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15% off Ultimate Home, Kids, Thanks, Eats, Beauty & Spa Gift Cards @ Coles


From the upcoming Coles catalogue sale starting Wednesday December 8.

Limit of 5 gift cards per customer.

Full credit to Wookiemonster for the list of retailers -

Gift Card Participating Retailers (Visa) (Last Updated 25 Oct)
Kids Cotton On Kids, Dymocks, H&M, Holey Moley Golf Club, JB Hi-Fi, Kingpin, Rebel, Smiggle, Strike, Timezone, Toyworld, Xbox, Zone Bowling
Home Amart Furniture, Baccarat, Barbeques Galore, Dusk, House, House Bed & Bath, JB Hi-Fi, MyHouse, Pet Circle, Pet House, Robin's Kitchen, Star Car Wash, The Good Guys, The Iconic
Eats Ben & Jerry's, Boost, Chatime, Deliveroo, Grill'd, Hogs, Mad Mex, Menulog, Nando's, Ribs & Burgers, San Churro, Schnitz, Sushi Hub
Thanks Adrenaline, Angus & Coote, Edible Blooms, Goldmark, House, Luxury Escapes, Menulog, Michael Hill, MyHouse, Prouds, Redballoon, T2, The Body Shop, The Iconic, UGG, Webjet
Beauty & Spa Dusk, Ella Baché, MAC, Michael Hill, Sephora, The Body Shop, The Iconic

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  • Kellyville village has restocked,

    Quite a lot of kids which include JB hifi

  • +1

    can i pay $500 using gift card at jb, and then the remaining $100 with my credit card? Couldn't find anymore cards :(

    • Yez

    • Better buy a gc from shopback or cashrewards instead of credit card

  • Can you use 20 x $50 gc at jbhifi at once ?

    • +1

      same question has been asked many times above, and seems like the answer is yes - you just need to go at a quieter time and scratch all pins off the card so staff arent doing their heads in trying to scratch your cards. Make life easier for them and they'll be happy to serve you :)

      • +4

        Exactly, agreed. I went today when there was only like 5 people in the store and staff was very nice and was glad to take my 24x $50 cards and use that to pay for the apple gift cards I bought. They asked if I scratched the pin on the card and I did. If people go at busier times Unprepared with pin not scratched and packaging not removed then they’ll be more likely to enforce a limit in future

        • Store I went (Vic Gardens) to decided to not allow gift cards for apple gift cards. They're a newer store so probably didn't read the policy right.

          • @alcheron: Go to another store and they will do it for you

            • @jayboi: Cheers, another store did it no questions asked. Guess it depends on the manager

    • +1

      I used 22 gift cards, except 4 all $30, and had no issues paying for my item @jb hi-fi today.
      There was nobody at the checkout, pins were scratched already and I was trying to be nice and saying I wanted to pay with gift cards.
      It all went smooth. Then it suddenly got busier, and even then she asked in a very calm way for assistance at checkout because she was "doing gift cards".
      I thanked the lady again when I left, all smiles.
      Paying was sorted in +-5 minutes.

  • Has anyone successfully used the Kids ones at JB HiFi online? The card packaging says they cannot be used online. (The Home ones do not say that - and I have successfully used them to buy JB gift cards online.)

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      If you have the Visa version of the Ultimate Kids, Teens or Home gift card, it can be used online at JB Hi-Fi.

      If you have the EFTPOS version of the Ultimate Kids, Teens or Home gift card, it cannot be used online at JB Hi-Fi.

      It sounds like you have the EFTPOS version of the Ultimate Kids gift card. Other indications are:

      • The card number starts with 502125.
      • There is no CVV2 value printed on the back of the card next to the PIN.
      • Logos of participating retailers is printed on the front of the gift card.

      If you want to use this gift card online at JB Hi-Fi, you must go into a JB Hi-Fi store and purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card using the Ultimate Kids (EFTPOS) gift card. However you cannot tell staff your payment method is an Ultimate gift card, otherwise they’ll refuse to sell you the JB Hi-Fi gift card.

