can you use the cinema card to buy movie tix for Hoyts online and using Optus perks?

    • No. You can’t. It’s like an EFTPOS card.

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        You can exchange an EFTPOS Cinema card for a digital (Mastercard) Cinema card and store it in Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

        • If you can use Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay on the HOYTS website, then it should work.

        • Alternatively, if you can see the digital gift card details (card number, expiry date, CVC2) once you add the gift card to your mobile wallet, then it should be possible to directly input those details on the HOYTS website and process it as a regular card payment.

        • Can I exchange the other gift cards for a digital one too? Their website isn’t specific only says “swap you physical for a digital” but that could mean not buying physicals.

          • @iwantaphone: I don't think so. It may be worth checking with TCN if it is possible for HOME gift cards, TEEN gift cards, etc.

  • Hopefully I can get 18 $100 cards for an iPhone 13 pro…

    • Why do you need 18? Isn't the RRP $1699?

    • +1

      You'll probably need to check out in multiple transactions. My Coles only lets me buy 5 at a time. I think their rule is 5 per day per person. And that's even after they make you read the scam alert that the ATO will never get you to pay by gift cards etc etc.

      • I went with my wife so I managed to get 10 of them. You're right tho

  • Is it possible to use these to (maximum value $100) to buy JB gift card online (goes to maximum of $500)?

    Anyone know if there is a limit to the number of cards you can use to pay online, and at a store?

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      Is it possible to use these to (maximum value $100) to buy JB gift card online (goes to maximum of $500)?

      The gift cards in this deal are EFTPOS gift cards, so the physical gift card can only be directly used for in-store purchases.

      You can add the physical gift card to the TCN app on iOS or Android and then add to your mobile wallet (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay), and then you’ll have a digital (Mastercard) version of that physical gift card. I’m not sure if you can see the virtual Mastercard details (e.g. card number, expiry date, CVC2) on a digital TCN gift card once it is in your mobile wallet, but if you can see those details, you can use them to purchase a digital JB Hi-Fi gift card up to the value of the digital TCN gift card.

      If you have access to Apple Pay, I suggest you read this comment, as there might be another way to use TCN gift cards to purchase gift cards on the JB Hi-Fi website. (I say might, as I don’t know whether this actually works, but there’s a possibility!)

      Anyone know if there is a limit to the number of cards you can use to pay online, and at a store?

      • Online, cards (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, AMEX): 1

      • In-store, cards (e.g. EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX): it is probably unlimited. One person once used 63 TCN/Ultimate gift cards in one transaction at one JB Hi-Fi store…

      • Online, JB Hi-Fi gift cards: unlimited. However, you cannot purchase JB Hi-Fi gift cards using JB Hi-Fi gift cards.

      • In-store, JB Hi-Fi gift cards: I don’t know whether there is a specific limit, but I believe staff reserve the right to ask you for ID if you attempt to redeem $500 or more in JB Hi-Fi gift cards in one transaction.

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        You cannot add physical gift cards to the TCN app, only digital.

        "At this stage our app does not allow for a physical card to be added directly to it."

      • So if i were to buy 2x iphone pro max, that would be total of 37 tcn cards worth $100 each. And jb in store is fine to accept that many for the purchase of iphone?

        • +1

          I think that would be fine. JB Hi-Fi don’t usually set limits for the number of TCN/Ultimate gift cards you can redeem when purchasing Apple products vs Samsung TVs vs Dyson vacuum cleaners, etc.

          However, you should check with the store (or stores) ahead of time to see whether they are happy to accept 37 TCN gift cards in one transaction. Some store managers may set their own rules on the number of TCN/Ultimate gift cards they will allow you to redeem in one transaction, so you should call ahead just in case.

          You’re also assuming that you can find 37x $100 TCN gift cards to purchase from Coles… at my local Coles earlier today, I counted only 6x $100 HOME gift cards, and the HOME gift cards are the only TCN gift cards in this deal that can be redeemed at JB Hi-Fi and sold in $100 denominations at Coles. I have only ever seem KIDS or TEEN gift cards in $30 or $50 denominations at Coles.

