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15% off Ultimate Home, Kids, Thanks, Eats, Beauty & Spa Gift Cards @ Coles


From the upcoming Coles catalogue sale starting Wednesday December 8.

Limit of 5 gift cards per customer.

Full credit to Wookiemonster for the list of retailers -

Gift Card Participating Retailers (Visa) (Last Updated 25 Oct)
Kids Cotton On Kids, Dymocks, H&M, Holey Moley Golf Club, JB Hi-Fi, Kingpin, Rebel, Smiggle, Strike, Timezone, Toyworld, Xbox, Zone Bowling
Home Amart Furniture, Baccarat, Barbeques Galore, Dusk, House, House Bed & Bath, JB Hi-Fi, MyHouse, Pet Circle, Pet House, Robin's Kitchen, Star Car Wash, The Good Guys, The Iconic
Eats Ben & Jerry's, Boost, Chatime, Deliveroo, Grill'd, Hogs, Mad Mex, Menulog, Nando's, Ribs & Burgers, San Churro, Schnitz, Sushi Hub
Thanks Adrenaline, Angus & Coote, Edible Blooms, Goldmark, House, Luxury Escapes, Menulog, Michael Hill, MyHouse, Prouds, Redballoon, T2, The Body Shop, The Iconic, UGG, Webjet
Beauty & Spa Dusk, Ella Baché, MAC, Michael Hill, Sephora, The Body Shop, The Iconic

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Ultimate Gift Cards
Ultimate Gift Cards

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    • Yes I bought Telstra recharge voucher from JB before.

  • Does anyone know if it's Coles Express or Coles only?

    • Coles Express is listed as an exclusion for this gift card deal (and pretty much any other gift card deal advertised in the Coles weekly catalogues).

      You could always try your luck, but my guess is that Ultimate gift cards are currently not discounted at Coles Express.

  • How do the Eats cards work for services like Menulog? I saw 2 cards today but one said use in store only and the other did not say that but there was an instruction saying swipe card and enter credit..is this second one the one that can be used online?thanks!

    • must be the newer VISA ones which can be used online.

    • +4

      The second card you saw was the only type of Ultimate Eats gift card that can be used at Menulog.

      There are two versions of the Ultimate Eats gift cards:

      • EFTPOS: this can only be used for in-store purchases only. It is being phased out, but as you saw, it is still being sold at some Coles stores. Menulog is not a participating retailer for this type of Eats gift card.

      • Visa: this can be used at some participating retailers in-store and some participating retailers online (including through apps). Menulog is a participating retailer of this type of Eats gift card.

      In this photo, the card on the left is an EFTPOS Ultimate gift card, and the card on the right is a Visa Ultimate gift card. Hopefully, you’ll be able to tell from the packaging the difference between the EFTPOS and Ultimate gift cards, but if you need more clues, EFTPOS card numbers always start with 5 and Visa card numbers always start with 4.

      • +2

        Thanks for the detailed explanation plus pictures. I can better differentiate between Eftpos and Visa now :)

      • +1

        Thanks so much…i will go do a look see later today :-)

  • Went to a coles store near the the M unviersity in North sydney, whose cabinet is opened so i took a peek and saw $100 home gift card, took those to the counter and the lady say we dont have these card ( reason: becasue she managed those) and she took those away.At the end there is no home cards to buy in that coles.

    I dont mind they limit the number of card per customer to buy or number of card they are allowed to sale per day with proper notes in the advertisment or just show those card out AT YOUR LOCAL COLES CATALOGUE.. It is obviusly that store is becoming dick smith. Not sure is this a race problem some tribe are more tight arse than others or perhaps a coles employee can enlightment me the proceedure and condition for customers buying those

    • you should talk with the store manager, it is illegal

      • well she invite me to see the store manager and see the CCTV treating me like a theif !
        Anyway I declined since that is not the only coles store I am aiming and it was early I need to go to the other store to get the cards before it is too late.

        • That is so unfair! I did the same thing and I was able to buy the whole stack. Hope you had better luck somewhere else!

          • +2

            @massivedmg: it's so bizzare, you bringing them business but they treat you like a criminal, why does a cashier care so much is beyond me, you get paid your wage, and your employer gets paid the business, win win? Same as when you go to the bank to deposit money, they ask you a million question about where the money comes from, who gave it to you, blah blah, don't you want me to deposit money so you can lend it to other poor souls to connect your interest revenue?

