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Samsung Smart Monitor M7 UHD 32" $349 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bing Lee


The price just keeps falling from its $699 RRP. $48 cheaper than the last deal. It's basically a 4K monitor with USB-C and smart TV features built in (except no tuner).

I successfully price matched at Officeworks WA for $350.55 (had to include the $20 delivery fee). If you're in a location with Bing Lee, you should be able to price match for $331.55. OW shows online only, and no stock in store, but if you see a 2 hour click and collect option at your local store, it means they have stock.

Also available via Bing Lee on Catch. I'm not sure if it qualifies for free shipping with Catch Club, or cashback offers.

Model: LS32AM700UEXXY

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  • Does anyone know if this would be a downgrade from a dell 27" IPS?
    I find I need to upscale constantly on the dell, so the size might help.
    however this is VA panel rather than IPS

    • I think it would be a downgrade. I have the dell 2721QS and its brightness is 350nits vs 250nits for this one.

    • Definitely a downgrade. If you weren’t coming from the Dell, I’d say you’d think the Samsung is decent. But you’ll notice the poor colour and lack of brightness on the Samsung which are its downfalls

  • +1

    I have had this monitor for over 3 months and it's a awesome monitor definitely would recommend. the full size remote is a plus and the built in speakers are awesome for its size

    • Hey mate, have you used it as a wireless screen for a Pc?

      • no I haven't does it work with windows 10? atm it's my main display plugged in via cable

        • Seems like it. Linus Tech Tips has a section where they remote to a PC:


          They say it responsive, I was wondering if you could use that as wireless monitor for web browsing.

          • @Nalar: I couldn't get mine to work properly

    • Could this power a GoogleTV via USB-C? Or am I totally misunderstanding how USB-C works on this monitor?

      • AFAIK Google TV uses HDMI to output video, usb-C is used to power it.

      • +1

        just plugged in my Google tv into hdmi 1 and used my phones usb c to usb c cable and yes it does power on the Google tv . the remote from the monitor works with its navigation too

        • +1

          Thank you! That's a game changer for me. Will pick up one from OW most likely.

          Cheers mate

  • -2

    Same price at Catch.

    • Read who it's sold by on Catch

  • +1

    nice price! why do I want it, I have enough monitors! :)

    https://youtu.be/0kBwWa_Tf-A - this guy said it died within 2 hours of testing

    https://www.binglee.com.au/products/samsung-ls32am700uexxy-3... - also no support on Macs

    OK maybe I don't anymore!

    • +2

      Am using one of these monitors right now via USB C cable to a 14" M1 Pro with Monterey OS, getting 4K @ 60Hz and charging at 65W (or 60W, can't remember). It definitely works. Great value.

      • +1

        Some reviews say that this is limited to 4K30fps via USB-c and also that the USB ports are not uplinked via USB-c, I'm confused as commenters here say 4K60 , so wanted to confirm if what the reviews say is true

        • +1

          I believe USB-C on it does 4K60, and does send through USB ports. In fact, you can connect a keyboard and mouse to the monitor via Bluetooth, and it will link them to the laptop on USB-C too.

          • +1

            @puffinfresh: Thank you, then it is a good buy

          • @puffinfresh: That "in fact" part is not actually factual. Bluetooth input devices are not transferred through to my mac. I can't try with a Windows PC for another month, but I assume it'll be the same.

            It is 4K60 and 2 USB ports are passed through, but the one marked "service" is not.

    • +1

      I suspect the Mac guy in the review used the wrong type of cable. I connected my 2016 MacBook Pro to it with no issues using a USB 3.1 Gen 2 data/video/power cable.

  • +2

    'CUPONATION30' for $30 off $400+ spend.

  • Thanks for the post. I don't live anywhere near a Bing Lee, but when PB'ing with OW, they didn't include delivery charges so I got it for $331.55, with local pickup. Will then return it with the receipt for the one I purchased last week at $397 :)

    • +1

      Be aware that Officeworks put serial numbers on their receipts

      • I can't see a serial number on either of my two tax invoices from online orders

        • +1

          Nice. Online must be different to instore.

    • Have you been successful in returning it back to officeworks? I'm low key stressing out lol, there's a massive courier sticker on the same side as the serial number sticker (and it said TO: JB HI FI with the address) and whilst I've successfully ripped off 80% of it cleanly, the part over the sticky tape is looking like shit :(

      • Yes I did, no drama, but I did purchase it at OW originally for $397. Had already set that one up, so the second one I bought from OW with PB for $331, I left boxed up and then returned with the receipt for $397. No harm done, no serial number mismatch, nothing dodgy. All above board.

