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15% off The Kids, Teen, Home, Baby, Active, Pamper, Cinema, Shop, Love & Good Food Gift Cards @ Coles


Decent gift card deal in the upcoming Coles catalogue starting 24/11.

Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer

Travelling at the moment so don’t have time to post what retailers are available for each card. TCN website has all this info.

Mod Edit: Refer to pinned comment for full list of retailers - Credits to WookieMonster

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  • FYI Nothing left in 2166 for Home, hoping stock will get replenish soon

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    Heaps at Coles Essendon Fields and Coles Airport West. Got x20, time for an iPhone 13 Pro Max!! Let's hope no issues at JB.

    • You getting the 128gb version?

      • 256gb. Gift for my partner. Some of the city stores say they're in stock.

    • How do you get more than 5 other than visiting multiple stores? Depends if the staff care or not?

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        Visited multiple stores and went in and out and spoke with someone else lol

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      UPDATE: I got the iPhone from Melbourne Central JB. Rep was cool about it no issues. Only had two phones left so I got lucky.

      I would suggest taking the gift card out of the packaging and scratch off the pin before going in. It'll save you and them a lot of time.
      The person next to me was using probably about 40 and didn't open the gift cards and you could tell the person at the register was a bit annoyed.

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        My philosophy is that the staff are doing you (as a customer) a favour by letting you use 40 EFTPOS gift cards in one transaction, so you might as well return the favour and “prepare” the EFTPOS gift cards before you walk into JB Hi-Fi.

        I didn’t do that when I used two EFTPOS gift cards to purchase iPad accessories from JB Hi-Fi, and it really slowed down the checkout process, so I’d hate to imagine how long it’d take to process 40 EFTPOS gift cards…

      • Do you have to select what store you want to use the cards or is there no prep required? (will work at any of the stores advertised on the card)

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          If you are using these gift cards for in-person, in-store purchases, they are ready for use once the balance is available on the gift card. Note that not all participating retailers will accept these in-store, so you should check the TCN webpage for the most recent list of participating retailers that accept them in-store.

          If you want to use these gift cards for online purchases, you need to exchange the gift card for a retailer’s digital gift card on the TCN website first. Note that not all participating retailers offer gift card exchanges, so you should check the TCN webpage for the most recent list of participating retailers that will let you exchange the TCN gift card for the retailer’s own digital gift card.

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    Accidentally bought the wrong home card so got no discount on $500 and then the next 5 Coles stores I went to were all sold out.
    Today is not my day…
    Facepalming myself very hard sigh

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      Do you live on the north side of Melbourne by any chance? I saw quite a few left in a particular store.

      If you do I'll PM you

      • Unfortunately in the West :(

        • Don't think it's worth telling you, but let me know if you would like to know.

          There could be a chance they'll be gone by the time you get there

          • +1

            @Ausdave: All good, will try my luck again tomorrow I think

    • I did the same thing today!!!! I felt like such a knob….

  • Do these cards just work as standard eftpos cards online? As in will I still be eligible for cashrewards / shopback, where it says gift cards are ineligible for cashback?

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      You can't use EFTPOS online. You can exchange for a limited number of store specific egift cards online.

  • I tried to activate the card online and got error 'product not active'. Anyone come across this error before?

    • It can take a few hours.

      • Wait do we have to activate them?

        • Nope, it'll do it automatically. I waited about 3-4 hours after buying them, checked a few online, said they were all good, and when I went to purchase the item, all the cards worked fine.

    • I got the same message when registration but when I checked the balance it has money in it.

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    I would find it embarrassing scanning multiple 50 or 100 card for a purchase running into 1k or more, holding up the cashier and the queue behind me.
    The cards will either go towards gifting or smaller purchases like accessories, toys and Pokémon.

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      Well I can't fault you for the spirit of gifting, but there's a spirit of OzBargaining too. Just give them a heads up and maybe they can take you to a quiet register.

      • Thanks for the tip :)

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          Pick your time too if you can. I purchased a series X with $50 cards during a quiet morning on a weekday. The checkout staff had no problem then but did say it was frustrating during their big sale periods.

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      I used 18 of them at JB just now, as some Coles stores this morning only had the $50 ones at some of the stores (others had bountiful amounts of the $100 though). I warned the cashier in advance and let a couple of people go in front of me. I did feel bad for the time it took but my OzBargain monkey brain could not resist a good deal, and the cashier was super chill about it.