  • Is this discount applies only for those 5 types that's pictured, or all of the Ultimate Gift Cards have the discount?

    • Limited to those 5 only

      • not true. its for all Ultimate cards I believe.

        • +1

          As anyone bought an Ultimate gift card that's not one of the 5 that's pictured and still got 15% off the gift card?

          • +1

            @Alinnia: Just bought the $50 student card x3 and it gets the same 15% discount. If you're not sure - just scan it at the self serve checkout and it'll show the discount on the screen before you pay.

      • Just bought out the Ultimate Students card and they’re got the discounts as well, so as shown in the catalogue it should covers all type of the Ultimate Gift Card for the discount.

  • Is there a limit when using diginal JB gift card to purchase in order? I heard that they used to limit 5 cards in one order but not sure if it is still applied?

  • I got 5 thanks OP

  • +1

    Bondi Junction completely out at both stores.

    Also saw some guy looking at the ad on his phone and absolutely stacking all the TCN cards. He about to get real disappointed.

    • Tell me about it! (watch this video) Unbelievable (but at the same time, believable)! Coles MQ Centre

      • Saw someone bought the TCN Home card XD

      • why are they buying the cinema card

        • so what she did was chuck everything into her basket, sort through each one to see if any were hidden and put it back in the shelf. After like half an hour or longer, she found none

      • Your laundry is ready

  • +1

    World Square have some at 11:30am via the Kiosk

  • Balgowlah NSW have plenty at 11:30 this morning.

  • +8

    Make sure you are checking all the card sections. I just found a stash hidden behind optus sim cards! Someone is going to be very disappointed 😂

    • +1

      well the lady seen here did that and honestly I couldn't stop laughing because she found none :)

  • Just swapped one card via JBs site for eGift card. Hopefully it turns up.

    • Did it?

      • Mine is getting rejected

      • Yup, mines turned up. Not sure if I want to try the 2nd card…

        • Tried 2nd card via their website, working fine too.

  • Coles southern river WA got quite a lot. I think this may applied to all ultimate cards. Can always ask the staff to scan it.

  • Can anyone confirm if I can just rock up to JB and use all these ultimate cards at the same time to get an iPhone? Or do I need to convert them to a JB card or something. There's alot of this conversion discussion here not sure what that's all about.. online purchases? Cheers

    • +1

      Should be fine instore. Some dude use 80+ cards, and it was fine.

    • +3

      i just did. bought Ip 13 pro max 256 using 20 gift cards. didn't say anything . to save time, you can scratch and be ready with pins.. it would save ton of time.

      • legend!

      • kyerrams, can you confirm if those 20 gift cards were the VISA ones?

        • Mine were older eftpos versions.

  • How does the exchange card system work? If I was to purchase 5x$50 cards, can I add them and combine them into 1x$250 to spend at online merchants?

  • Wonder if there's any left somewhere. I thought they were on sale at woolworths this week, lucky I double checked ozb first lol

  • I had a few issues when I tried to convert more than 2 cards at a time on the website to JB gift cards, as I had to buy a bunch of $50 cards as my stores were out of $100. When I got to the 3rd card, it showed as order confirmed, but then i got an email saying the order was cancelled as something had failed the rejection process. This is happening when purchasing gift cards using a credit card also, as I tried it with my amex too. The only way I found around it was to use a different email address at the checkout, so I used my wifes details and put the billing address as the house next door (it doesn't matter as it's delivered via email anyway) just to be safe, and it worked for another 2 cards. This would become pretty tedious though if you had a heap of cards, it was a pain just doing it for the 6 x $50 I had

    • you won't be able to buy anymore. JBHifi anti-fraud system kicks in even at 2nd purchase. Don't bother to do that, you can pay with many cards in store anyway.

      • I'm trying to buy an air con which can't be bought in store, luckily I got enough cards through before the verification thing blocked me so I can put my order through online.

        • +1

          You could purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card using Ultimate Visa gift cards in-store, but you’ll need to be mindful of the fact that most staff will stop you from doing that if they become aware of you doing that, as JB Hi-Fi’s head office issued a directive last year to all stores to stop customers from using TCN or Ultimate gift cards to pay for gift cards.