      • +1

        Great. Thanks for the info. Pretty sure they are the visa version. My Coles had plenty of them but none of the Home. Will double check numbers before purchase.

        • Bugger. Bought the Kids version (4 x $50) at Coles and used those to buy 4 x $50 JB HiFi gift vouchers on their site. All orders were cancelled pretty much immediately after the order was confirmed. Late last night I converted 2 x $50 ultimate Home vouchers to JB gift cards. Then another 2 in the early hours of this morning. Had no issues with those. Bought 2 x the UE Ultimate Boom 2 in this post. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670264. So what to do now? Convert these ultimate cards to Google Pay and buy JB vouchers in store? Is it worth setting up a JB account for my wife and give it a go using the ultimate vouchers to buy JB vouchers there - or would that also likely be cancelled?

          • +1

            @belbo: All sorted. Just went in store (to pick up the 2x Ultimate Boom I bought online this morning) and asked if they could do the 10% coupon code on the Google Home Hub Max over the counter - and if I could pay with the gift cards - which they were happy to do. They wanted me to show them the code though - even though they knew it when they saw it. Great deals - thanks so much to the JB HiFi coupon code and the ultimate gift card OP's.

  • Has anybody successfully used the JB HiFi coupon codes in this post (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670150) more than once online - on the same logged in account? The conditions say they can only be used once each.

    • Yes, I've made multiple orders on the same account with the same code.

      • Cool. Thanks for confirming.

  • Cant find any gc at coles. Staff just said no more stocks, didn't even try to look.

    • Just keep checking. They have restocked my Coles

      • Thanks. I checked again today still nothing. It's ok. Just not meant to be.

    • Keep checking coles are restock them now.

  • +2

    Just wanna say thanks to WookieMonster, your comments have been so helpful, esp as someone who has never used these GCs before. Wasn't planning on using them instore but was able to use 4x100 at JB Hi Fi today (thought I would get issues trying to price match instore, but it worked out) and apologised to the lady when redeeming and she said, "oh this is nothing, we get customers coming in with literal stacks of GCs all the time". She didn't care, it was fine.

    Tried paying for the GC at the self serve with a coles GC but no dice haha. An alert came up and a staff member told me I had to use a different payment method. But it kinda looked like that alert could be overridden? I dunno, I don't work at coles. Was worth a shot lol.

    • +2

      Yeah props to WookieMonster. I got $2500 worth of these and bought apple gift cards with them at jbhifi to buy a 14 inch MacBook Pro from the AOC store. Staff had no issues at all as I went at quiet times

      • Did you just bring the Apple gift cards to the counter and told the staff you were paying with ultimate gift cards?

        Or did you save the ultimate gift cards to your Apple Pay and paid without telling the staff?

        I have 3 ultimate gift cards (visa types) and want to buy $300 worth of Apple gift cards from JB.

        • +2

          I just went up to the counter and the staff were fine with me paying with the cards.

    • +1

      No worries, I'm glad you were able to save a few dollars!

      thought I would get issues trying to price match instore

      JB Hi-Fi are usually pretty good at price matching competitors, as long as the item is in stock nearby at or available for delivery from an Australian retailer, it doesn't require any coupon codes or cashback offers or trade-ins, etc.

      Tried paying for the GC at the self serve with a coles GC but no dice haha.

      Yeah, that happens at some Coles supermarkets, but apparently not all Coles supermarkets. I doubt you would get a staff member to override that error message, because it is against the gift card's terms of use to use Coles gift cards to pay for any gift cards at Coles, so staff would likely be trained to refuse your request to use Coles gift cards as a payment method for gift cards. Even if you convinced a staff member to try and override that error message at a self-service checkout, I don't think it is possible for the staff member to actually override it.

      • +1

        Ah the price match was at way below cost price so that's why I was anticipating trouble in store. Trawled through some threads in the forums here saying JB can get picky about what they price match, unlike OW, who don't care.

        Good point about the Coles GC.