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    Guys just so you know these can’t be used at jb hifi online only in store, stuffed me around just an FYI

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    Just went to the local Coles on the Gold Coast - had heaps of $100 cards, grabbed 5. Almost seemed too easy after hunting around last time

  • Do these cards count towards the minimum spend on flybuys targeted promo, eg 10k pts for $60 per week spend over 4 weeks?

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      I have tried many times purchasing many different gift cards (e.g. eBay, App Store & iTunes, Coles Gift Mastercard, Ultimate, TCN) over the last two or three years and have never been able to get a gift card purchase to trigger targeted Flybuys promotions.

      • +1

        Thanks, too good a deal, right?🤣

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          They just want you to spend money on “real items” lol

  • The Kids giftcard says participating store " AG LEGO Certified Stores"
    Does that mean i can use it at the actual lego store?

  • Might be isolated to a certain batch, but had issues trying to purchase $100 Cinema cards at Coles New Farm.

    Register just simply didn’t recognise them “item not found”

    • Confirmed this is occurring in multiple stores

      • Contacted TCN

        “ I have escalated this and found that the reason the Cinema $100 will not work is because it has actually been discontinued in Coles store and what you have seen is remaining stock that Coles staff have stocked without realising - this actually can't be purchased at all as the Coles system does not recognise it.

        We have raised this to see if this can be adjusted for remaining stock available but it is not an instant fix.”

  • Deal still running tomorrow? If available I spose

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    Till 30/11/21

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    For those looking for $100 Home cards there are PLENTY at the Coles Mernda Junction (VIC) store.

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      Do they sell Apple gift cards

      The JB Hi-Fi stores in my area all sell Apple GCs, and one of them still sell App Store & iTunes gift cards for some reason. I have also noticed that the range of gift cards can differ from store to store, so YMMV.

      can I, discretely, purchase an Apple gift card at JB Hi-Fi using a TCN card?

      Yes. I wrote about that scenario in a previous comment on this deal. Not trying to sound rude, but maybe that’s why some people are downvoting you?

      • Danke schön

        I had searched Google, OzBargain and Whirlpool for the answer as to whether JB Hi-Fi (still) sold Apple gift cards and didn't get a clear answer, hence the question. The question was about the availability of Apple gift cards at JB, not whether I could use a TCN card to purchase a gift card as, thanks to discovering some of your previous posts, I was well informed on that front. Granted, I could have phrased the question differently.

        Thanks for taking the time to respond and for answering my question. And no, you're not sounding rude.

  • Should I swap the TCN card to retailer's gift card or just use it as it is in their shop?

  • Do the cards have to be registered with TCN after purchase or are they good to use as soon as they have been purchased from coles ?

    • +1

      2nd, although sometimes it can annoyingly be 24 hrs before the balance is loaded.

      • The cards are activated during the checkout process and ready to use straight away.

        • I believed it's activated straight away. Able to buy 2k TV worth of these cars in under 2hrs.

        • +2

          Clearly you missed out on last years TCN drama.

  • Anyone know do you buy these through self service checkout, or you have to take them to a person who loads them with the money? Then it takes a couple of hours before you can use them??

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      You need to go customers service aile.

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      You can go through self service but will need an attendent to complete the transaction, I found that the system ask for staff after the third card is scanned and then at the end when you select to pay the register will ask for staff to register expiry date on the card.

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    Just realised that these cards have 19 digits card numbers and jb online field only take 18 digits. Then saw this thread that only able to spend in store. I nearly had a heart attack. Luckily called my nearest store and they have that lovely LG C1 in stock. So drive up and picked it up, had to swipe like 20 cards, receipt print out nearly 2 meter long. Now home and enjoy. Don't think I will go through this again .

  • Just bought a TV over $2000 with 20 gift cards. Felt like a bit of a tool swiping them all as it took about 20 mins but luckily the store was quiet. Receipt was taller than I am!

  • is it possible for these gift cards to be compromised? i.e Similar to the coles prepaid mastercards incident

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      tl;dr it is possible to compromise these cards, but you’re far more likely to have a Coles Gift Mastercard or OnlyONE Visa gift card compromised than a physical TCN gift card.

      The Coles Gift Mastercard is a prepaid Mastercard gift card that can be spent at nearly all merchants that accept prepaid Mastercard gift cards (which is most merchants accepting Mastercards!). There are ways to complete a transaction with just the 16-digit card number and the expiry date (e.g. mail-order/telephone-order (MOTO) transactions, unscrupulous online merchants not asking for the CVC2 value), so let’s assume all you need is the card number and expiry date.

      The 16-digit card number consists of:

      • The Bank Identification Number (BIN): a string of numbers to identify the financial institution that issued the card.