        Where does JB Hifi come into it?

        • +1

          I too was able to return to OW with no dramas, originally paid $397 as well and that was already used when this deal at Bing Lee came along. Price matched at JB instore, used ultimate cards for extra 15% off plus 5% off coupon as described in this thread. Went home and spent 10 mins peeling off the courier sticker with a spoon, tweezers and de-solv-it. Looked as good as new with no stickies over the handles! Worth the effort for $115 back in my pocket.

          • @ippy: OK, I see. Well done, and yes worth the $115.

  • I have 4 3221qs. should i swap for these?

  • Could you run a PS5 on this? Have no idea on monitors but son has been saving for one to plug laptop in and ideally ps5 also

    • It has HDMI, so a PS5 will work fine.

      • Great, thanks. Grabbed one at jb price matched and 5% off through smart spending app 👌

  • How are the smart TV features on these? Worth getting as a small bedroom TV?

    Or should I just get a TV? Not many TVs that are 4K at this size/price.

    • If you have used Samsung TV before, it is exactly the same OS, it's pretty decent with heaps of Apps available. Only missing with this it the TV tuner if that's important to you, but samsung has built-in Samsung plus IP channels and you can also download the individual apps from 9,7,10 etc. if you want to watch live tv. Remote also comes with voice command so you can use Google Assistant or Alexa if you want.

  • Harvey Norman and JB Hifi refused to price match via online chat stating below their cost price. Rang local jbhifi and they happily matched it.

    • As if you even bother with JB HiFi or Harvey Norman

      • +1

        I bother because I can get a further 5% off gift cards

    • HN refused their price guarantee for me when it was $397 at Officeworks, but they did let me return the one I bought. The T&Cs for the price guarantee do say they can refuse if it is significantly below their price. They also complained that OW said online only and didn't display store stock.

      Good Guys refused to pricematch at $397 either. In store they said they can only go off what their system said, and it reported that Officeworks had it for $497 (as did Google). On the phone they said the lowest they could do was $450; any lower was less than cost. A few days later the Google listed price for OW corrected to $397, and obviously now shows the lower Bing Lee price, but I haven't tried asking GG to price match again. The reason I was after it was because Westpac have a credit card offer of $50 off a $300 spend at Good Guys.

  • +1

    Also got one from Officeworks at ~$331. Seems like a pretty good deal, who needs a tv with this?

  • +6

    I just got this from JB with the 15% off gift cards @ Coles https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/669505?page=3#comment-1147... + 5% off computers coupon code https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670150…
    Worked out to around $279 (ish)

    Price match was over phone - as I know the store was going to give me trouble.
    I converted the Home gift cards into Apple Pay ones and bought $100 JB cards one at a time.

    • How does JB work with price matching plus using the coupon and gift card? Is it like Harvey Norman where they email a quote with the reduced price and you click and collect or did you just go into the store, scan the 5% coupon code then paid remainder with GCs?

      • +1

        Just call the sales line, they will price match.. they will then send you a text to link out to and make payment.
        The add the gift cards (but can't be the Home Ultimate - they need to be converted to the JB ones through Apple Pay for example), add the coupon and bam its done!
        I did delivery as I knew the store would cause a fuss at this price.

        • +1

          OK thanks - I will try tomorrow!

        • +1

          For me, Home Ultimate Cards couldn't be added to my Apple Pay. no ideals what's wrong. I end up buying JB gift cards on JB website by using the Home Ultimate cards. stupid JB only allow me to buy one gift card per account and randomly cancel my orders when using other new accounts. not good experience with Home Ultimate cards. I bought this monitor around $300 (5% code automaticly inculded when I did the price match).

          Hope this helps when your guys using Home Ultimate cards

  • +1

    I was going to get an Apple TV + a monitor to screen share/mirror an Ipad.
    This has apple TV / Airplay2 built in and only $350, Amazing!

  • Price matched at office workes and got one for 329

    • Can you pls share officeworks receipts if you do not mind?. Can I use them at OW to price match. Thanks

  • 331.55 Pricematch at JB over chat.

    • Which chat function is this?

      Do you mind linking to it?

      • I ended up getting a price match over the phone, but they already applied the 5% voucher so it still came to $349. I got another ~$25 off from discounted gift cards and a Westpac offer. Now it's time to return my 3rd unopened monitor to Officeworks. I'll be sticking with number 4.

