This was posted 5 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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TAMAGOTCHI Virtual Reality Pet Game, Light Green Glitter $22.16 + Delivery (Free with Prime and $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


TAMAGOTCHI Virtual Reality Pet Game, Light Green Glitter

  • Might be good for someone if they're also buying from Amazon US to make up the $49 to be eligible for free international shipping
  • seems to be only available at that price for the light green glitter colour
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +8

    This brought back so much memories…..

    • +8

      of it dying, cause i totally forgot to take care of it!


      • +4

        I smacked it to death

        • +1

          I LOLd so hard at this, because I did the same thing! hahahaha

      • -3

        I'm sorry that you never pressed the pause button.

        • +3

          I'm sorry you're so young that you never experienced the best generation that was the 90s where the original Tamagotchis (not the later Connections series) didn't have a Pause button.

          The best you could do was edit the clock, which isn't the same.

          • -2

            @PainToad: Not really the best generation if you can't pause it lmao.

    • *many

        • +5

          Real Tamagotchis.

  • +11

    Man Tamagotchi and yoyos were so big when I was in primary school. Now days my nephew's and nieces just watch shit on there iPads at school

    • *nowadays *their

      • +3

        Hey man, who could pay attention to grammar back then? What with Tamagotchi and yoyos being so big when I was in primary school!

    • +2

      Yoyos, those were the days.

      Doing round the world with your fancy brain yoyo.

    • +1

      These days they watch people playing Tamagotchi and yoyos on their iPads at school…

    • I grew up with yo-yos and tamagotchis, and while I have nostalgia for those days, I don’t think kids are missing out on much. A lot of things sucked back then too. That’s how nostalgia works, you remember the good and forget the bad. Nowadays there’s also good and bad. It’s just a different generation with their own unique things going on. No need to pit them against each other.

    • And yoho diablos. Man that shit was fun.

  • +4

    Virtual reality?

  • +2

    Upvoting for "things 90's kids had at primary school"

  • Lol @ virtual reality

  • theres probably an app for this now if you want to relive the old days

  • Did someone just buy an old factory and machine that make this and decide to mass produce again?

    • just

      1) Tamagotchis never went away. New versions have been consistently released in the 90s, 2000s, 2010s and now 2020s.
      2) This re-release of the original series happened years ago. It didn't "just" happen.

  • I'm finally gonna be one of the cool kids!

  • Might be better than BF2042

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