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15% off The Kids, Teen, Home, Baby, Active, Pamper, Cinema, Shop, Love & Good Food Gift Cards @ Coles


Decent gift card deal in the upcoming Coles catalogue starting 24/11.

Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer

Travelling at the moment so don’t have time to post what retailers are available for each card. TCN website has all this info.

Mod Edit: Refer to pinned comment for full list of retailers - Credits to WookieMonster

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    Went in with 82 cards - 1 failed for some reason but the rest went through fine.

    $11k item down to $8k in BF sale, price matched to $7,495 then 15% off - bargain! All up $6,381!

    And maybe the record for the longest receipt! https://ibb.co/yVCVTK9

    • Holy smokes! I hope they gave you a bag for your receipt.

    • +2

      Lol what did you buy at that price if you don't mind me asking. That is an amazing receipt and to think you could even find that many gift cards is unbelievable. It was like my life mission since Thursday afternoon to get them and it's just emotionally ruined me.

      • I bought a Samsung Triple Laser Projector!

        I actually already had about $4k worth of vouchers as I’ve bought a bunch every time they’ve been on special.

        But in last 4 days I’ve been to about 8 Coles stores and got none of some smaller value ones. But last night i struck gold - found a store with loads of $100 ones and was with 3 friends so that was an easy $2k addition

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          wow… later show us your home theater setup with that projector please~~~~!

        • Very nice! Wish I had the space for a projector. I heard in the past you can convert them to JB digital gift cards that have no expiry date but now you can't and must use them in store right? Also someone mentioned TCN cards could be ineligible at JB if they decided to change it. Makes me worry a bit even if I could find a bunch to stock up on which I could not.

          Loads of $100 ones, where is this magical place that does not exist in Sydney? Lol

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      Lol. Given the spare roll of receipt paper next to the register, I assume that you managed to use up the whole roll?

      • +6

        SHe put a fresh one in just in case!

        To be fair the store staff were awesome.

    • wow did you have to drive to 10 different coles or did they let you have more than 5

    • Please oh please tell us you were the relative/friend of a coles store manager who gave you unfettered access to the bountiful surplus cards we all know are being held back and hidden behind the shelving/service desk for some God forsaken reason?

      It will help us sleep at night ;)

      • Sadly not. Think I did 8 stores all up with a couple of friend helping

        Kings Cross still had 100s when I left Sunday night

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    Just managed to get JB to price match Samsung Edu Store for the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB at $1,624.35! Then with gift cards grand total of $1,384.35 =D

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      You guys are sure creative in finding the best deals. They willing to match edu store as long as you can show access?

      I asked someone to price match Costco the other day, he asked if I have membership and asked to see the membership card. And still said he could only price match plus $100 as that is what they do for Costco even though Costco membership not even $100.

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    Good news: I found about 30-40 $100 Home GCs at Coles this evening. Bad news: 3.5 hours drive from Sydney. PS I'm here on holiday :)

    • Where is this?

      • Bathurst?

        • wolloonggong ?

    • +1

      Haha wow not sure if that would be worth driving for even with full car of 5 people buying 5 $100 each. But would say it would have been tempting if I knew earlier!
      Lucky you.

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    25741 clicks on this threads. Each person should email TCN telling before you run this kind of promotion please print more cards!

    • +1

      They can and probably have more, definitely baiting strategy devised by everyone involved. For example, why discount only a few cards but not the him and her cards.

      • Yep definitely their way of controlling max cost of the campaign

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    Ulladulla. :) I wouldn't do a 6 hour round trip from Sydney just for this!

    • +2

      sometimes we are on this for the thrills, to keep adrenaline flowing, the proud, the feeling of beating others, the mental satisfaction, etc
      not so much for saving $

  • Do these cards have a $5-6 fee or no?

    • nada fee.
      fees are for prepaid mastercard for example

  • These are done yeah? 30'th (midnight last night?)

  • anyone else found which shop? i need another $700 gc

  • +1

    $100 home cards found at Goulburn now around 10 left

  • I drove to several different coles around Perth with no luck finding any stock.

  • Hi everyone, I want to ask. If I have made a payment with TCN gift cards, JB gift card and my credit card, how would a refund work if I possibly try to cancel an order that I just purchased and does not ship until mid December from JB Hifi. Thinking about my TV order with JB Hifi.

    Not sure if a refund would even be possible for me. Tried to call JB but first guy no idea, order team closed af 6pm. Appreciate it if anyone can share their knowledge!

