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Thawed Cooked WA Rock Lobster $22 @ Woolworths & Coles


Available at both Woolworths & Coles:

Both Product of Australia

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      It makes me laugh when Americans call prawns, shrimp…


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        I don't always bold my font, but when I do

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          I don't always bold my font,

          Neither do I….

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            @jv: Reported for soliciting ‘BOLD’ font 🤦‍♂️

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            @jv: Old mate jv is on the warpath today….

          • @jv: Well evidently not any more

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          ahhh NO, these are real lobsters (or one species of) and yes they can get massive but surprise surprise they aren't born massive (eastern rock lobsters can reach 15kg+ in size, the WA ones species reach up to around 5kg) and you will almost never see the massive ones for sale here of either species as no one could afford the prices.

          PS: I imagine you are probably referring to the maine lobster which can reach upto 20kg, But even those are usually harvested and sold at the <1kg size. (Love lobster, only thing better is Alaskan king crab fresh of the docks).

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        or call Aluminium, Aloominum

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        Lots of countries call prawns shrimp, it's not only America

        • I never said it's only Americans that call it that…

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          I've heard that "shrimp" is for small prawns like in fried rice.

      • I use shrimps for "prawns"

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      crayfish and shrimps!

    • It helps if the lobster isn't frozen beforehand…

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        So you’re saying there’s a chance?

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    Mathew Guy has just ducked for cover.

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    Just buy a prawn… they're about the same size.

    Throwaways from Australian fishermen who didn't give a rat's about the locals until the chinese market closed.

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      To be fair, I wouldn't give a rats about the locals either if some company from China was paying me double the price for my product. You cant really blame them, it's just the state of the industry.

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        They'll get what they deserve. Just like the wine industry and the tourism thieves in north QLD.
        Merry Christmas.

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          They'll get what they deserve.

          Millions of dollars of government handouts paid for with your and my taxes?

      • prolly more than double. like over 100 bucks for them

    • Good..China should not buy from AUS.

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        So Aus should lose money?

        • Well it's not like the average Joe sees the profits a lot of the monopoly fisherman make. Plus I know at least a couple of the fisheries with exclusive fishing rights for certain areas are Chinese owned anyway.

    • We haven’t been able to source decent sized prawns in Sydney. Where do you get yours from? We want the ones in Adam Liaw’s SBS show a few weeks ago. They were about 20cm deskinned.

    • Just buy a prawn… they're about the same size.

      You're not far wrong.

      I just got back from Woolies.
      The had 3 lobsters left. All were the size of about 2 prawns…

      Worth maybe $5-$10, not $22

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      Locals couldn't buy lobsters at market price?

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    Has it been a year already since they dropped the price to around 25 dollars?

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    This product may contain traces of Gluten, Egg, Fish, Milk, Peanuts, Soybeans, Sulphites, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds.

    Looks like they may be refurbs…

    • Mm, love me some trace elements of gluten

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        I'm more worried that crayfish may contain fish

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    serious question, is this better value or the raw thawed $8/$9 small lobster tails from Coles/Woolies which are on special at the moment. most of the meat in a lobster is in the tail anyway, no? I'm wondering how they compare in size in terms of what's edible.
    Yes, I understand those are imported from Chile/Canada, whereas with the full cooked WA ones you're supporting local (?).

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      Don't worry about supporting local, they give zero shits about selling locally.

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    No deal unless I can keep it as a pet

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    Bought one frozen this morning @Woolies - weighs 455g. Can buy thawed or frozen.
    Was $24 yesterday, so little saved.

    Was getting 3100 bonus pts on $50 spend, paid with $20 Rewards points + 7.5% discounted Woolies supermarket GC, so why not.

    • Promote this guy^^

  • From what I've read there is (will be?) a large variant available at Coles, don't know what size that means but $50 in WA/NSW/QLD and $55 in SA/VIC. Unsure why it costs $5 more to ship to states closer to WA…

    • Yeah saw these on sale yesterday at woolies

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    There are fresh lobsters for $32 if anyone is interested at Woolies, check your stores for allocations though. Stock is limited

    • 'fresh' means never frozen. Right?