  • +1

    I got it for around $297 but I really dislike it. The contrast is really bad and the brightness is too low for daytime work. Viewing angles are terrible and I get strangely nauseous by looking at it. The monitor keeps on waking up when on stand-by, it flickers every now and then (tried a few different cables), most of the settings are greyed out. Wireless Dex has a terrible lag (interestingly, wireless Dex works well on my LG C1). I wanted to love it but the truth is, this panel is not even worth $297. It's going back to the store.

    • Wow, I didn't realize we had so many monitor enthusiasts here.

    • +2

      Contrast isn't great, but I find brightness even in daylight to be totally fine. There are some annoying quirks too, for sure, but I don't get any of the flickering and wake-up issues you mentioned.

      For $300 is there another 4K 32" monitor with USB C charging, inbuilt speakers, OS, and a 3 year warranty that competes with this?

      I'm curious to know, as I've been on the hunt and am pretty happy with this one. The Dell S3221QS is about the only one that comes to mind, and it doesn't have USB C.

      • I agree to certain extend. For the specs and the price it's an awesome package but is it? The reality is that it's a very cheap monitor with some smart features that are achievable on any monitor these days with Google TV, Amazon Fire TV etc. Maybe if I did not have it connected to my Surface Book I wouldn't be able to compare the quality of the panels on each device. I learned so far that in order to access all picture settings it is required to rename the HDMI input to something else other than PC or the default setting. Why Samsung, why?! Despite tweaking the settings, the picture quality is poor, viewing angles are genuinely bad. I am trying to convince myself that for the price paid I could just deal with it. Oh… the screen just turned off for about 5 sec as I was typing this message….

        • I take your point that you can add on devices to another cheap panel to emulate the Samsung package, but what would that look like? A Dell S3221QS (32" 4K VA) + Google TV + a USB C hub with 65W PD, for example. How much would that be worth? And is the Dell panel better? It's the only budget 32" 4K VA panel I can recall, but it would be good to know if any other budget 4K 32" panel would be better than the Samsung's picture quality, and with the additions, come in around the same price.

          I'm guessing probably not, but if it did exist, I'd consider returning the Samsung.

          • +1

            @lb2112: I'd like to see those two compared side by side.

          • @lb2112: I guess you buy a monitor for the panel. If the panel is c**p then all the other features become insignificant. Anyway, I returned mine. If your budget is limited to $300 then buy it, you may like it. If you can spend more then keep away from this device, this is a genuine advice.

            • @polstralian: Fair point. No one wants a crap panel. I think this is a good one, especially for the price regardless of the smart features.

    • for $297 that's a total steal, you're expectation is probably high. But for what you get, I believe it's a decent deal. It's hard to find a branded 4k 32" dumb monitor for less than $300, let alone a smart monitor (I believe this is the first in the market).

      • The smart features are pretty cool and are almost identical to any Samsung TV released in 2020 or 2021, however the interface is much slower than on a 'proper' TV. In saying that, I am almost certain that a year from now it will be nothing but a pain to navigate through it. Again, if your budget is around $300 then you can call it a total steal. If it only wasn't for the terrible contrast, poor brightness, colour banding, text artifacts (blue and red), very dark and dull and washed out colours/videos, standby issues, bad viewing angles.

        • -1

          It's possible your monitor is faulty. On mine, the contrast isn't great, brightness could be better (but no complaints), yes the OS features are a bit sluggish, but that's what you get for a budget VA panel. I don't have any of the other issues you mention.

  • +2

    For those interested in a USB C, I got this one delivered and seems to work fine by direct and via my dock. https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09C38FLLQ/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

    Under $7 and was delivered in less that 10 hours if you have prime :)

    • Less than 10 hours? That's gotta just be Sydney or Melbourne right?

      • Yep Melbourne

  • Can anyone who got this comment on if they got a USB-C cable with the monitor?

    Also, can you tilt the monitor?

    • No cable. You can tilt up and down, but there is no height adjustment or swivel.

  • Thanks. Bought it from JB hifi for 349. paid using amex and got $20 back.

  • Thanks for sharing. I can confirm the brightness & contrast isn't great for a monitor. However suits my dark location.

    Great deal for a UHD monitor with all the smarts. Native Netflix and smart apps handy when using office PC on other monitors.

    Officeworks wanted to add $20 shipping fee, so used the $30 voucher (Thanks @Ecstatic) with few other items.

  • Can anyone pls share officeworks receipts. Can I use them at OW to price match.Thanks

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