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    Oh I shudder when I see “Good Food Gift Cards” now.. I’ve bought so many as gifts and hate to think how many of the people had problems… I also bought some and there were barely any restaurants to use them. Tried to use them one night and it “wouldn’t go through” yet balance visible online… and then the clincher… one I had was about to expire over Covid lockdown so I called them .. and was told they wouldn’t extend it.

    Please read the reviews before purchasing those cards.

  • Wish Woolies would do promos on these cards :( this plus my staff discount would be amazing

  • Can you use good guy gift cards on the commercial site?

    • No.

      Gift Cards are not redeemable for goods purchased from The Good Guys Commercial (including goods purchased from The Good Guys Commercial websites).

      • +1

        oh snap, t&c's. Thanks for confirming wookieMonster.

  • Word of warning, last time I did this, I had to buy the "him" card - not the home card (or vice versa). They never put the 10% off, on the most interesting card for nerds.

    So my store selection is ONLY JB and TGG for nerdy gadgets, if I recall.

  • Last time this sale was on, i couldnt find any of these cards ANYWHERE - hopefully they are easier to buy now…

    • i am going to assume it's the same this time round as well, i'll go in and see if i can get a few, but either way we shouldn't get our hopes up too high!

      • I think so too just like when dse staff hiding behind storeroom for their mates

    • It's likely the staff kept them for themselves…

  • Can i use this card for Good Guys Commercial

    • +2

      (Probably) no.

      The TCN HOME gift card in this deal is an EFTPOS gift card, so you cannot use it to directly pay for any online purchases (since EFTPOS still cannot support online transactions).

      Even if you use a TCN HOME gift card to purchase a The Good Guys (TGG) gift card in-store at a TGG store, you cannot use that TGG gift card to pay for any orders on TGG Commercial website, as that website does not accept TGG gift cards as a payment method.

      If you can exchange a TCN HOME EFTPOS gift card for a digital TCN HOME Mastercard gift card (which I don’t think is possible) and it is possible to see the card number, card expiry and gift card CVC2 value, you should be able to use it on TGG Commercial, but only on purchases equal to or less than the value of the digital TCN gift card. However, I don’t think either of these situations are possible with the TCN HOME gift card.

      • +1

        Thanks for replying

  • Am I the only one still waiting for the gift card that can stack the discount on Ebay or Amazon?

  • This teen gift card is really usable at JB hifi??

    • Yeah, it's listed as a participating retailer on the TCN webpage for The Teen Card.

  • Anyone know if you can use flybuys points to pay for tcn cards?

  • would TGG and JB accept these GCs over phone?

    • No.

      They would have no way of processing payments from physical TCN gift cards without the physical card present, as EFTPOS only supports in-person payments in a store only.

      I'm fairly sure (for JB Hi-Fi anyway) that if you do a phone order, they will SMS you a link where you pay for the order through their website.

      • +3

        Thank you angel

  • Need to buy a ~$1000 TV for my dad, hopefully can get 10 of these (save $150). What the chance 10 x $100 Home gift card if I can only arrived coles around 9am?

    • you need to be there at 7am when the store opens or else you would have to be very lucky or live near remote coles where there is less competition for these

  • So what's the best approach to this? Buy 4 digital gift cards and then walk into jb hifi and buy something for 2k? Does that work? Like, am I able to use digital gift cards on physical purchases, and can I use multiple gift cards in one transaction?

    EDIT: Ah no, tomorrow walk into a coles, buy 4 or 5 home gift cards at max possible value (?) and then use those gift cards in jb hifi across the road? Again, can multiple cards be used in one transaction? Does that work?

    • FYI these are physical EFTPOS gift cards.

      tomorrow walk into a coles, buy 4 or 5 home gift cards at max possible value (?)

