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Get a $20 Roll’d Voucher with Minimum $15 Donation to Blue Dragon Children's Foundation


This Christmas, send a gift of love to children in need, and enjoy a gift from us!

Make a donation of $15 or more to Blue Dragon and you'll receive a $20 voucher code to spend on your next Roll’d order.

Dragon Children’s Foundation provides exceptional care to Vietnamese children and families in crisis while creating long-term change for a better world. Your generosity and donation will go towards building homes for impoverished families in Vietnam.

Donate now to make a difference.

  • Minimum donation of $15 required. Donations must be processed through this page for you to receive your Roll'd voucher code. Donations must be made before 31/12/21. A $20 voucher code will be sent via email within 2 business days of your donation. Limited to one voucher code per person. Voucher code can only be redeemed via the Roll’d app. Available to use at participating Roll’d stores. Voucher code must be used in one transaction. Voucher code will expire 31/01/22.

Please note that this is not a tax deductible donation, as you will receive a gift in return.

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  • +4

    Thanks OP

    Well, that just sounds like ~25% off with extra steps.

    • +6

      No worries - and a good deed :)

  • +8

    Great charity, they’re doing amazing work in Vietnam - started by & mostly run by Aussies.

    Support them for $15 & get a $20 voucher? No brainer!

  • +3

    Is that minimum $15AUD or $15USD?

    • Would like to know this as well… defaults to USD after clicking link

    • from the website "This Christmas, send a gift of love to children in need, and enjoy a gift from Roll'd! Make a donation of $15 AUD or more to Blue Dragon and you'll receive a $20 AUD voucher code to spend on your next Roll’d order. This is a limited time offer!"

  • +7

    Great! Though roll'd is overpriced so this just makes it on par with other vietnamese places… and to be honest it's not as good as my local vietnamese place.

    • Any recommendations?

      • +11

        Local independent Viet restaurants

      • Depends, where do you live? Generally speaking any local Vietnamese place will be better but if you live in Melbourne I know a few amazing places…

        • Which restaurant would you recommend in Springvale? :)

          • +1

            @Craze: Hoa Tran Restaurant and Pho Hung Restaurant,
            Co Do 2, Pho Hung Vuong Saigon but mate every vietnamese restaurant has their own twist and take. Don't be afraid and try them all out. you might find one that you love the most in the end.

        • +1

          Would love to know your melb recommendations

  • +2

    Great cause and initiative but terrible food!

    • +5

      agreed! They give Vietnamese food a bad reputation

    • +1

      dang… not tax deductible either

  • Donating to a fantastic charity aside ….

    Wouldn't this mean if your tax bracket is > 25% , its not worth while?
    Eg. if you donated $20 to a charity , you'd receive a portion back as a tax deduction. And if that deduction amount back to you is >$5 , then you're better off just donating $20 for the tax deduction.

    • +7

      Only if you don't want the Roll'd voucher.

      If you donate $15 to Blue Dragon & get $3 back, the donation has "cost" you $12 & the charity has $15.
      If you donate $15 to BD via this link & get a $20 voucher, the donation has cost you $15, you have $20 worth of food & the charity has $15.

      Win-win charity option - Donate $15+, get the $20 voucher & give it to someone in need.

    • +1

      For a charity donation to be tax deductible you can't have received anything in return.

      I don't believe this could be claimed as a tax deduction…. With possibly hundreds or thousands of people taking part in this offer, and if a chunk try claiming on their tax return, I reckon this'll flag with the ATO quite easily.

  • Fantastic charity

  • +1

    Great initiative - thanks OP. Roll’d is yum as well.

  • The only thing I get from Roll's are the Vietnamese Iced Coffee so I guess I'll load up on that

  • +1

    Just got my $20 voucher via email.

    • Did you donate $15 AUD or USD?

      • $20 AUD

        I would assume the min is A$15, as Roll’d is an Australian thing anyway

        • Did your CC get charged 3% foreign transaction fee?

  • Great deal, thanks!

  • Does anyone know if your CC will be charged a 3% foreign transaction fee? the blue dragon is not an AU website so assuming payment processor is not local.

    • Yes you would be

      Any transaction processed OS (even in AUD) gets fees… switch to a bank that doesn’t charge them!

  • Darn, thought there was still one in Westfield Parramatta but looks like it’s closed so now I have a $20 voucher that I can’t use because they don’t deliver to my address and pick up would be too far for me. Oh well it’s for charity I guess

    • You can try selling it for $15 or less on the Classifieds section of the forum.

      • Thanks for that, have listed there now :)

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