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35% off at Samsung Edu Store - Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB $1,624.35, 512GB $1,721.8 ($1574.35/ $1671.85 with $50 Sign-up Voucher)


Thank you HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal for pointing this out. Previously there was a deal until 06.01.2022 and there was a 20% off.

Looks like Samsung has reduced the price further (by 35%) as part of Black Friday in advance?

Tiny text from Samsung - all models and other stuff:

Save 35% off RRP on all Wearables, Mobile Accessories, Tablet Accessories, Wearable Accessories, Galaxy A52s 5G, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Range, Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S21+ 5G, Galaxy S21 5G, Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi. Save 50% off RRP on Galaxy Buds+ Black.

Offer starts 12:00am (AEDT) 17 November 2021 and ends 11:59pm (AEDT) 29 November 2021

Dont forget other possible reductions such as trade in offers.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Well, that Galaxy Z Fold 3 dropped its price pretty fast. I think it only 3 months and it already dropped almost 1k in price.

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      Not quite, on the Samsung EPP site it was already under $2k with Samsung Buds for pre order, so this is about the same price once you factor RRP for Samsung Buds. Great price, very tempting to pull the trigger on this deal.

      • hi,
        Could I ask how much the fold is going for on the EPP site? Do they allow for trade in bonus on top of the employee discount?

        Thanks :)

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      I got mine for $1,899 and am loving it. Not the cheapest phone for sure but it's a great experience

      • Me too. Brilliant piece of engineering. The S Pen Pro is awesome too.

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    having trouble checking out. :/ SERVER ERROR

    • Same

    • i just ordered something, brilliant to get the 35% off and also get a chance to use my $50 voucher as well!

      double-bonus, thank-you Op for alerting me to this deal!

  • do they still have the extra $700 trade in bonus?

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    $149 for Samsung buds+

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      Can't you buy it for $130 all the time online though?

      • +1


      • Where from? I can't seem to find them at that price.

  • Can someone help me to not make this impulse buy so tempting omg

    • +22

      I got the Z Fold 3 and love it to bits.

      Did that help?

      • It helped, not the way i wanted it tho : D

        I know i'd love it too everything i was holding off for has been fixed with Fold3, happy to hear you love it tho

      • Yep i agree
        Initially was hesitant and thought was a bit of a gimmick
        But its unbelievably great and love using it, even got used to the smaller front screen and use it significantly more than i expected i would, and using the unfolded screen for maps while driving is really good.
        Hope that helped

      • +1

        I am struggling not to get a zflip3. Even though I have an s21 lol.

        • +1

          Right here with you! I had the original z flip but unfortunately the screen broke but Samsung provided me with a full refund so no hard feelings. Would love to try out the flip 3.

      • Went iPhone 11 Pro Max -> s21 Ultra -> Fold 2 -> Fold 3

        Once you fold it's hard to go back

        • How do you find the jump from fold 2 to fold 3?

          • @lachhelix: Same same, the UDC actually isnt too bad. Google maps looks better without that punch hole. Have used a S Pen Pro with it, pretty decent.

            I only did it cause Samsung offered me $1110 for trade and bonus $700. Plus had a Samsung coupon of $200. So out of pocket just under $500

            • @mighty-atom: Hmmmm
              I'd be keen for the water resistance, I'm a nervous wreck putting mine anywhere near the any moisture 😂

      • How much screen-on time do you get? I heard that the battery life isn't good.

        • +2

          Full charge last 22 hours for me. thats using outside and inside screen, Bluetooth and wifi on.

          • @mighty-atom: Thanks. That's more than good enough for me. Seriously considering getting it now.

          • +2

            @mighty-atom: What are you actually doing while it's on? Reading ebooks?

            My s21U gets about 10 hours sot watching videos and browsing. Less than 5 if gaming. This is with 120hz on and power saving mode.

            I find it hard to believe you're getting 22 usable hours on this considering the larger screen and smaller battery.

