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30-Day Free Trial of Disney Plus @ Xbox (App & Game Pass Ultimate Required)


Can confirm it works on an existing (lapsed) Disney Plus account, just make sure you’re not already logged in to Disney Plus when you click the link to redeem. Log out first then log back in during redemption.


Game pass ultimate required. ($1 for one month for new users)

More Perks

Free 4 Months Spotify Premium (New Users)

Crunchyroll Premium Mega Fan 75 Days Free

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  • -1

    New of hasn't used Ultimate for a period of time or already have ultimate

  • Ultimate isn't $1 for lapsed users.

    • Yes it is, but depends how long it's been.

      I subbed for the $1 thing a while back, and then resubbed again recently when they had the $1 deal.

      • No, it isn't.
        I haven't had a sub in two years. It shows $15.99 as soon as you login.
        I got a few others to try, same result.
        You're clearly using a different account.

        • I'm definitely using the same account, maybe for a brief period they allowed lapsed users?

          I signed up for a $2 for 2 months one a while back, and then $1 when I did it recently.

          • @mangobango: I think I know what's going on. To be clear, you didn't resub with THIS $1 deal but the previous one? There was one a coupple months ago, I think.
            Because it looks like this $1 deal is only for new users.

            • @MatrixM: Correct, sorry.

              I did say "recently" but yeah it wasn't for this deal.

  • Where to get the redem link?

    • On the app go into user icon and then scroll down on perks

      • +1

        Just get an "something is wrong" error and nothing showed there.

        • Click on “Show all”

          • @Pricebeat: Same thing, just opened an empty page. Very strange

            • @Cyrusd: Try switching to different network, like if you are on wifi, switch to mobile data and also close and restart app

              • @Pricebeat: Thanks, can see it now. Tried to change system language, switch network and uninstall and reinstall app. One of these must did the trick for me.

  • Can't see the link

  • Instructions using Xbox Game Pass app:

    1) open app
    2) click on the middle bottom icon (profile)
    3) next to the Perks section near the top, click on "show all"
    4) scroll to about the bottom and you will see Disney+ claim by 01/02/2022
    5) click on it and follow the prompts to redeem

    • +1

      I’m on IOS and all I can see is only redeemable through console or PC, I can’t even click it

      • +1

        Same, and when I go to the Perks in the PC app Disney isn’t even showing as one -_-

        • +1

          Yep exactly and people are so quick to neg 🤦‍♂️

      • I got it on the iPad app. I didn’t neg though.

  • If you have redeemed it before, can you somehow redeem it again? I already redeemed it a few months ago when someone else posted this.

    • +2

      No, it's the same voucher code. Not working for me.

      • +1

        Yeah this an old perk.

  • +1

    Thanks Op worked for me free 30 days.

  • -1

    Last time I tried this I was charged for 1 month of Disney plus even though I applied the voucher. Never again.

  • Hasn't this been on the perks list for months?
    My perk says claimed in August.

  • Apparently you get 3 months of crunchyroll aswell but I never understood how to activate these things do I just sign up to xbox game pass normally and inside my account there will be an activation perks lost or something?

  • Thanks. I think I did once already but again no harm

  • Is this currently the cheapest way to get Disney plus?

  • Are you sure its possible to still redeem this? This is what Microsoft support told me: https://imgur.com/a/IBzuBv6

    • Their back end team must be high when they asked because I redeemed it yesterday and so did others if you scroll up. Offer clearly sates it ends next year

      • I am not disagreeing / doubting you and those above, I just cannot see the Disney+ perk on Desktop, however, it appears on iOS but tells me to go on an Xbox (which I do not own) or PC.

        EDIT: formatting.

      • Live chat continued: https://imgur.com/a/zjZwlv7

        • I can definitely see it :/ Just made a new account.
          Could always make a new account and grab the $1 deal to get it.

          btw I had to make the account via the app, as the microsoft website account creation is buggy now, at least for me.

  • -1

    When you try to cancel the subscription, there are two options. One is to cancel immediately and get your $1 refunded.

  • +1

    Worked great for me! But needed to download the Xbox app on PC and redeem that way. The iPhone app said it must be redeemed on an Xbox or PC. Watching Disney+ for free right now… thank you!

  • Disney is not available in perks anymore

  • Disney is not available in perks anymore

  • Still obtainable?

    • I was able to redeem it just now so looks like it's still available. Followed the step given above.

      • Could you tell me which steps exactly please? For me the disney perk appears on iOS but it says it has to be redeemed on PC and XBOX only. Selecting 'Perks' in the Xbox app on PC and the disney perk is not there. I don't have an xbox.

  • Thanks, I just signed up this morning.

  • Expired (as far as I can see)

    Apparently "Claim by 01/02/2022" meant expires 31/01/2022

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