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Roasted or Roasted & Salted Cashews 750g $10 @ Woolworths


Woolworths Select Roasted & Salted Cashews great tasting snack or add to stir fry's for an extra crunchy treat.

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    Anyone know where they're grown? I watched a video about the ethical issues behind cashew nut harvesting & can't get it out of my mind whenever I see cashews.

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      Doesn't actually say on the pack. I thought by law they had to. Just packed in Australia from less than 10% Australian ingredients.

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        The 10 precent added ingredient is air. Australian air to.

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      Previous packaging had Vietnam as the source.

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        Most the cheaper cashews all come from Vietnam..

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      How long had you been saving the YouTube post until someone posted a deal for cashews? lol

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        It might seem like that but I only just saw it a few weeks ago, right after I'd bought 2 x 1kg bags of cashews from ALDI… 😑 so it was firmly imprinted in my mind..

    • Couldn't they just use gloves?

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      The cashew shell has an acidic/ oily substance/ gum. it is not bad as they highlight in the video, but owners could have provided some eye protectors and rubber gloves. Then again village women may not like it, they don't like changes. They are used to/ want to do things how they did a decade ago. When you crush the shell sometimes it can go into your eyes which is dangerous. it will leave a mark on your hands and fingers but after a few days, it will get peeled off as glue stuck on your finger. You cant wash it off.
      How do I know- we have cashew trees.

      • Why is this negged?

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    I've found the nuts from Woolies to be terrible in quality. Whoever sources them is buying about as close to trash as possible.

    • I disagree, for almonds and walnuts. Bought almonds from Aldi and they were shrivelled yet moist. Woolies walnuts have been great. Brazil nuts and pecans are cheaper at Costco and haven't had issue with them. Macadamias from Woolies also have been great from the sealed packs.

    • yes, at least the cashews from Woolworth are of bad quality compared to Coles. Many of them taste bitter and weird. I have stopped buying them from Woolworth even they are for sale.

    • Their tamari almonds are the best!

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    5.3% more expensive than last month!

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      That was negotiate nut November… and this is now

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    Is this bargain price or regular price? Doesn't seem all that cheap to me. What is the regular price?

    • $16

    • this works out to $13.33 per kg

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    still $17.60 via uber eats

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      ? don't tell me you're seriously expecting catalogue prices on Uber Eats???

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    $8 only is when to buy

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      That’s nuts

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    I think they've changed the packaging (the new look is pictured in this deal) and possibly the source of their cashews. I bought some cashews and macadamias in this new packaging the other day, and I thought the cashews were nicer than the old version. However, I think there were fewer macadamias than ever (packaging said 14%, but that the 14% was Australian-grown).

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      No idea why you would want to bag Aussie macadamias fresh off the farm with a nut of completely different texture and moisture content…

      Cashew kernel runs at about 3x the moisture content of maccas.

      Yes, and I grow 3 trees in my backyard by the way.

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    I love deez nuts

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      I prefer to nibble Nobby’s nuts

      • These wooly nuts are fine for me

        • Best to shave them first, in that case

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    Used to toast our own cashews back in the village. Good old days

  • Breakouts from cashews in my younger days…

  • We get our cashews from the Preston market. I can’t say if they’re cheaper, but they’re certainly of better quality than the supermarket ones.

  • Will someone think of the cashews…

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    Still $10 this week

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