      Good luck finding cards in stock!

      use those gift cards in jb hifi across the road?

      Yes, but the slight issue is that it may take some time (e.g. a few hours) before the funds are available on the gift cards (particularly if you buy it during the mad rush tomorrow morning).

      Again, can multiple cards be used in one transaction? Does that work?

      Yes. Someone once used 63 TCN/Ultimate gift cards to pay for a new air con at JB Hi-Fi.

      • +1

        thanks for the quick response, no worries no harm in going in and looking and seeing if I luck out, and worst case I just need to accept I'll be buying a tv without the extra discount. Do the physical cards have the $100 limit or is the limit higher? I guess it doesn't matter if jb hifi doesn't care in store about how many cards you use, just looks suss buying 25 gift cards heh

        • Do the physical cards have the $100 limit or is the limit higher?


          The highest denomination for the HOME gift card I have seen at Coles is $100.

          The highest denomination for the KIDS and TEEN gift cards I have seen at Coles is $50.

  • Hi I've had a search and can't find what I'm after,

    The tv I want is out of stock and delivery only via good guys, Does anyone know if I can use multiple giftcards to purchase online and get it delivered thanks in advance

    • +1

      Does anyone know if I can use multiple giftcards to purchase online and get it delivered

      The TCN HOME gift cards in this deal can only be used in-store at The Good Guys (TGG), as they are EFTPOS gift cards.

      You should be able to use them to purchase TGG gift cards in a TGG store, but TGG only accepts a maximum of two TGG gift cards per online transaction.

      You should call up TGG to see if they can suggest an alternative method for you.

      • Thanks mate so I can use multiple in store? Sorry newbie and don't want to stuff it up thanks

        • +1

          Yeah, that should be fine. Another user reported a while ago that a JB Hi-Fi customer one time used 63 TCN/Ultimate gift cards in-store…

  • +3

    Can only find $30 TCN gift cards in my local Coles. Planning to purchase a macbook pro 16 m1 pro at student price. That means I'll need to purchase 110 TCN gift cards (I'll be breaking the record!)… Hope JB Hifi won't kick me out of the store…

    • +1

      lol glhf!

    • +3

      Keep in mind that a third-party distributor (not store staff) restocks a lot of the gift cards you see on gift card shelves in a lot of Coles and Woolworths (and BIG W and Kmart and Target, etc) stores, so there's a good chance that stock will be replenished at least once during opening hours throughout the promotional period.

      Staff usually don't know when the distributor will turn up with more TCN gift cards during the promotion, so you may find you will need a degree of luck finding the gift cards you want.

      • Thanks for the info!

        Just found some gift card called 'The Ultimate Gift For Home/Teens/Kids'. Was wondering if it is also 15% off.

  • Awesome, thanks OP :)) giving friggin Samsung direct the flick becasue the $200 bonus Trade-in code not working for me to buy the S21U from JB instead!

  • Is there a gift card limit for JBHIFI in store? Could I use 16 TCN gift cards to get a new iPhone for example?

    • +1

      I'm planning to use 110 TCN gift cards ;)

      • $11k? A TV?

        You are going to have to drive to every coles in your city haha

        • Can only find $30 TCN gift cards

      • Legend - you'll hold the new OzBargain record! Show us a pic of the 3 metre long receipt!!

      • You'll have to share a photo of the receipt!

      • This will be why sooner or later they ban or put restrictions

  • Good luck finding these in stores. Just walked past the gift card section of my local Coles and not sure if any of these are even on the shelf anymore.

    • -3

      Cos smart Ozbros hid them in secret places in the Coles already 😎

      • +1

        Don't agree with this, it's fair game for all. Hiding stock is not a fair go for all.

        • Haha I didn't say I did 🤣 personally I'm not going for it this time

          Got sad cos I thought I got up early at 9am 🤣 went down and all sold out.

          So yeah not playing this Coles hunger games so good luck to yall

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