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15% off Ultimate Home, Kids, Thanks, Eats, Beauty & Spa Gift Cards @ Coles


From the upcoming Coles catalogue sale starting Wednesday December 8.

Limit of 5 gift cards per customer.

Full credit to Wookiemonster for the list of retailers -

Gift Card Participating Retailers (Visa) (Last Updated 25 Oct)
Kids Cotton On Kids, Dymocks, H&M, Holey Moley Golf Club, JB Hi-Fi, Kingpin, Rebel, Smiggle, Strike, Timezone, Toyworld, Xbox, Zone Bowling
Home Amart Furniture, Baccarat, Barbeques Galore, Dusk, House, House Bed & Bath, JB Hi-Fi, MyHouse, Pet Circle, Pet House, Robin's Kitchen, Star Car Wash, The Good Guys, The Iconic
Eats Ben & Jerry's, Boost, Chatime, Deliveroo, Grill'd, Hogs, Mad Mex, Menulog, Nando's, Ribs & Burgers, San Churro, Schnitz, Sushi Hub
Thanks Adrenaline, Angus & Coote, Edible Blooms, Goldmark, House, Luxury Escapes, Menulog, Michael Hill, MyHouse, Prouds, Redballoon, T2, The Body Shop, The Iconic, UGG, Webjet
Beauty & Spa Dusk, Ella Baché, MAC, Michael Hill, Sephora, The Body Shop, The Iconic

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Ultimate Gift Cards
Ultimate Gift Cards

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    Thanks for all your comments @WookieMonster

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      No worries. If it saves some people a few bucks, then I've done my job!

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    I was at my local Coles this am to do grocery shopping…I came across the GC stand and looked to see if there were any of these cards out of curiosity. Unsolicited, a Coles employee told me some of the cards had a 15% discount and were a good buy…she then pointed out (not that I didn't already know) which ones were at 15% off and encouraged me to buy up to 5! I bought 5 x$100 Home cards and there must have been at least 30+ at 11am today

  • I was trying to get 3 x $100 and 2 x $50. at the self checkout the lady interrogate if I'm first time purchasing and yes. later on when I scanned the 4th system prompted I have exceeded the limits.i asked if limit 5 per customers, she said not for this store. if that is misleading advertisement because catalogue clearly said 5?

    • She's wrong. It's a limit of 5 gift cards per customer per transaction. Did she not authorise the prompt to let you buy the 4th and 5th gift card? If so, she needs to gain better knowledge of her company's promotions.

      I have wondered why the Coles' system give that warning after the 3rd gift card is scanned. Is their system simply outdated and needs to be updated so that the prompt occurs after the 5th gift card is scanned, instead of happening after the 3rd gift card is scanned…?

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        There are multiple points where a staff member needs to intervene during checkout.

        After the 3rd card the scam notification alert comes up and they're supposed to provide an informational leaflet about gift card scams.

        After the 4th there is a limit reached for "items put aside". I think this also applies to other items scanned that you don't want to place in the bagging area, such as large heavy items like boxes of soft drink cans.

        And when completing the transaction after scanning any number of gift cards they need to approve the gift card transaction.

        None of the above are related to the promotional limit of 5 gift cards.

      • Same with me. System flagged when I scanned the 4th. One of the staff just swiped her card to let it through.

  • When does this gift card deal at Cole's expire?

    • @ Pindone…Next Tuesday

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    Omg just bought iPhone recently by price matching OW against Costco… Would've been cheaper using this Gift Card route…

    Please send help… PTSD (Post Transaction Stress Disorder)…

  • Does anyone know when the stores get restocked? Still need a few more to buy a TV.

    • Yes. It did get restocked today morning in my nearby coles.

  • Cmon dealbot you should highlight Xbox for my dream of saving 15% on a XboxX m8 :)

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    Thanks to everyone who commented with tips. Ended up using my stack of 22 cards at JB for a 13 pro. As mentioned above, prepare all cards by taking them out of their sleeves and scratch them ahead of time. Also highly recommend picking a very quiet time to do this, I got to JB at 8pm when there were barely any people around, the cashier was happy to help which I really appreciate! We laughed at how my very long receipt, taller than me, was nowhere as long as the one she once did for 80+ cards…

  • Can the TCN eftpos versions be used to buy apple gift cards In jbhifi?