          That also assumes you have a JB Hi-Fi store near you!

        • Try going to the store and quote the product number.

  • Does anyone know if JB enforces a limit to gift card redemptions in store? It doesn't say anything on the website

    • +6

      Considering an OzBargainer redeemed 81 EFTPOS gift cards at JB Hi-Fi in the last couple of weeks, it is safe to say there is currently no limit.

      If you’re wanting to emulate what they did, you should at least remove all gift cards from their packaging and scratch all the PIN panels. You should also go to JB Hi-Fi at a relatively quiet time, as swiping a stack of TCN or Ultimate gift cards will take a lot of time and will effectively close off a checkout for a few minutes whilst you swipe gift cards (or tap your phone).

      My concern is if too many people walk into JB Hi-Fi stores during busy times with gift cards still in their packaging and PINs still hidden, head office will start enforcing a hard limit.

      • +1

        I only plan to use about 10. ill definitely go at a quiet time :)

  • Can we add these cards to our Google pay? And then use at a local Safeway?

    • Can we add these cards to our Google pay?

      Yes, but only if you get the Visa version of the Ultimate gift cards. If you scroll down to Add to Mobile Wallet, there will be instructions.

      There are older EFTPOS versions of Ultimate gift cards still being sold at some Coles supermarkets, and those cannot be added to Google Pay.

      And then use at a local Safeway?

      I would be extremely surprised if you could use it at Woolworths / Safeway / Purity / Roelf Vos, because Ultimate gift cards can only be redeemed at the participating retailers listed on the Ultimate gift cards website.

      • Ooh, then what is the benefit adding them to the Google pay?

        • The ones I can think of are:

          • You no longer have to carry the physical gift card with you if you want to redeem it at participating retailers accepting Google Pay. That’s particularly handy if you’re at a JB Hi-Fi store and you discreetly want to redeem one of these gift cards for a JB Hi-Fi gift card, an Apple gift card, etc.

          • It will also cut down the amount of time you spend at the checkout, as you only need to tap the phone once to pay, rather than swiping the gift card and selecting Credit and entering the PIN. This is particularly useful if you have ten gift cards you want to redeem in one transaction.

          • You can use the gift card online at participating retailers accepting Ultimate gift cards online and offering Google Pay as a payment method, which will save you from having to enter in the card details.

          I guess it depends on whether you see these as “benefits”, though.

      • Do they stack together?

        • What do you mean?

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: Probably asking if the amounts add up on Google Pay so that it's one lump sum.
            I'm guessing these get added as individual cards, so you'd still have 10 cards, but it'd be digital and still faster to use?

            • +1

              @alcheron: Ahhh gotcha.

              If you have ten Ultimate Visa gift cards and added them all to Google Pay, it will show up as ten separate Ultimate Visa digital gift cards.

  • WA Harrisdale store had more than 20 of Home $100 GCs at 10am.

  • I managed to get 13x$100 HOME ones.

    • Good stuff. One transaction or 3

      • +1

        3 transactions.

  • local Officeworks here in SA rejected price match because they could not find the ad online. They did not accept the OzB picture above or the 7 News article about the sale. Useless store.

    • +1

      it’s literally on the coles catalogue that you can find online lol. can they not find that?

      • +1

        I think Officeworks staff are using any random excuse to not honour their Price Beat Guarantee on discounted gift card sales at Coles or Woolworths.

      • +1

        Seems they just use Google once and then say Nope if it's not first result.

        Opening the PDF for the catalogue is too much effort for them.

        • Bugger. Lazy ass people. Mine price beated no probs

          Doesn’t even take long to open a catalogue 🙄

          • @I Smell Pennies: It's like getting a $10 off voucher on your Uber eats. Which these days just means it pays for delivery and the service fee, bearly discounting the food.

            Still, would have been nice. 20% off is a significant voucher.

