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[PS5, XSX, XB1, PC] Battlefield 2042 PC $42.95, XB1 $39, PS5 $49, XSX $49.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Battlefield 2042 on sale across all platforms on Amazon AU

For PS4

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  • +21

    Wait until $5

    • +1

      For $15 I’ll give it a go.

    • +8

      Or wait until it's Free to play. Played Battlefield series for nearly 20 years. This is an abomination. Player base on PC is dropping soooo hard/fast.
      Reviewers must have played a different game coz anyone rating this above 5/10 is either paid off or has extremely low standards.

    • Agree!

    • I picked BF4 for $10 recently. I think it was a better buy.

  • Worth buying?

    • +2

      Not for $90.

      For $40-45? Probably.

    • +9

      Right now, still not particularly.

    • its growing on me, but still frustrating with several annoying bugs. Fortunately i got it for free via the WD Black redemption.

      It will get there, but it should have solved a lot of issues prior to launch. At $40 aint bad, but yeah - with player drop off you might get it even cheaper.

    • +2

      There's no campaign if you're into that. It's the only reason I play these FPS games, for those epic bombastic single player stories.

  • +2

    Most off-putting thing I've heard is the no scoreboard, seems like when I'm playing any other online shooter I'm checking the scoreboard every couple minutes to see the team ranks and comparing, apart from actually winning the match I put just as much pressure on trying to be top of team. Just seems like a really unnecessary removal.

    • Yeah. Can't even switch squads.

      Getting spawn killed multiple times. Crappy UI.

    • -2

      Too many fragile gamers these days.

      • +4

        Too many people are used to crappy games these days.
        The UI sucks

        • I played the beta and agree the UI is so bad i couldn't even work it out. I think they tried to hard to make it different in terms of gameplay but i was actually just hoping for something similar to BF3 / BF4

  • Shitooooooo!!!

  • +1

    I hear this game is shit and the game director was fired.

  • +3

    I think this will be free to play soon enough.

  • <$30 and ill potentially buy it

  • +1

    As a battlefield fan since 1942, and subscribed to EA's origin premium, I havent even bothered to install it. So $43 is still too much in my opinion. It really doesnt help that the original BF team isnt even there anymore. This isnt battlefield.

    • +1

      I've been a fan since 1943 lol

      • 80 years fan, wow

        • +1

          haha ………..

          I am not a fan of 2042, so I am not from future.

  • I bought this digital deluxe for $150 on preorder.. ended up playing Vanguard as I couldn't wait for BF2042 to release. With all the negative hype on release, I haven't even played it yet! I enjoyed the Beta, so I'll give it a shot, but Vanguard's pretty fun.

    • +3

      With all the negative feedback and reviews and you still didn't return it?

      • I got it digitally, so I didn't think I could return it???

        • I think even digitals you can return it. They will just removed it from your account.

  • +1

    not even worth $5

  • +1

    Just a heads up for any PC users, there's a free weekend coming up on Steam, I'd recommend waiting for that before spending your hard earned pesos on this abomination.

    • +2

      Sweet will be good to compare it to the beta and hopefully see how much it has improved

    • +6

      Free weekend for a game that came out a month ago?. Says a lot about the state of the game. Big YIKES!

  • fps is dropping to 45 most of the time, max 60.

    And i'm on ryzen 3 3600 + rtx 3080. not sure why it's so unoptimized

    • Cpu bottleneck?

      • Yeah true, but shouldn't drop to 45. Changing settings from ultra -> high also doesn't give me more fps. So something is defo wrong with the game

  • +1

    Stay strong, hold for $30 and under on PC.

  • +1

    I read it wrong :/
    $49 is too much for a game everyone says is shit 😂

  • +1

    Just bought it for $90 on steam yesterday as I've been a fan since the original. Surely can't be as bad as everyone is saying and it looks good in the videos I watch. Sure there are some bugs but these should be ironed out soon enough. Here's hoping I didn't just throw away money.

    • It's as bad as everyone is saying.

      BF4 is more enjoyable at the current time.

    • Why dont you try it for free during the weekend before deciding? It is FTP on Steam next 3 days.

    • for $90 on steam


      Surely can't be as bad as everyone is saying and it looks good in the videos I watch

      You can't base on video to tell, all game good on video.

  • If you've got gamepass for PC you can test it out for 10 hours for free.

  • Just received this email

    Spend your weekend on the battlefield
    Play free* now through December 21 – on PC only – during the Steam Free Weekend. Don't miss out, put boots on the ground in the next generation of all-out war this weekend!

  • Does any want a Nvidia geforce experience code for this? I accidentally bought a code that only works with a 3070 or above GPU

    • Are you giving this out for free?

      • Yep, here it is, hope you get it first, let me know if it works cNKNFaHNA9MRgWxpsJebTKkP

        • Thanks, it worked!

  • same price as target too

    price matching at EB :P

  • PC version has been further reduced to $34.99.

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