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      It should be fine.

      For in-store transactions at JB Hi-Fi, it doesn't matter whether you have the EFTPOS or Visa versions of one of these gift cards; it will still be processed as an EFTPOS/Visa payment.

      Another OzBargainer actually had plenty of success purchasing multiple Apple gift cards using TCN gift cards a couple of weeks ago. However, I've personally had one JB Hi-Fi staff member interrogate me and ask what kind of card I was using to pay for an Apple gift card (and asked me to show the card), so YMMV.

      • Hey @WookieMonster, I have read all your comments and thank you for you work. But can you help me to clarify that can i purchase the gift card for $1000 online through the website and the pay for the purchase online? I just dont understand why other people have to go look for physical card at coles? Thanks

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          The 15% discount only applies to physical gift cards purchased at Coles.

          • @tbone74: oh i see now. Understood. Sorry I was a bit confusing. Thank you!!!

  • Anyone able to confirm whether the Beauty & Spa card can be used for online shopping at Sephora?

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      Click on "See how you can shop with our partners below" and select online

      • Thanks!

      • Hi @wikiwiki, can we use multiple Beauty and Spa cards to make purchase on Sephora? Its quite confusing on their website.

        • Sorry i'm not sure. i'm not associated with TCN or Sephora so just reading what you're reading.

        • My understanding is that you cannot use multiple Ultimate (Visa) gift cards on the Sephora website, as Sephora does not allow you to do split Visa/Mastercard/AMEX card payments on their website. (I'm actually struggling to think of an online merchant who will let you do that…)

          You can exchange the Beauty & Spa gift cards on Ultimate gift card's exchange portal for a Sephora gift card. However, according to Sephora's website, you can only redeem one Sephora gift card (in conjunction with one Visa/Mastercard/AMEX card, including Ultimate gift cards) per online transaction.

  • Would you guys prefer converting all these Ultimate GCs to digital JB ones (if it still works) and then printing it out for in-store use? (benefits: no expiry)

    Any chances the Ultimate cards could get hacked if I leave it to 2-3 years?

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      Would you guys prefer converting all these Ultimate GCs to digital JB ones (if it still works) and then printing it out for in-store use?

      I prefer leaving it as Ultimate gift cards, as I am happy (and am able) to go in-store to purchase the items I want, plus I only get Ultimate gift cards if I have firm plans to purchase an item from a participating retailer in the next month or so.

      Based on reports from others earlier today, purchasing a digital JB Hi-Fi gift card using an Ultimate gift card on the JB Hi-Fi website seems to be still working. I think a lot of people were trying to purchase digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards using Ultimate gift cards at the same time yesterday and JB Hi-Fi noticed and were trying to manually intervene and stop some of these orders.

      Any chances the Ultimate cards could get hacked if I leave it to 2-3 years?

      Have a read of this.

      The only correction I'd make to that linked comment is that If you are exchanging the [Ultimate Home] gift card for a digital gift card from a participating retailer, the odds of correctly guessing an Ultimate Home gift card (assuming you know the BIN and the string of numbers of identifying the card as a Home gift card) is 1 in 1,000,000,000 because the expiry date for that portal is always 12/29, not the actual expiry date of the gift card.

      • +1

        Excellent post, thanks mate. Very helpful.

        I only get Ultimate gift cards if I have firm plans to purchase an item from a participating retailer in the next month or so.

        Seems like I bought too early :(

  • How do people use multiple gift cards to purchase an item that's greater than $100 online at jb hifi?

      1. Purchase digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards equal to the available balance on an Ultimate Teens/Kids/Home gift card (assuming you have the Visa version, not the older EFTPOS version) through the JB Hi-Fi website. There were some reports late yesterday that JB Hi-Fi were cancelling some orders of digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards paid for using Ultimate gift cards, but it seems to be working today.

      2. Redeem as many digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards as required (in conjunction with one Ultimate gift card, if required) to pay for your $100+ item on the JB Hi-Fi website. You can redeem an unlimited number of JB Hi-Fi gift cards on the JB Hi-Fi website.

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        Teens ones are not on sale.