  • Just rang up JBHIFI to price match a Logitech G Pro X Gaming headset and the CS Rep said they would; but when I asked if I can pay it with a gift card, he said they will only accept an exclusive JBHIFI gift card not a multi-stores gift.

    • +1

      Did you call the general phone line or a specific store?
      If you called the general sales line then you can’t use it as these cards are for in store use only

      • I called the "Seen it cheaper?" number. And also, we went into their Chermside shopping centre store just a while ago and they won't price match it (but would probably accept the gift card as you've stated).

        So I guess you can only have one or the other, but not both.

        • +1

          Yea you can, don’t even mention paying with gift cards at first and just go to another store and they’d be more than happy to match. You only mention gift cards at checkout

  • Surprised there is still heaps of the $100 Home GCs at Westfield Doncaster

  • +3

    Around 100 X $100 home cards available in Mount Druitt

    Plenty at entrance and then rest at gift card section



    • Is it coles mount druitt nsw? Thanks

      • Correct

        This discount also works on Student card which is not listed in a catalogue.

  • Full stack of $100 home cards available at Coles Nepean village

    bought 2 scanned at $170 for 2

  • Thanks OP.

    Got 8 x $50 cards from Coles Kings Cross. Coles World Square were sold out.

    Grabbed the Moto Edge Fusion from JB Hifi for $399

    with 5% discount

    Total cost $340 and still have about $20 left on a gift card :)

  • +1

    There are plenty around checkout counter in Broadway Sydney. Not the gift card section, that's why people just haven't notice that.

    • Yes can confirm still plenty of 100 dollar home cards at broadway coles (nsw)

  • +1

    Seriously considering stock up for a Boxing Day splurge.

  • Plenty of $50 and $100 home cards available at Coles Aurora Village (Epping, VIC)

  • Wait another batch of gift cards?! Why do I keep missing the damn alerts?
    My local will be raided for sure

  • Mu partner and I just got a switch OLED for $454 using this Deal. Thanks ozbargain!

  • +1

    The Teens Gifts card are also on sale for 15% off at Coles

  • What’s the limit on the home version at The good guys on one item?

    • Someone recently used 20x TCN HOME gift cards at TGG to purchase a TGG gift card, so the limit for the number of TCN/Ultimate gift cards you can use in transaction is at least 20 (and it is actually probably unlimited, just like JB Hi-Fi).

  • Just witnessed a lady purchase $5000 worth by splitting into multiple transactions. All $100 cards too

  • I had 4 different Coles along the way to The Good Guys. Stopped at each for 5*$50 Home GC.

    Took a while to process at checkout, but now I am proud owner of a 3.5kW AC for just a little over $800. Thanks OP!

    I know, installation will be ~$600 back-to-back. Nothing much I can do about that, I fear. Unless I can convince the guy to re-use an existing circuit and knock $100 off the quoted price. Doubt he'll go for it.

  • How exactly does this work for JBHIFI? I bought the new visa Home gift cards, https://exchangeyourcard.com.au/Choose only shows Iconic, BBQ Galore, and Dusk??

    I also tried directly using it on JBHIFI's website, but neither the "Card:" nor the "PCN:" are exactly 18 digits, which the website wants.

    • +4

      You cannot exchange any Ultimate gift cards for digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards through the Ultimate exchange portal anymore. It was possible to do that around three weeks ago, but it looks like JB Hi-Fi left the gift card exchange program in anticipation of this deal…

      You have four options:

      • If the cost of the order you want to place on the JB Hi-Fi website is equal to or less than the available balance on one Ultimate gift card, you can simply input the details of the Ultimate gift card (i.e. card number, CVV2, the expiry date of 12/29) at the online checkout.

      • Purchase digital or physical JB Hi-Fi gift cards on the JB Hi-Fi website by using the details of the Ultimate gift card at the online checkout. However, I cannot tell you whether or not this will work for you, as JB Hi-Fi has been cancelling some online gift card orders paid for using Ultimate gift cards. JB Hi-Fi head office issued a directive to all stores late last year to stop customers from using TCN or Ultimate gift cards to pay for JB Hi-Fi gift cards, so it is unsurprising JB Hi-Fi may cancel any gift card orders you place on the JB Hi-Fi website paid for with Ultimate gift cards.