            • @krisspy: I don't always use the larger screen unless I'm viewing content or need it for viewing webpages properly.

              I'm mainly reading/replying to emails, bit of YouTube, web browsing and messenger to family.

              Everyone's usage will very, but I'm not on my phone all the time. So for a good 4-6 hours it'll be on standby while I'm at work

              When I had the s21U I would get over a day easily and low power mode disabled.

      • How about the weight. Causing Issue?

    • It's an awesome phone. Just don't get the stupid S Pen case or a flip cover case. Makes it hard to use the front screen and the camera in selfie mode.

    • Cheers for input everyone and glad you're all enjoying the device

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    Same price in government portal too.

    • I am having problems logging into the government portal :-(

      • +2

        This site is a bit of a dumpster fire. You have to log in then refresh or enter the site URL or find it through Google to let you in. The trade in isn't working at the moment either, had been saying there's an error all day

        • Yes, i found that by accident, if you dont do the refresh it displays the non government prices, I ordered a z fold plus case, and even the order errored out.

  • Can someone advise much the note20 ultra is on education store after discount? I don't have access to education store right now

    • +3

      The galaxy note 20 ultra 5g is $974 however it is out of stock right now

  • the problem is the small battery and the slow charging, some $300 phones even have 65w and 120w charging , adds 50% juice in 10mins.
    thats what is missing on the samsung phones.

    • +1

      No reputable brand would put that level of charging speed. Chinese phones full throttle the charging because they don't care about your experience over the life of the product.

      • +1

        Most of those phones have 2 cells in them. It's still a little hard on the batteries but not puffing levels dangerous

        • being a folding phone you would think there are 2 separate batteries by design…

      • -1

        yeah battery tech has gone way better from the samy s7 exploding days, you should rewrite 'no reputable brand outside china' :p plus not everyone uses their phones for the full 5 years.

        after 50 years of stealing technology and engineers, hauwei and xiaomi make some damn good quality tech devices now.
        maybe do some research and you might find some great German engineers have gone missing for years now, happily living in China :p

        • Lol… Xiaomi is only 10 years old, and Huawei is only 44 years old. Where did you get the 50 years from? And all Huawei's patents, including those registered in western countries, are all "stolen"? Then what do you mean by "stealing engineers"? Are you actually accusing Huawei of human trafficking? Cause if not I don't see why offering higher pay to attracting talents is an issue.

    • +1

      I intentionally disable fast charging. It shortens the life of your battery. Just charge it overnight. In the event you need to fast charge just enable the fast charge as a one off type of thing

        • +3

          Wow that's a shallow and thoughtless assumption.
          Just to guide your misconceptions, I use my phone for phone calls frequently I actively use it to web browse, I don't use Twitter, and I game around 2 to 3 hours on some days and still lasts me a full day. Maybe don't be such a inconsiderate commenter in future.
          As an FYI I get around 6 hours of screen on time in a day

          • -8

            @maverickjohn: apologies, im sorry I degraded your feelings meter to a lower point.
            i guess i thought your comment about - it shortens the life of your battery - as being thoughtless and may guide others into some misconceptions about fast charging.

            fast charging does degrade battery life, but that meaningless without some measurement, like degrades it to about 80% after 2 years or something, which now doesn't seem bad for heavy uses who may not use a phone that long. hence my over exaggerated assumptions of your phone usage.
            "just charge over night" i didn't know you could charge over night, wow amasing ur phone lasts you the whole day and you consider yourself a heavy user, that's great for you. now i know ur situation, k do feel slight bad making such assumptions. sorry.

  • I have had the fold 3 for over a week now. It's fingerprint and dust magnet. Other than that I love it!

    • Is your fold 3 by any chance the black version?

      • No silver. The dust and fingerprint problem is on both inner outer screen.

  • +1

    I added my Samsung S8 to receive the $300 bonus trade-in offer for the Fold 3 but the offer doesn't activate on checkout. Is there something in the T&C that stops two promotions from interacting?

    • +5

      I'm on the love chat now asking the same questions, will update you when I'm done.