      • Unique numbers: a string of numbers unique to that card.

      • Check digit: a single digit at the end of the card number that checks whether that card number is valid.

      The Coles Gift Mastercard card number structure is so limited that there is a theoretical total of 5,000,000 card number combinations. I won’t go into detail as to how I got to that specific number, but you’ll have to trust me that the total number of combinations is quite low.

      The Coles Gift Mastercard is also created in batches, so it comes with a limited number of expiry dates. The expiry dates are printed on the front of the gift card (because customers would want to know the expiry date of the gift card they're about to buy), so anyone who walks into a Coles or Coles Express store can see some of the expiry dates.

      Some merchants do not take the proper steps to protect themselves against BIN attacks (e.g. they do not block a person who has unsuccessfully attempted payments), which makes it relatively easy for some fraudsters to “test” combinations that may or may not work.

      On the other hand, a physical TCN gift card (i.e. the ones in this deal) is an EFTPOS gift card that can be used in-store at some of the participating retailers or exchanged online for a digital gift card for some of the participating retailers.

      All you need to exchange a gift card for a retailer specific gift card (or exchange a physical category gift card (e.g. Cinema, Pamper) with a digital category gift card) is the card number and the PIN printed on the gift card card.

      • The card number is a generic 19-digit EFTPOS gift card number starting with 5021 2510. The last digit is a check digit, so there are are 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) possible combinations. However, keep in mind that other EFTPOS gift cards (e.g. The Perfect EFTPOS gift card) also start with 5021 2510, so there’s no way to tell whether the combination you randomly generate is for a TCN gift card or another EFTPOS gift card.

      • The PIN is a four-digit card number.

      Based on those numbers, I would have a 1 in 10,000,000,000,000 (10 trillion) chance of correctly guessing a TCN gift card number and the PIN number on the first try. With those odds, I might as well play Powerball.

      You can whittle those odds down to 1 in 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) by looking at the gift card numbers printed on the back of unsold TCN gift cards and noticing the pattern. Even with those shorter odds, I still might as well play Powerball.

      However, to test gift card number and PIN combinations, you can only do this through the TCN website. I would like to think TCN has set up their website so that it is able to detect someone trying to guess and check gift card number and PIN combinations, and stop them in their tracks after four or five failed attempts. If someone was able to pull off one of these random attacks (and without arousing suspicions from TCN that they’re doing something dodgy), I think you’re a very unlucky person.

      Considering JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys no longer have gift card exchange facilities on the TCN website, that massively reduces the desirability of pulling off random attacks on TCN gift cards and trying to exchange random cards for a retailer’s digital gift card.

      Before you ask, I also don’t think it is possible to create a duplicate copy of a physical EFTPOS gift card without having access to the physical EFTPOS gift card, because I suspect there are verification values embedded in the magstripe that would not be printed on the physical card itself (similar to how Visa/Mastercard/AMEX cards work). In other words, you need more than the gift card number and the PIN to duplicate an EFTPOS gift card.

      I would honestly be more worried about the odds of JB Hi-Fi or The Good Guys withdrawing from the TCN gift card scheme all together (without warning, which they can do btw) rather than the odds of some random person being able to guess the details of a physical TCN gift card.

      • +1

        thanks, very helpful!

    • Coles prepaid mastercards incident ?

  • Anyone know if Coles staff restock the cards from the compartment within or is that only done by reps and front counter staff? How is it done pretty much and is it worth asking if staff can get more out. Will accept PMs about this as well.

  • Got sake forgot to use my flyby card when buying these, i went ti my coles this morning just 10 mins after they opened got 5x $100 which was all that was on display.
    I was just curious and asked if they had more lady said they agent needs to add new stock as they have no other $100 ones.
    Either she was telling porkies or i grabbed the only ones of that value they had

    • Your flybuys offers will be borked for months if scanning when buying these cards. Good thing you didn't scan.

      • +1

        I’m not sure whether that’s the case anymore.

        I’ve noticed in the last three weeks that my targeted Flybuys offers have suddenly gone from $210 minimum spend to $50 or $60 minimum spend, even though I bought 5x $250 Coles Gift Mastercards in the recent 10% off sale.

        • Oh, that's interesting. I forgot to set up a burner flybuys for these, would've been the smart thing to do. Oh well

      • ? can you share what this means? What's the risk?

        I bought 5k worth today and scanned for many of them, and I have the receipts to try and do the rest if I want to.

        • +2

          They referring to the minimum spend on targeted Flybuys offers skyrocketing as a result of purchasing gift cards and scanning the Flybuys card in the transaction.

