Saw It Cheaper after Make Purchase

I recently bought four pen holders from ebay for $7.09 each, after scouring the net for anything cheaper. At the time I thought I was using the spend $20 get $5 back Shopback offer, and within 2 minutes of making the order I realised I had already used that promo earlier in the day, so I requested the order be cancelled. Two days later the seller refused my cancellation request, because they had already shipped it 🙄 so I resigned myself and began the wait for shipping from China. Important to note is that I used ebay giftcards to pay.

Yesterday I went to my local and there was a little pop up stationary store. They were selling the same stationary holders for $3.50 each 🙃 it has really bummed me out. And since I paid with eBay gift cards, I can't ask my credit card provider or Paypal for buyer protection.

I am just so…. deflated about it I guess? I feel ripped off and it's not like I can justify the extra price by my use of the item because I am still waiting for them to arrive in the post. A part of me wants to buy them for $3.50 on principal, but I've already paid just under double that and I doubt anyone would buy them on marketplace for a price worth listing.

I guess I'm just posting because no-one in person with me really understands this feeling…. What should I do? Should I just let it go?


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    You'll live. Move on.

    • you are right!! i will just put it behind me ☺️

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    Honestly not that big of an issue, you ended up paying only a tad more than you could have.

    If it was in the hundreds/thousands, then it'll be a different story.

    • You're right, that would definitely suck way more!!

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    ehhh sure ShopBack would have found a way to weasel out of pay out

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    Shake it off mate… It was a total of $14 you missed out on, not so bad
    Just do reverse image search on the product next time

    The markup is due to ebay fees+shipping

    • You're right! I did search Ali but weirdly it was cheaper at Ebay. but I will live!

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    If it's any consolation, I price matched a UHD Blu-ray player at JB for $420. Drove to 2 different Coles to buy 15% GC. That got the price down to $357. Hell yeah! I parked in a 10 minute zone outside JB to go inside and pay. It took me 15 minutes, and came out to a $70 parking fine. All that driving around to Coles for sweet FA.

    • 🤣🤣 you poor thing!! that does make me feel better haha. sounds like something I would do as well 🤣

      • Haha, the rest of the day was shit! It took a day but I got over it :)

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    Not worth stressing over a few dollars.

  • Should post it here as a deal, there's tons of aliexpress junk being resold on Ozb these days.

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    There's a three step solution for next time this happens;
    1. Think to yourself or say quietly, "That's bullshit!"
    2. Take thirty seconds to work out what you could have done differently, if anything, and store that away in the old grey matter for later.
    3. Get on with your life.

    It works quite well.

    • You're right!! I will just move on ☺️

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    I can't ask my credit card provider or Paypal for buyer protection.

    What kind of protection would you be entitled to if you paid via those methods?

    Is not illegal to sell a plain mug for $1000M.

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      idek haha I was just so bummed, I was like what can I do! But everyone is right, it is not such a big deal and I will move on ☺️

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    What should you do? Make at least 10 more posts on various forums. And ideally online chat with eBay, seller, banks, PayPal for at least 2 hours each to help you overcome the injustice.

    • 🤣🤣 by that time I will have spent more in time than what I lost haha!! thanks for putting it in perspective ☺️

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    • 🤣 my husband said the same thing 🤣

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    Did you really need 4? 3 would have gotten you over the $20 threshold.

    Cashback is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

    What should I do? Should I just let it go?

    Tell yourself you could have caught COVID in the pop up but because you got it online, and that could have saved you from 14 days of isolation and possibly worse.

    • But he still went to the pop up. Broken logic.

      • *she

        I guess I could say I only had one chance at exposure rather than two? If I had bought them initially from idk another shop?? but it doesn't matter in the end, it's not such a big deal ☺️

    • Ah I wanted four so I actually split the order and ordered some other pen holder with the last one (thankfully that wasn't at the pop up as well lol).

      That's a good point but I did go out haha. I think I've got it in perspective now tho - it's not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things ☺️

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    Deny yourself a few coffees as self punishment and you have saved the difference

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    Make a big drama out of it - like an artist would…

    • Gotta live up to the reputation…. might write a play or make a sad painting haha 🤣

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    A part of me wants to buy them for $3.50 on principal,

    I couldn’t live with myself if this happened to me. It’s unforgivable to make that kind of error. Some think that this sort of thing can be dealt with through extensive rehabilitation — handing in your OzBargain membership, going back to basic training for a few years, and starting over with a brand new account — but I don’t think you’ll ever get over the shame. Have you thought about moving to South America and changing your identity? Even then, I’d always be worried that my past would catch up with me.

    In short, I’m so sorry it’s come to this. Hold your pens in your hand or put them in your pocket for the rest of your life, and never give in to the urge to display them… oh the shame!

    It’s the principle. You can never be trusted again.

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      This is the comment that turned it around for me 🤣 thanks for the laugh legend!

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      Your school principal is your pal. :)

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    You should buy 20 at the shop to average down your buy in price

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      Sniffing grit logic here, then once you own the supply install for more.

      • yess then i can resell for what I like! great idea 🤣

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    What you do is always search Aliexpress first.

    • I did search Ali but weirdly it was cheaper at Ebay. It's all good tho ☺️

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    Thanks everyone, I feel a lot better now ☺️ it really wasn't such a big deal and I'll keep my ozbargainer card. I guess if I need more in the future I know where to go!

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    It happened to anyone and still will happen to anyone.

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    Hey OP, don't worry. You can get back to the cost of $3.50 per unit if you buy an extra 10,000 units. obviously, the more you buy, the greater the discount but 10,000 units seemed reasonable for this excercise.

    Here are the numbers:

    4x $7.09 = $28.36.
    10,000x $3.50 = $35,000.
    $35,028.36 for 10,0004 units averages out to be $3.50 (rounded to 2 decimals).

    You can even go lower if you ask the supplier for a discount for buying such a large bulk of units.

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    really bummed me out.

    Over couple of bux?? … wait another week they'll be on clearance for $2

  • Let me see if I can dig up the BeyondBlue helpline for you

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