      • Yep

        • That's what I expect the Tal Shiar to say.

      • They would have been frozen at some stage (there's nothing wrong with that) before it's shipped to Woolies/Coles.

    • are they swimming like in the fish tanks at Chinese restaurants?

  • just fyi, live lobsters are available from seafood sellers in WA for around $20-$25 each (500g mark)

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      Nice i can have my own Leon then

    • I just had one of these pre-cooked once. Can imagine how they'd taste fresh. If you don't really eat if often, I'd just spend the money on fresh ones.

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    Bought some last year specifically for Christmas, and I didn't think it was that great.
    Personally I think it would've been better to spend more on top quality steaks from my local butcher.

    • Price might drop a little bit this season for live lobsters at local fishmongers. They’re a lot better live

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        Some interesting reading on humanely killing lobsters - for people buying live ones. TLDR version is to stun them by placing in an ice slurry (salterwater for marine species) or less than an hr in the freezer then splitting while insensible. Saves you from boiling them alive which I've always dreaded the thought of!

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          I once got a couple mud crabs and kept them in the bath tub overnight .
          One of the selfish crabs lost its claw in a fight and poor me had less meat for my supper .

  • Couldn't be worse then the crab and balmain bug they've got up at Epicurean in Sydney..

    • What did u think of the quality of the blue swimmers and the balmain bug at Epicurean?

      • Terrible, overcooked and dry. The lobster was like chicken breast texture inside.

        • Oh dear. They use poor quality lobster tails.

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    We were at a party…

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      His earlobe fell in the deep
      Someone reached in and grabbed it
      It was a rock lobster
      Rock lobster
      Rock lobster

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    We have access to some of the greatest seafood in the world and yet we sell thawed crap. I'm going to have to visit Sydney soon as I cannot even get fresh prawns in my area anymore.

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      They still send most of the best big ones to China via HK grey trading .

      • That's a little sad, but I'm sure they are happy paying massive markups. Even still, I would love to see our "lower quality" ones fresh and paid a little more than frozen. Thawed anything has that "coagulation of the proteins" and sadly I didn't know how much better fresh was until recently. Hard to go back to frozen.

  • Tempted since last year, haven't bought yet, feel too much hand work:)

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      If you think crayfish is a lot of hand work, wait until you try and finish the entire coconut crab on your own! Took me more than an hour to finish. ;(

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    How long do these last in the fridge. Some google answers say 1-2 days, some say 3-4 days. Last thing I want to do on boxing day is spend they day on throne!!

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    Cmon guys, no one? Really? OK here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4QSYx4wVQg

  • Pinchy!

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    After just returning from Woolies, I can confirm that the thumbnail in this post is 1:1 Scale…

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    I worked in freight and we moved boxes of lobsters. We would hear them clawing the inside of the boxes to try and get out, it was so (profanity) sad

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      it was so (profanity) sad

      Dang, I can see how that would stay with you.

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        Oh, thanks man, I wasn't expecting that sort of response on an online forum. Yeah, it was honestly pretty horrible. The boxes were styrofoam so the clawing was loud and quite intense. It felt evil to pack them on the plane

  • Dry and tasteless

    • I was just going to ask how it compares to Moreton bay bugs… might stick with those based on this feedback

      • the bugs are much better, these frozen cooked lobsters are very hit and miss, most of the times it’s tasteless rubber

      • Balmain or Moreton Bay bugs will always be the best option if fresh. Damn, now I want some bugs

      • Does ALDI still have Moreton Bay Bugs 2/$20?

        • Nope - I don’t think so, I think sold out in most places.

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    Tried it tonight and it was very ordinary. I would say it's worth around $15 max.

    Very much prefer the live lobsters we used to buy from Eastwood for $55-65/kg at one stage. Lobster soup with the head shell and claws and roasted tails were delicious.

    • These will never compete with fresh

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