          However, if you note my comment above, I purchased 5x $250 Coles Gift Mastercards, an eBay gift card and a couple of Ultimate gift cards within the last month or so, yet my targeted Flybuys offers have gone from $210 to $50, so this may no longer apply. I’ll need other people to verify this is the case for their accounts too before I make any changes to the Wiki page entry I linked to you…

          • +2

            @WookieMonster: Yes I agree, I have received $60 spend x 4 on several accounts even though I purchased 10x $250 GC's on 2 of them. I also received Collect 1,000 bonus points Spend $50 in one transaction on one of those 2 accounts 1 week ago.

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: Yesterday I purchased 5x $100 HOME and scanned flybuys, but today received offer “spend $130 get 5,200pts” which I frequently get about the same time as now, about 2 out of 4 times in a month.
            So I guess from my experience. your theory about whether that’s not the case anymore is proven. From now on i’ll keep scanning my flybuys even for GCs since they are always kind enough to reward the same amount of points as the $ spent even for GCs.. extra saving for next time.

  • Does anyone know if the item I want is not in stock in my local JB-Hifis, will they do back order for me?

  • -1

    Drove all over the city for 3.5 hours tonight collecting these things, had me really wondering was it worth the effort haha

    • +2

      people drive and walk all over the city just to catch pokemon, so I'm sure this is ok xD

      • Yeah but how much $ in fuel did you burn…!

        • +4

          Don't worry I have another scam for free fuel 😉

  • +4

    Had no issue finding 50x100 in Adelaide. Stacks at every store, staff were super easy about it.
    Took em straight to JB, receipt was nearly 5m long! Saving more than 40% on a TV is nothing to scoff at, though.

    • Only managed to get 5 x $100 at Stepney Coles. The staff was standing in front of the gift card area so I didn’t manage to get it on another trip. Came back after work and it’s gone.

  • I was wondering if these can be used to purchase PS Plus memberships? Thanks

    • +2

      Don't think why not, as long the card is sold in store i.e JB HI FI

  • So if i just want to Buy a TV i should Have nothing to Worry about ?

    • What there to worry? This thread along people already posts their ordeal.

      • these Cards Activate within 1 Hour ?

        • +1

          I went straight from coles to the store, no issue.

  • 2 of my 12 cards got a 'swipe error' at JB, has this happened to anyone? how to fix this? do I need to contact TCN and replace the card?
    note: I tried to use it straightaway after i got it from Coles

    • +4

      A “swipe error” means one of the following:

      • The magstripe reader on the EFTPOS terminal is faulty. That’s unlikely, considering that you managed to swipe ten gift cards without any issues.
      • You did not correctly swipe the gift card. Try swiping it again (once more or a few times more).
      • The magstripe on the gift card is dirty. Try wiping it clean with a cloth or with your clothing.
      • The magstripe on the gift card is faulty.

      If there were no funds available on the card and the magstripe was working correctly, you would not have received a “swipe error”. You would have been able to select Savings and key in the PIN, but you would have received message along of the lines of “Declined, contact bank”.

      If the magstripe seems to be faulty, contact TCN and they should be able to sort it out for you.

    • +3

      I used a few cards today, and many kept getting "swipe error." The person helping me, though said that this is quite common. Sometimes it took 5 or 6 swipes before it worked, but eventually all the cards went through.

  • Anyone successfully purchased apple gift cards using these cards? Thoughts were instead of trying to use 30x gift cards at once to buy macbook pro (which is also currently out of stock at my local JB), I could just buy 30 x $100 apple gift cards (over multiple trips) then load them all onto apple account and then buy at AOC store pricing.

    Could also then buy apple gift cards at both JB Hifi and Good Guys locations.

  • I tried purchasing th Home $100 gift cards but they are not discounted. Is the discount only on the $50 home ones and the ones in the picture shown in the deal?

    • +2

      Make sure its TCN, not Ultimate GC.

      • +1

        Thanks, bought the wrong ones. Stupid me.

        • +1

          Me too.

        • yeah nearly got me too until the checkout lady mentioned that these are not the discounted one after she scanned about 5-6, i was grabbed at least 10 at that time. She was cool about it. But man these card are so confusing.

  • +2

    Still had quite a few cards at my local Coles this afternoon. Although there was a small issue… the $30 Kids card packs actually had $50 cards inside them.
    I helped the lady sort through them, then she opened the aisle end where the cards are sitting on the rack, and proceeded to pull out boxes and boxes full of cards to sort through to find the ones I wanted.
    There were hundreds more of each card in there!!!

    • Which suburb may I ask

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