        • +1

          @WookieMonster was just explaining you can do it using a Teens one (because it has JB on it), not that it's actually on sale :)

        • +5

          Teen are on sale. Bought some at 15% off

      • I'm getting a 2000 do not honour code when trying to purchase jb hifi gift cards online…

        • Hmmmm just got an email saying that verification failed and the order was cancelled

          • @lolwut: Did you pay using Apple Pay or by directing inputting the card details into the checkout?

            • @WookieMonster: I don't have apple pay so I put the card details directly into checkout. Is Google pay an option?

              • @lolwut: Sadly, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are not available payment options on the JB Hi-Fi website.

                I mention Apple Pay, because JB Hi-Fi may not be able to see that you’re using an Ultimate (Visa) gift card to pay for a JB Hi-Fi gift card if you use Apple Pay as the payment method.

                • @WookieMonster: What's the alternative option

                  • @lolwut:

                    • Purchase a physical JB Hi-Fi gift card from the JB Hi-Fi website. I really doubt this will work, but hey, it’s worth a shot!

                    • Go in-store and purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card using the Ultimate gift card.

                    • +1

                      @WookieMonster: Thanks, I managed to find another store that was happy to use the physical cards in store and match a jb direct offer

  • If I walk into JB with 30x $50 Kids cards will they let me buy 3x $500 apple gift cards? I have a feeling that I may have to go on other days and other stores

    • +1

      I walked in with 20x$50 and it was fine. Just make sure you prepare ahead of time for them and I did hear stories from the guy that served me that some walked in with 40+ giftards.

      • Even for gift cards? I feel like they’d hesitate and mix it up for JB gift cards which aren’t allowed to be bought.
        I know that I can walk in with as many as I want for purchasing products.

        • Nah I even told them I was there to buy Itunes giftcards and they were fine with it. Ask if I was aware of scams and I said I was buying for myself.

  • Hi, tried to use one of these cards for JB Hifi purchase but for the life of me cant work out which is the 18 digit gift card number… there is a 16 digit "card:" and a 19 digit
    "PCN". Could someone tell me which is the 18 digit number you can use for check out?

    I have used the card at JB but the receipt dont show the which number is used either…..

    Thanks in advance!

    • +1

      It sounds like you have the Visa version of the Ultimate gift card.

      The Ultimate gift card is a Visa card that can only be used at participating retailers. Since it is a Visa card, you input the 16-digit Visa card number, the CVV2 value and expiry date of 12/29 into the debit/credit card section in JB Hi-Fi's online checkout.

      The PCN is not used for any purchases using the gift card; as far as I am aware, it is only used to check the balance of the gift card and for the initial purchase of the gift card at Coles, Woolworths, etc.

      • +1

        Thanks heaps for the help! am prep'ed to use the remaining balance next :D

        • +1

          I see you're now convinced the expiry date for online purchases is 12/29 :P The balance on your gift card will still expire three years from the date of issue.

          Anyway, happy purchasing!

  • Struggling to find an answer on this and FAQ on the ultimate website isn’t clear - if I purchase 5x$100 gift cards will the exchange be a 1x$500 e-gift card at the retailer? Eg sephora. Sephora has stated only one gift card can be redeemed online.

    • If you have the Visa version of the Ultimate gift card and you go to the exchange portal, you will only be given the option to exchange one Ultimate gift card at a time. For example, if you purchase 5x $100 Ultimate Beauty & Spa gift cards, you'll only be able to exchange for 5x $100 Sephora gift cards.

      If you want to combine 5x $100 Sephora gift cards into 1x $500 Sephora gift card, you will need to reach out to Sephora to see whether they will let you do that, as that is something Ultimate gift cards cannot do for you.

      If you go in-store to Sephora (assuming you're fortunate enough to live near one), you may be able to purchase 1x $500 Sephora gift card by using 5x $100 Ultimate gift cards. It will depend on whether Sephora's stores will let you use multiple cards to pay for goods in-store.

      I also wonder if you could exchange 1x $100 Ultimate gift card for 1x $100 Sephora gift card, then go to the Sephora website and purchase 1x $200 Sephora gift card using 1x $100 Sephora gift card and 1x $100 Ultimate gift card…

  • Purchased a bunch of $30 Ultimate Teen gift cards as they were the only ones left for a JB discount and are also included in the 15% discount.

    They look to be a different design with the card hanging out the outside compared to the Ultimate Kids which has the card hidden inside the packaging.

