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Coles Roasted and Salted Cashews 800g $10 @ Coles


On special again at Coles, equivalent to $12.50/kg, which makes them a little cheaper than the Woolworths special which is currently running:

Coles only have the salted variety though, if you want unsalted then the Woolies offer is best for you.

Comparing the cashews from both stores, I find the Coles cashews to be better cleaned, the Woolies ones often have traces of husk still attached.

Thanks to Pricehipster.com.au for alerting me to the price drop on Friday, and today I found them on-shelf at the same price as the online price, with the usual yellow price tag indicating a special price.

Be careful not to accidentally pick up bags of mixed peanuts and cashews, which are right beside the cashews, and often get mixed in with the cashews. The mixed peanuts and cashews are also on special, for $8 per 800g.

Allergen warning: definitely contains nuts. Also says other things like sesame and peanuts "may be present".

Edit Wednesday 22/10: New catalogue is out, and cashews are still at the same price (online at least, haven't checked in-store). Unknown how long this deal will last for!

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    Thanks for the allergen warning, didn’t realise these contained nuts.

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      didn’t realise these contained nuts

      That's just nuts.

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      they also contain a lot of calories and fat (albeit good fat)

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        They also contain heaps of protein, 20g per 100g according to the label. Which suppresses your appetite very effectively.

        If I know I'm having a late dinner, ten or so cashews will stop me feeling hungry until then.

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          ten or so cashews will stop me feeling hungry until then

          How do you manage to stop at ten?

          • @docians: this I'd like to know

          • @docians:

            How do you manage to stop at ten?

            I often don't, but if I eat too many I won't feel like eating dinner at all. Which means I get hungry about midnight, and then my dieting is wrecked.

        • +1

          20g of protein per 100g and 46g of fat… 610 calories for not a lot of satiety

          • @Contopaxi: I'm not eating 100g of them, the "20g per 100g" is quoting the information on the packet.

            I just weighed some, 10 cashews weigh 16g. So that's 411 kilojoules, or about 1/20th of a person's daily intake.

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      Technically they are a seed.

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      Cashew is not nuts though, so you're welcome.

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        Thank you sir !

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    Grown where?

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      Pretty sure OP doesn't grow them ;)

      Product details, including nutritional information and country of origin, may change from time to time and so the product you receive in your order may not reflect the information on this page. Please check the packaging on any product you purchase and if it's not what you expected, feel free to return it for a full refund.

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      Almost certainly Vietnam. The bag only says "Packed in Australia from less than 10% Australian ingredients".

      • +14

        Product labelling laws leave a lot to be desired.

        • supermarket should be made to fix labelling laws so pack aussie but nut are not.

      • Or "Africa, South East Asia and India".

    • on a Cashew apple

  • +9


    Bless you!

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      Ashooo puddy cat woooh a-woooh a -woooh

  • Might as well avoid the unnecessary salt and get the scoop and weight ones.

    • Yeah sure, increased risk of catching covid. No thanks.

      • How?

        • +1

          scoop and weight ones? i've seen some people touching nuts and sampling them out of the box lol

        • +2

          I’ve also seen some people scratching nuts… disgusting

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      Roasted (no salt) also available

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    Woolies has both salted and unsalted cashews 750g for $10 too, slightly less of a bargain

    • slightly less of a bargain rip-off


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    i will buy this for christmas party and ask if they would like some.

    some what?

    DEEZ NUTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      That's edgy

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      Cashews are a known remedy for insanity. Source: That’s Nuts Magazine

      • K got a packet .

        • Might need a couple…

          • @tharlow: I couldn't I had a $60 shop target and going 33.34% I think would be crazy .

            • @popsiee: True. There’s crazy and then there’s just plain nuts

              • @tharlow: I eat some this morning and I definitely need another Flybuy offer to buy another couple :)

    • Fresh shaved nuts are the best

      • If unsalted they might make a good cake topping…

  • I wouldn't get these. They are tiny size and not very tasty.

    • Its not like you have the choice of Planter nuts in this country :)
      What wrong with the nut being the size of a peanut .
      Might help people with portion control lol .

    • I have a packet of Woolworths cashews left over from the previous Woolies special, so I compared them side-by-side.

      There's no difference in size.

      • I’m comparing them to the ones you get in the markets. I get mine from nutroasters in Sydney they much larger and so much tastier

        • much larger and so much tastier

          And, I'm guessing, so much more expensive?

          Warm freshly-roasted nuts will always taste better than ones that were roasted weeks ago. But there's nothing stopping you from re-roasting Coles and Woolies cashews, to improve the flavour.

          • @Russ: Was $20/kg. Is that expensive to you?

            • @first in line:

              Is that expensive to you?

              Doesn't sound like a bargain to me, which is what this site is all about.

  • I love Cashew nuts…..trouble is the only ones worth eating are the salted ones,which is not so good.

    • +1

      You need some salt in your diet, it's essential. It's excessive salt that is the problem, so salted foods should be eaten in moderation.

      If your doctor has told you to reduce your sodium intake, you could buy unsalted cashews from Woolies, and add this potassium-based "lite salt", which has half the sodium of regular salt:

    • +1

      A 30g serve (a palmful) has only 3% of RDI of sodium.

      Just try not to eat the whole bag in one day!

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