      • Add Ultimate gift cards to Apple Pay and then use Apple Pay to purchase digital or physical JB Hi-Fi gift cards. I haven’t heard any reports of gift card orders paid for using Apple Pay being cancelled, but there’s a chance JB Hi-Fi will catch wind of this and try to cancel gift card orders paid for using Apple Pay (or even remove Apple Pay as a payment option for gift cards on their website).

      • Use the Ultimate gift card in-store at JB Hi-Fi (assuming you live near a JB Hi-Fi store). You can use as many Ultimate gift cards as you want to pay for items at JB Hi-Fi1, but if you’re going to be using more than a couple of Ultimate gift cards in one transaction, my suggestion is that you remove all cards from their packaging and scratch the panel on the back of the gift card to reveal PINs before you go to the store. Processing more than a couple of Ultimate (or TCN) gift cards will take time and will effectively close down one checkout for a few minutes, so do the staff a favour and go to the store prepared. My concern is that if too many OzBarginers go to JB Hi-Fi with fistfuls of TCN or Ultimate gift cards that haven’t been “prepared”, staff will complain to head office and JB Hi-Fi will start imposing limits again, or staff may simply refuse to serve such customers.

      1. The only exception to this is the purchase of JB Hi-Fi gift cards, as nearly all staff will stop you if they notice you are using a TCN or Ultimate gift card to pay for a JB Hi-Fi gift card. If you want to purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card in store using your Ultimate gift cards, you’ll need to be discreet. I think it would help if you added the Ultimate gift cards to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay first, as it means that staff are less suspect of you than if you swiped a card on the EFTPOS terminal. I mean, how often do you see someone swipe a card on an EFTPOS terminal these days? 

      • Thanks for your help once again. So buying a gift card and choosing e-mail delivery on JBHIFI website is not an instant, automated thing?

        • +1

          It usually isn’t instant. I think it can take up to three hours for a gift card to be delivered, but it seems to around 20-30 minutes before your card is actually charged and the gift card is sent to you.

          • @WookieMonster: do you know if this ~3hrs still holds on weekends (esp at nights like now)?

            • +1

              @xrailgun: It works 24/7, but even if you place an order now (after operating hours), you’ll need to wait a few minutes before you receive the gift card.

              The fact that some orders are being cancelled hints at the following:

              • Someone (or some people) at JB Hi-Fi are manually reviewing some gift card orders on their website and are cancelling orders paid for with Ultimate gift cards, and/or

              • Some people are ordering multiple gift cards using different cards in a short period of time to the same email address or billing address, which means they are highly likely to trip JB Hi-Fi’s fraud detection system.

              If you only order one or two or three JB Hi-Fi gift cards now or within the next couple of hours, you’ll likely be fine, but I don’t work at JB Hi-Fi (and never have), so I don’t know how their setup actually works.

              • +1

                @WookieMonster: Thanks. Probably too late for me to convert for the 5% off deal, might just accumulate more 15% GCs and go in-store.

      • -1

        When I paid with my GCs at TGG I walked in with freshly bought GCs still in their paper wrapping. And still, the slowest was the EFTPOS machine authenticating each. Between me and the lady at checkout we had them all unwrapped and scratched by the time the first 4 or 5 were processed. It felt long, but I doubt it took longer than 5 minutes all up.

        • Yeah good point, I used two Ultimate Home gift cards about a month ago at TGG and I swear I could have “prepared” five or six gift cards whilst I was waiting for their stupid EFTPOS machine to process payments. I think the Ingenico EFTPOS machines at JB Hi-Fi are quite a bit faster than the ones at TGG, which is why I think you’d have less of an opportunity to “prepare” cards when you’re at JB Hi-Fi.