    Hopefully JB will be fine with someone using 20 $30 cards at once. Would have liked a higher denomination but it was the only thing left.

  • My closest Coles only had the eftpos $100
    and the $50 visa style.

    Used some at JB yesterday- was nice to get extra discount on top of already discounted items :)

  • Thanks OP, managed to find 5 after going to the further Coles. You’ve helped sort out savings for my sibling’s graduation present!

  • Don’t do what I did and buy the wrong card. The $100 home gift card with ‘home’ on the bottom is not on special. Even though it’s the exact same thing.
    Coles refusing to refund too. My fault for not checking the transaction.

    • TCN?

    • How did you not notice that you were charged full amount? So many people have been caught out by this.

      • 2 loud kids in the trolley and the fact I bought other items as well. I should have noticed still.
        If you get the right person coles can actually refund it. Just a matter of getting that right person.

        • Don't think these gc can be refunded unfortunately

          • +1

            @samehada: Coles refunded $200 worth for me. I was happy enough to own my mistake if they said no.
            Saying that it’s the same gift card. Just the picture on it is different?
            In my opinion it’s false advertising to have two identical products with only packaging being slightly different and having one on sale.

  • Hi guys, I was able to grab some cards at Coles Wetherill park Stocklands NSW. And there were heaps of it left. Hope this will help someone here!

  • Had to visit 4 stores to get $700 worth of cards for new Ipad for the little one. Could only find $50 versions.

    Oddly, when i went to purchase the girl putting them through didnt even need to use the pin. She just selected credit and ok and didnt need to input the pin. Maybe because they were under $100? Who knows. Glad i didnt bother trying to buy 5k worth for a new tv on the last round? Would have been impossible to find $100 denominations.

  • +2

    Was at Westfield Doncaster (VIC) earlier tonight. Surprisingly, had stock of all denominations and types including $100 Home.

  • Anyone else having trouble adding their ultimate gc to Apple Pay? I keep getting the Could Not Add Card message.

    • Two questions:

      • Does the card number start with 457824 or 502125?
      • Are you using 12/29 as the card expiry date?
      • Yea all 4 start with 457824, and I did put 12/29. I don't have an iPhone so was trying on my iPad, and it's updated to the latest OS.

      • I’m having the same issue too!
        My one starts with 457824 and I used 12/29 as expiry. It asked for the name so I’m presuming that’d be incorrect

        • Interesting. Mine works, I just add "Ultimate GC 1/2/3….." for the name and it works (even my own name works). 12/29 expiry

    • About 8 hours ago I tried adding $100 HOME ultimate to Apple Pay, first one works wonders (I put HOME as Name, 12/29 as expiry, and the corresponding CVV).
      When I tried to add second card, it was never successful whichever NAME I used, considering that looks to be the only variant not specified by the card itself. I put the same expiry 12/29 too.
      So in the end I gave up and removed the successful card altogether… and used it to buy JB GC in-store by manually swiping at their EFT machines…

      My phone is iPhone 12 Mini with iOS14

    • Same issue, first card added successfully the other day.

      Tried 2 more today, neither worked.

    • Yeah I tried adding 3 and none of them worked

    • I've not been able to add cards this afternoon.

  • Just a warning for anyone buying these cards. Make sure cards and receipt matches. Purchased 5 $100 ones but 1 of them didn't work. I had to call the card company and they told me it wasn't activated and asked me have it reactivated at Coles. Found out that last 3 digits of the card should be reflecting on the receipt. One of them didn't match. Totally different numbers. I was told that there's no way they shouldn't match if purchased right. I got a feeling that the staff who served me switched my activated one to an unpaid one. Could be wrong though. Coles said they'll investigate.

    • +1

      I heard people bought multiple Apple GCs in the past months suffered the same problem, highly likely one of those cards being switched.

      • I actually rang the manager and told him what happened and it almost felt like he knew it's been ongoing. Told him that if he can't help me then I'll escalate. He paused for a bit then told me that customer care can help

    • Same thing Happened with me as well. Tried to buy 2*100 home cards, i was told that one was not scanning, went to shelf and exchange with other one. Got 2 cards and came back in the car. As i had feeling that something was not right. I matched last 3 digits of the card and receipt but one of them didn’t match. I rush to shop immediately and got same card(shop assistant told me the one not scanned) which i put separately in the shelf. Thank god, nobody took that scanned card as it took me altogether 10-15 minutes.