            • @dbmitch: That’s right. I don’t use Uber Eats much, but other vendors like Chatime, etc would be worth it

  • So I managed to grab 5 Home x $100 in VIC.
    Used 4 in-store today.. still have 1 left.
    I'm a tad confused on how to use it online on the JB website.
    For an example I found a $99 item (with the 10% promo going) it drops down to $89 odd.
    I added it to cart, but wasn't sure how to make payment.
    Its not exactly a credit card, also doesn't have expiry - so I couldn't use it there as 'Credit Card'..
    I tried gift card, but the number on the card and PIN didn't work.
    So i went back and checked the Ultimate Home site (https://www.ultimategiftcards.com.au/card/home/) it suggests it can be used online, but also saw comments above suggesting it can't be exchanged to a JB gift card (not sure if this is what using online means).
    So you can or can't use them on JB's website? Bit confused here.

    • +1

      You should be able to use it on the JB Hi-Fi online store, excluding purchases of JB Hi-Fi gift cards. JB Hi-Fi sent a directive to all JB Hi-Fi stores late last year directing all staff to stop customers from purchasing JB Hi-Fi gift cards using TCN or Ultimate gift cards. OzBargainers were purchasing digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards using the Visa versions of Ultimate gift cards earlier today (on my encouragement lol), and JB Hi-Fi seems to have caught onto this and it looks like they're trying to shut down that avenue. However, JB Hi-Fi will let you buy pretty much anything else from their stores using these gift cards (even Apple gift cards), so you shouldn't worry about that.

      The Visa versions of the Ultimate gift cards are basically Visa cards that can be used at a limited number of participating retailers, so JB Hi-Fi and other participating retailers will treat them as regular debit/credit cards. As long as you use the card number and the CVV2 value on the card and the expiry date of 12/29 in the debit/credit card field at checkout, you should be able to use it on JB Hi-Fi's online store to purchase that $89 item.

      • +1

        Great I'll give it a shot! thanks

        • Just thinking… it sounds like only 1 gift card can be used as a credit payment source at a time on the website (ie - this Ultimate home card), sounds like I can’t buy say a $300 item with 3 of these cards?

          • @ezza: Correct, and that's why some OzBargainers were purchasing digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards using Ultimate Home gift cards earlier today. You can use as many JB Hi-Fi gift cards as you want in conjunction with one Ultimate gift card on the JB Hi-Fi online store.

            The other two potential workarounds are:

            • Add the Ultimate gift card to Apple Pay and use Apple Pay to purchase a digital JB Hi-Fi gift card on the JB Hi-Fi website. I actually have no idea whether that works, but it may not, considering JB Hi-Fi is trying very hard to stop people from directly inputting the details of the Ultimate gift cards into the checkout and ordering a JB Hi-Fi gift card that way.

            • Go to a JB Hi-Fi store and purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card using an Ultimate gift card. As I said before, staff have been directed to stop this, so you'll have to be discreet if you want to do this…

            • +1

              @WookieMonster: Sure thing
              You seem to know a lot about this!
              Might try the Apple Pay option worth a try!

              • +1

                @ezza: I've been absorbing a lot of intel from others on this site, plus I am happy to help out other users, so that's probably why you see me pop up so much on gift card deals!

                • +1

                  @WookieMonster: Confirmed this works.. I removed all my Apple Pay cards just to be sure it didn't use a different payment source.
                  I added one gift card, went through checkout and it came via email. then did it again and again.. they take around 15mins to deliver via email.
                  So for who want to use this work around it works!

                  • @ezza: … it's working for now lol

                    It could also be because JB Hi-Fi's fraud detection systems have not kicked in yet, since you probably haven't recently purchased a JB Hi-Fi gift card before. I think someone trying to purchase eight JB Hi-Fi gift cards in this morning using Apple Pay would quickly run into problems.

                    • +1

                      @WookieMonster: managed to get 3 through.. thats enough for me for now i suppose!

  • Does anyone know if the discount is valid on $50 HOME cards as well?

    • It might be on all Ultimate Card. I have not checked yet

      • The advertisement only shows $100 card for HOME

        • Hence, might. I should have grabbed one of Him and Her to scan to see if it is also 15% off

    • +2

      Yes, applies to $50 as well

    • +1

      Yes, bought one this morning

  • Why would you want to buy JB gift cards when these cards can be used at multiple jobs?

    • +1

      I came up with a few potential reasons earlier today.

      • -1

        Lets be honest here. 99% are going to use at jb or hardly normal.

        • I will use it to buy pet food:)

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