  • Does anyone know how to use a portion on the Ultimate Eats gift card through say Deliveroo or Menulog?
    Ie - I purchased a $50 gift card, ordered $31 odd of food using Deliveroo - at checkout for the order I used it as a card payment, now I have $19 odd remaining, on my next order I can't select split payment and only use $19 of the gift card and pay the remaining on another card. It just declines as the next order is over $19 for example.
    Found a number on the Ultimate Eats website, the person also didn't know the answer.
    Is there a way to load the value on instead as a credit?

    • Split payments is rarely (if ever) possible for online or in-app purchases.

      Can you go to the exchange portal and get a $19 Deliveroo gift card? If you can do that, the next question is whether you can use multiple gift cards to pay for something on Deliveroo (and I don’t know the answer!).

      • +1

        Looks like i should have done this before using it.
        When go through the above, it states 'you have xxx remaining unfortunately we don't have any partners to redeem with', then behind it has a logo of Deliveroo and Menulog…
        Seems like I'll just hold the value and it in store at Nandos, or Boost or something.
        Silly though - they should have this printed on them somewhere explain to exchange the whole value at once.

        • yeah i had this problem with doordash $100 gift card

          I thought I could use it up on more than 1 account or split it up.

          used it once… account got banned then had to get them to unban it to use the remaining $90.

          once its added to an account you cannot use half of it somewhere else or diffferent account.

          • @AussieMark: So annoying! I'll know for next time I suppose!

            • @ezza: Too many bloody gotchas with these cards. Good to know some of them now and be forewarned for future gift card purchases. Was going to buy a few more than needed for immediate purchases but hardly seems worth it especially given most T&C"s can change at any time - including which stores are participating!

              • @belbo: Best to burn what you have now..

  • Anyone know whereabouts in Adelaide there is stock of the home gift card. Been to unley and kurralta Park and no luck

    • Coles @ Westfield Marion had lots on Friday.

  • Unwrap them and scratch the pin before you go instore!

    Holy cow!

  • +2

    Still lots available in Coles Wentworth point

  • What is the highest denomination for the UGC Students?

    • +1

      The highest denomination sold by Coles is $50

  • Went to Brisbane CBD store and no variant of GC in sight at all.

  • +7

    Thanks WookieMonster and everyone for your tips and tricks on these Ultimate GCs. First time buying the Ultimate GCs so I was slightly nervous but I got there in the end! One Coles member didn't like that I wanted to purchase more than five in two transactions at the self serve check out. They tried to stop me from buying them completely. I told them that I was allowed to buy five and they reluctantly let me buy them. I left the store and went back in and purchased another five and paid for them at the register. It's a much easier process to do it via register than self serve. The self serve check out gives a prompt as soon as it scan the second or third card for the attendant to come. With the exception of this attendant on my first buy, the other Coles members were happy for me to purchase them.

    With regards to using the Ultimate GCs at JB Hifi, I followed the tips here and the JB Hifi staff were grateful that all the GCs were peel off, sorted and PINs were ready to go. The staff member shared with me that it helps if you go at a quieter time so avoid lunch time, after school, before close and Sundays! They also shared that they had one customer who bought a $3K TV with just $30 GCs so it's business as usual for them. Oh, expect a super long receipt if you're using multiple cards! Thanks again everyone!

  • Is there a limit on how many TCN cards can be added to Apple Wallet?

    I was only able to add 4 cards with expired 12/29 as instructed. Tried the following day and no luck.

    • Could be max five? I know Amex is max five on GPay

      • Got it, thanks. I had the following message after adding 4 TCN cards around 1 pm yesterday:

        "Your Issuer Does Not Yet Offer Support for This Card
        Learn more about currently supported cards or ask your issuer if they offer cards that support Apple Pay."

        I tried again this morning and I was getting the same msg.

        I am able to add 5 TCN cards at around 1:30pm today. After that, I got the above-mentioned message. Guess I will try to add again after 24hrs.

        • did you manage to add more cards by any chance? Trying to do the same thing now.

          • @geshc: Yes, able to add 5 cards per day before it shows the message

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