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I've read all the note 20 posts on ozbargain and came to conclusion that this works out to be best price for me. I just bought it. If you...
12/08/2020 - 21:03
I'm having the same problem. Did you find a fix? tried CBA, UBANK, HSBC, ANZ cards, no luck. can't pass the payment page.
11/08/2020 - 22:39
Same note 9 user here and love my note 9 so much. Dual Sim, 512GB. The only problem is my screen is cracked. Samsung fix it for $390. Is it...
06/08/2020 - 12:50
How many RFID tags do we get with this? Also do we get notified of door unlocks in case someone forced attempt?
05/08/2020 - 18:35
yes I mean hand dish washing, are these meant for machines mostly?
04/08/2020 - 11:00
Hi, I'm a guy so no idea on this. When it says concentrates, do we need to add water to it to use?
04/08/2020 - 10:54
I'm currently holding ANZ black, I guess I won't be getting the points but I can still go for free credit card right? Because my black will...
03/08/2020 - 10:58
I see. Thanks for assuring. Will be happy here :) thanks.
29/07/2020 - 15:50
I just received my orders of 200 masks from you today. Arrived with sendle with no boxes, no labels, whatsoever. Are they non-medical or...
29/07/2020 - 13:55
Thanks. Bought some. Is this surgical or non-surgical?
21/07/2020 - 21:16
If I buy now, when will it come?
21/07/2020 - 20:57
Same here. Both Paypal and Card didn't work then OOSed on me.
19/07/2020 - 21:33
site is really slow... Is it getting hammered?
19/07/2020 - 21:26
What is this? Is this Netflix and Spotify combined?
01/07/2020 - 23:50
I can only buy 1 item out of the 3 right? bought usb now can't buy the kids cloth
21/06/2020 - 16:04
Why do people get this instead of the $410 deal? Is it purely because of the aesthetics?
18/06/2020 - 12:38
yeah their bundle is perfect for price but their speed was slower than ABB for me.
17/06/2020 - 17:14
I moved to Mate from ABB, the speed was a tad slower than ABB (around 5-10mbps slower typical), so I just moved back to ABB.
17/06/2020 - 17:13
Should I have hope for tomorrow switch + animal crossing? Since people might have bought theirs with TA's deal already.
17/06/2020 - 17:10
damn I had everything ready but still didn't get it. Im curious, HOW DO PEOPLE USE MACROS TO BUY IT?
17/06/2020 - 17:02
Nice, I'm former customer coming back. Will be I eligible? And I just signed up 1h ago lol.
17/06/2020 - 16:40
what graphics card should a $1200 build get? for a decent overall mid-range gaming experience? games are not too heavy, mostly pubg, cs go,...
15/06/2020 - 17:26
this price seems like $50 cheaper than other stores. Should I get this?
15/06/2020 - 17:09
I found this store sells for only $55.89 from Queensland with free shipping. Not sure if it's legit. Same model as your suggestion...
12/06/2020 - 16:11