    • They may give you a split between a gift card and credit card…I guess it is up to the store and they may choose to refund the whole amount into your credit card if the % charged to the card is higher.

      • Credit Card payment was the smallest.

    • +4

      tl;dr it depends on the staff member processing the refund and the way in which JB Hi-Fi's systems handle refunds.

      Let's suppose you use to pay for that TV:

      • $400 in TCN gift cards
      • $500 in JB Hi-Fi gift cards
      • $1,100 on your credit card

      In theory, the procedure would be to refund the $400 back onto the TCN gift cards, $500 back onto a new JB Hi-Fi gift card and $1,100 back onto your credit card. However, this is entirely dependent on JB Hi-Fi coding their POS (point-of-sale) system to allow refunds to be processed onto each payment method. I know that some businesses (e.g. Coles, Woolworths) allow this, but I'm not sure about JB Hi-Fi. Anyway, let's assume for this example that this is possible.

      The first problem with the aforementioned procedure is that TCN gift cards cannot have refunds processed back directly onto the gift cards, so the $400 would have to be refunded onto:

      • A new JB Hi-Fi gift card (likely), or
      • Onto your credit card (less likely).

      The reason it may end up on the credit card is that TCN gift cards are EFTPOS gift cards, and JB Hi-Fi's POS system will treat a TCN gift card like an EFTPOS/Visa/MC/AMEX card. If you never tell the staff you redeem $400 in TCN gift cards, they may think you used multiple EFTPOS/Visa/MC/AMEX cards issued by financial institutions, not TCN gift cards. Having said that, nearly all staff will ask to see the cards you used as payment to verify the last four digits, as the last four digits will be included in the information on the receipt. If you are only able to show the credit card to staff, they will likely end up putting the $400 back onto a JB Hi-Fi gift card instead, because staff are most likely trained to only return funds onto an EFTPOS/Visa/MC/AMEX card if you have the card with you.

      The $500 spent on JB Hi-Fi gift cards will almost likely be refunded back onto a new JB Hi-Fi gift card, as the receipt will show staff that you use a JB Hi-Fi gift card and not an EFTPOS/Visa/MC/AMEX card. You generally cannot use JB Hi-Fi gift cards to obtain cash, as the general rule of thumb is that any amount spent on gift cards will be returned to a gift card (and this is largely an anti-money laundering measure), but not all staff will follow this.

      Alternatively, staff may get lazy and refund the full $2,000 onto your credit card. This is highly unlikely, because of the anti-money laundering thing I mentioned before.

      Alternatively, staff may get lazy and refund the full $2,000 onto a JB Hi-Fi gift card. I don't think this would happen unless JB Hi-Fi staff can only refund the full amount onto one payment method, but you never know!

      In summary, the most likely to least likely refund scenarios are:

      • $900 onto a new JB Hi-Fi gift card and $1,100 back onto your credit card
      • $400 onto a new JB Hi-Fi gift card and $1,500 back onto your credit card
      • $2,000 onto a new JB Hi-Fi gift card
      • $2,000 back onto your credit card
      • +1

        Thank you so much for your detailed reply!

        So I shouldn't be worried that I cannot get a refund if I try to cancel my order. Was afraid they say no because I used TCN gift cards and they cannot refund that back to the card.

        • I would be thoroughly surprised if they denied a change of mind refund due to you using TCN gift cards as a payment method. JB Hi-Fi are very flexible for change of mind refunds, as long as the item is in saleable condition. Considering you haven’t even got the TV yet, the saleable condition caveat doesn’t even apply.

          Also, considering the credit card payment is the smallest amount spent out of your payment methods, the chances of JB Hi-Fi refunding everything onto a new JB Hi-Fi gift card have gone up… The type of refund will realistically depend on what the staff member decides to do when you initiate a refund, so who knows what will actually happen in the end!

          • @WookieMonster: What you might get is a store credit in your name, not a gift card, for obvious reasons.

  • Plenty of $50 home still available at Cranbourne park shopping centre (Vic) when i was there at 6pm for anyone still hunting for these.

  • Only $50 ones left at Coles Ulladalla at 430pm albeit around 40-50.

  • Is 15% off TCN cards common? Like a couple of times a year?

    • +4

      It looks like it's a once a year deal coinciding with Black Friday / Cyber Monday. The last 15% off deal was around the same time last year.

      • +1

        Ok thanks

  • +1

    Thanks OP, this helped me save $186 on MacBook air

  • Thank you for this! successfully purchased my Sony A80J 77inch using these cards during Black Friday for $4754.90 ($5594 before gift card discount)


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