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Trojan 680x460x1520mm 16 Drawer Tool Chest and Trolley $350 (Was > $500) in-Store /+ Delivery @ Bunnings


This fully welded tool chest and trolley has 16 slide ball bearing drawers. Complete with gas lid stays, heavy duty push bar, 2 swivel castors, 2 fixed castors, and full EVA matting, making it ideal for any home or workshop.

  • Fully lockable
  • Ball bearing drawer slides
  • Heavy duty castors
  • Gas lid stays
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 106 Kg, so you need help lifting this monster!

Stock is low in some postcodes.

Available for delivery, but costs $187 postage for my postcode in Melbourne!

Thanks to Pricehipster!

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    Buy this Trojan quality if you want it hacked

    • +2

      I got it, shame 5 others didnt

  • How does this compare to the branded tool chests?

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      Trojan isn't a brand? In all seriousness it compares just fine, had mine for yrs without issue, but you're more than welcome to pay more for "branded tool chests" if you like.

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      You 'might' find that the steel used may be of a thinner guage and can have a bit of a flimsy feeling when a drawer is fit-out with tools. Some cheaper chests have poor bearings in the slides, so they may not close evenly first off.
      If you're not moving it all the time across a workshop and is more for general use, it should be fine to use for anyone.
      Keep in mind that 'big name' brands also have a weight limit per drawer. So big brand or not, don't overload with a million sockets in 1 drawer lol

    • +3

      Reviews on Bunnings website are mostly positive 5 stars. One negative review is about sticker and another one about dent during delivery.

      • yeah i just saw that, mainly positive but only 8 reviews in total

  • +5

    If you're local to Melbourne, you can check out the Kincome factory in Scoresby. They have a shop with seconds and heavily reduced tools and equipment

  • +2

    Local delivery fee x 50% of the cost of the tool chest = $175
    It's cheaper to get a King sized bed delivered

  • -2

    Pretty junky. Check out Maxim toolboxes - myself and mates are very impressed https://www.justprotools.com.au/

    • I will second that. I researched a lot before buying mine and was very impressed when I saw them! 4 years and going strong!

  • +1

    Pretty cheap, I have the same one (paid RRP at the time) and it's about 8 years old. Sat in the open (under a carport) and not much surface rust and the drawer sliders are still good.

    It's not Kinchrome quality, but for the price it's better than the eBay stuff.

    • +1

      Let's not start talking about Giantz lol

  • +2

    I've got one of these as a birthday gift last year. Great toolbox for the money even at it full price. Have lots of space with my tools and doesn't feel flimsy. It might not be the same class as something from Snap On, but for most people it fine. Can take a bit of a bit of a beating as well. Plus, the draw has ball bearing slides and the draw sizes are great.

    These are sold under the US General brand in the US as well and many people have nothing but praise with it.

    • +1

      Snap-On is in a league of their own, specially price wise. You'd be looking at thousands for a similar setup like this. I can't fault my Trojan & I paid more yrs ago.

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    Is this big enough to fit cordless power tools like drivers, Sanders, multi tools etc?

    • +1

      Sure will. I would use the last two draws for stuff like that.

    • Bottom two draws are large & store my cordless tools in both, check out the dimensions online.

  • -2

    Not the Trojan I was expecting…

  • +1

    If you don't need it desperately, you can wait foe a super cheap auto combo deal

    Every now and than they have a tool pro combo trolley set for about $350

    I bought one 2 years ago and I was shopping it against the trojan and repco GV brand.
    Both good value for money as others said. Tye bunnings sales guy got sick of seeing me every week coming and touching and feeling it than comparing to GV etc.

    I than walked into SCA and saw a toolpro set and was very impressed with it and purchased straight away.

    Also ALDI sometimes have their version too.i have 1 of it as well. It's got a cupboard on the bottom and is much better for storing power tools

    • ive been keeping an eye out for a long time, 350 for the trojan is far more cheaper than what I have seen on sale at repco or supercheap.

  • Sydney tools advertising similiar, not quite as many drawers. But slightly cheaper. in stock end of December


    • You'd probably regret buying that. Top drawers are only 235mm deep, and bottom drawers not much better at 290mm.