  • -2

    Are there any $100 of these cards or are they all $50?
    Can you change them online to use @ JB? so you dont have to give them a heap of these over the counter?

    • +2

      Are there any $100 of these cards or are they all $50?

      Ultimate gift cards are sold in $30, $50 or $100 denominations at Coles, but not all gift cards are sold in those denominations. I vaguely remember seeing the following Ultimate gift cards sold in $50 and $100 denominations at Coles:

      • Her
      • Him
      • Style
      • Home
      • Beauty & Spa

      The Teens and Kids gift cards (which can also be redeemed at JB Hi-Fi) are not sold in $100 denominations.

      Can you change them online to use @ JB?

      Officially speaking, no. JB Hi-Fi head office issued a directive late last year to all staff to stop customers from using TCN or Ultimate gift cards to purchase JB Hi-Fi gift cards. I’m not sure why they care, but they care. Maybe they have concerns about money laundering or fraud or something? I’m not sure…

      Anyway, some OzBargainers had success purchasing digital or physical JB Hi-Fi gift cards through the JB Hi-Fi website by inputting the card details directly in the checkout or through Apple Pay, and others had their orders cancelled, so YMMV. Of course, that assumes you have the Visa version of the Ultimate gift cards. If you have the older EFTPOS version of the Ultimate gift cards, no online purchases are possible.

      so you dont have to give them a heap of these over the counter?

      What’s the issue with doing that? Staff will most likely not care about you walking into a store with a fat stack of gift cards, as long as you go during a quieter time, you remove all the gift cards from the packaging and you scratch to reveal all PINs. I mean, someone recently redeemed 81 TCN/Ultimate gift cards at JB Hi-Fi and the staff were fine with it.

  • The Ultimate card exchange page is only showing 3 retailers when I enter the card details, and none of which are JB.
    I was able to purchase JB gift cards on the JB site using my two $100 cards but the transactions for my two $50 cards got cancelled.

    What a headache.

    Not sure how to resolve this as I want to make my pixel 6 purchase using PayPal for the balance.

    • Do you have access to Apple Pay? If so, you may be able to get away with purchasing JB Hi-Fi gift cards using Apple Pay, as these Ultimate gift cards can be added to Apple Pay (assuming you don't fact any issues some other people seem to be facing at the moment).

      If not, the only two other options are:

      • Keep trying purchasing physical or digital gift cards from the JB Hi-Fi website on another day and hope JB Hi-Fi don't cancel your order, or

      • Travel over to the nearest JB Hi-Fi store to purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card (which kinda defeats the point of trying to buy the Pixel online in the first place).

      Keep in mind that JB Hi-Fi officially do not allow the purchase of JB Hi-Fi gift cards using Ultimate or TCN gift cards, so don't expect too much help from JB Hi-Fi themselves.

      • +1

        No Apple pay here unfortunately.
        I'm about to head in store and see what they can do.

      • +1

        They couldn't help with the Ultimates as expected so ended up paying over the counter so I could use them up.

    • What happened when they cancel your order? Does the money go back to the Ultimate card?

      • +1

        They were never deducted from my experience. I can convert them slowly for the convinience of paying online.

        • Ok great. Cheers. I just ordered a few physical ones so hopefully they don't get cancelled. They're all showing as despatched

  • None left at Coles World Square, Sydney CBD

  • Seems a bit less crazy to find than the previous TCN ones right at Black Friday period?

    Didn't get enough savings at all last time looking for them.

    Edit, there's Visa and eftpos versions from the same brand?

    • Seems a bit less crazy to find than the previous TCN ones right at Black Friday period?

      I tend to agree, because a lot of people think the Teens gift card is not eligible for this promotion, even though it is!

      There's Visa and eftpos versions from the same brand?


      The card on the left is the EFTPOS version. It is being phased out, but some Coles supermarkets still stock them. They have a relatively small number of participating retailers, as these gift cards can only be redeemed in-store.

      The card on the right is the Visa version. The Visa gift cards are the newer gift cards, and they have a lot more participating retailers.

  • not able add to apple pay …..

    • can’t add to Apple Pay anymore :(

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