    • Oh doesnt activate for you as well? I thought it was because I've already activated my first one. I wanted to upgrade mine and a family members. It only worked the once.


      the second time however.


      • +1

        I haven't activated any other codes so maybe this issue is occurring for the Fold 3 only?

        • I think the issue is on the flip3 as well as the person above mentioned the $200 not activating. As far as I can tell, reading the terms and conditions the $200 bonus trade in is strictly for the flip3. The $300 bonus is for the fold3 but none of them seem to be activating.

    • +1

      So I have already spoke to the agents over the phone
      They are saying to email [email protected] with your query and make sure you include screenshots as well.

      • Great, thanks for the info!

      • This is pretty much what they said to me too.

  • how do i get access to educational portal?

    • +1

      you need a .edu email either from being a student or staff/ family memeber that has one.

  • What does the Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi work out to be?

    • $941.85 for the 128gb wifi

      Tempting… But still too high for me

      • +1

        Might have to wait for the S8 release for another good deal

  • +2

    I tried 4 different emails so far and never got the $50 voucher…
    Am I the only one?

    • No

      • So some people get it and the rest just don’t, is this the case?

    • I've waited weeks and haven't received one, sucks as the BT version of the watch i wanted is the same price as the LTE Now..

      • That’s very low from Samsung, not buying shite from them now until they send me at least 1 voucher

      • Chat with their live support, and they can help if you supply previously registered email address attempts.

        • I did and they said they’ll send it but I have to wait 48 hours, same old story, they’re not sending shite I know it

          • @Emilimu: I got a friend to input their details (Gmail) and he got it in 2 hours tonight… So try a Gmail?

            • @Schema: 3 are Gmail and 1 is yahoo and nothing yet, I give up

    • You need to email their support, that's how I got mine.

    • You can email [email protected] and they will send you a code

      The sign up has never worked for me but I've received several codes now by emailing them

      • Thanks mate, I ended up buying an iPhone

    • Email [email protected] and tell them you signed up but never got code. They will send you a code might take 1-3 business days

  • Trade in bonus of extra 200 worked on flip 3. Confirmed

    • Did it work first attempt for you?

      • Didn't work for fold, but for flip yes

      • Ordered panda colour. Fold is to heavy and flip is better option and being a wear user i feel its not a problem with smaller outer screen. $775 (excluding the tradein value $25) is not a bad price for a flip gen 3

  • Anyone who recently used trade in discount and didn't return? Want to know how much u will be charged

    • +1

      You just get charged the trade in value. You get to keep any bonuses - so this is the key trick to getting the best value

      • Thank you

  • Can someone that can log in share prices for the s21 and s21 ultra?cheers

    • +2

      S21 starting at $811.85
      S21 plus from $1,006.85
      S21 Ultra from $1,201.85

  • +1

    Samsung watches on this site cost?

  • Anyone know when the trade in bonus works for the fold :L it literally expires in 3 days.

  • Does anyone know if I can buy two with one email? And also I already have an account on Samsung but I would like to get the voucher of 50$ so if i create another account does it need to be with .edu or does not important and after I use the .edu? Any help will be appropriate it ☺️

  • I just messaged the online agent and they said the trade-in bonus $300 expired yesterday per the T&Cs :(

    • +1

      Well we tried it yesterday and it was not working.
      Also, there is a big ad on homepage saying:

      Samsung Online Exclusive Add Ons
      Up to $300 off Trade In discounts + 50% off Samsung Care+. Offer ends 21.11.2021. T&Cs apply.12,13,17,24

      • Same, $200 bonus worked on the S21 ultra but not the $300 on the Z Fold.

        I also messaged the agent saying the same thing about the date and it not working yesterday, and that I sent an email. They said to wait for the email response

        • For a moment it worked and now its gone again. I logged on and saw my cart already had a phone and trade in code and was applied with $300 bonus. I tried to add Samsung Care+ then its all gone and cant get it back. :(

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