      • Also hinged instead of gas struts on the top

        • Yeh noticed the Trojan has gas struts. Was bit annoyed that my Sidchrome doesn't.
          If I didn't already have that would have jumped on this one.

  • This thing is BIG. Far bigger than the more expensive Sidchrome / kinrome chests that Bunnings sell. Quality seemed quite good too, not too far behind the sidchrome one i ended up with. Absolutely craps over the Supatool rubbish that Bunnings also sell. Just be aware that this is a big chest. we managed to get the sidchrome one home in the back of a Golf, was no chance getting the bottom trolley of this Trojan one in the back.

    • Er, you can put the back seats down to carry larger loads - the bottom trolley box will easily fit into the back of a Golf with plenty of room to spare 🤷🏼‍♂️

      • no…it wont…we measured it up. I know how my Golf works. Its a Golf R Hatch. Maybe that was our issue. Less room due to the rear drivetrain.

        • I helped a friend take one home today in a Peugeot 207 - we had to make two trips because we could only fit one box at a time.
          But there was PLENTY of space with the seats down, and the Golf is a much bigger car.
          We weren't that far off being able to fit both boxes in the rear at the same time…

          • @Nom: i bought the much smaller sidchrome one, i had to do 2 trips. The trolley barely fit and was pressed up against the rear hatch with barely any room above the box either…dunno what to tell you, but the Trojan trolley was definately not going to fit. Golf R hatch has a significantly smaller cargo area than the GTI or standard Golf due to the rear differential. This is probably why the trojan one wont fit in our car but did in the Peugot.

            Edit: Im refering to size in the packaging if that makes any difference.

    • Picked one up today. Fit both boxes into my Suby Forester with the seats down, but only just. Doubt both boxes would fit in anything smaller.

  • Got the last display unit at my local Bunnings . Thanks!

  • +1

    Got the last one @ my local bunnings. Be mindful of the weight if you are planning to pick up

  • +1

    Got one after visiting three bunnings… It was annoying cos the first Bunnings didn't want to sell their display model so they called the second Bunnings to check stock - they reported they had 2 and let them know I was on my way.. Got there and then the guy said oh someone called last night and called dibs? like ugh okay.. but 45min drive later found another Bunnings with stock. Pretty happy with the purchase so thanks for the post!

  • Croydon VIC have 2 display models but they can't find the keys for either of them. I was directed to the special orders desk where I ordered one in.

    • No keys usually means bigger discount

      • Sorry, I should have mentioned: the top sections were locked on both units. One one unit the bottom section was unlocked. On the other it was partially locked: 2 draws were opening, the others weren't.

  • Ended up picking one up last night. Dammed heavy the larger box. Still wasnt too hard to get into the ute from the trolley luckily. havnt unpacked yet, will leave that until Xmas.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got the last one in Townsville. Display stock. Very happy

  • +1

    Got one, store had 2 left,

    Seems like its being replaced by a new size for $588

  • Does anyone know if power pass or staff card knock anything further off the listed price?

    • it won't on already discounted items, I used flybuys instead.

  • There was still one left (brand new, not the display model) at Adelaide Airport as of this morning. The website said out of stock but they told me they still had one left.

  • Has anyone attempted to remove the locking bar on the top unit so you don't need to open the top lid to access the drawers? Bit unnecessary in a home garage.

  • Looked good on display so I bought 2 sets. However, when I got home every unit had damage/dents. One so bad it must have been dropped from quite a height as it had totally squashed up underneath. Lugged them back into store, no more stock to exchange so got a refund.

  • I picked one up on Monday, and so far I'm impressed. Only thing is I can't fit my Ryobi Circular Saw in even the bottom drawers. It feels good quality, and is a good buy especially when compared to similarly priced and cheaper ones from Bunnings and Super Cheap Auto

  • very happy so far,

    removing the sticker was a pain, used a scraper and acetone to clean it up.

  • +2

    Designed and 3d printed some label clips which have upfacing surfaces to stick labels on

    I'll post up the fusion360 & STL if anyone is interested


  • got the last one from bunnings croydon in vic

    fit in my rav 4 with back seats down

    thank you!

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