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[VIC] Unleaded U98 Fuel $1.539/L @ 7-Eleven, Melton West


Location: -37.686704268497,144.5671688275

Seems good price to lock I believe

Thanks to Project 03 and ElevenMe App

Happy chopper

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  • Chopper ready to go now. Thanks!

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      ur chopper runs on 98?

  • Hmmm… Could anyone advise a way to lock this price without an IPhone?

    • Root with smali patcher

    • Yes see comments and pm someone offering to lock it in for you.

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      3utools iphone utility, use the modify location tab

    • I do it on my iPad but other than that get a dedicated cheap rooted phone with smali patcher

    • havent tested this but may be possible to run on a m1 mac and run 7/11 iphone app there :-)

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    Android choppers to use?

  • locked and loaded for Xmas, thanks OP

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    Nice, didn't even need a chopper for this one

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      Same. That doesn't usually happen…

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    if anyone needs a lock in feel free to pm me your account

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      So you can steal their Krispy Kreme discount ?

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        I wouldn't dare do such a thing…

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        I'd consider that fair swap.. haha

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          Same hahah

      • wait i thought this was yesterday only? can we get it today too?

      • Classic jv troll

    • Thanks for your kind offer.

      PM'd you.

    • Pm you

    • Sent a pm.


    • Sent a pm thanks

    • thank you have PM you the detail

    • Sent a PM thanks

    • i sent a pm, thank you :)

    • Seems like i could not sent you PM as your account does not accept new PM?

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      You belong in the forums…

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        I'm there occasionally…

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      You belong in the penaly box…

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    From my experience, rooting an android phone wasn't the hard bit, it was getting it to pass SafetyNet.

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      rooting an android phone wasn't the hard bit

      what ???

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        Don't judge… Besides, in a few years you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference

      • Rooting is essentially a black-and-white thing, whereas getting a phone to pass SafetyNet is a game that varies slightly for everyone, with many different factors at play.

    • Took me 10 minutes to pass SafetyNet and that was after a 15 hour day with 3 kids so I was fried.

      • Depends on the phone. My old Pixel 2 tool a while because I tried about 5 different methods

  • I like the way you point out the location.

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      Do you prefer this?

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    where's our noob friend? probably on the "phone" with 7/11 again whilst crying

  • I tried doing it via 3u tools. Worked for my phone, but for my wife it gave me an error -10.

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    Will also actively help people lock for next 30 ish minutes if anyone wants to PM. (later if possible)

    • Sent a pm, thanks

      • Sent a pm, Thank you!

    • Legend. Thanks

    • sent a pm thank you :)

    • I'll get to any further requests across the day.

    • Absolute legend

    • I've done a fair few so I'll be ending now. But for those who do PM in the future, please send your email and pword. Can't be doing anything without those!

      • Thank you so much!

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    How to lock this on an android phone? Steps listed anywhere?

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      I highly doubt this question has ever been asked before.

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    Thanks. Anyone else notice in the last few months that their lock saving is not as great as it used to be - I now save about $3 per tank. I used to save at least $8. No complaints on my side, just wondering if that noob fella complained and 7-11 didn't bother because they're fine with us exploiting it for a few $$ as compared to the good old days of >$10 savings

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      That just means your local fuel isnt as rip-off as other places. Can easily get $20 of savings per tank

    • Not where I live. Been saving close to $20 a tank. 98 has been around $1.90 a litre. So these deals are great for me….

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      Except when E10 was locked at 99cents. The saving was $30 for 40L

    • Yeah saw that too..

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gbis.gbandroid

    This my firend when usually I'm low on fuel

  • where did my helicopter go now..

  • Nice spot!

  • Thanks OP. Finally got this to work on an IOS device. At last I can take advantage of the savings. :)

  • Thanks for the heads up, just locked in the price for xmas break.

  • Last call prior Christmas guys

  • Okay guys finally got to my chopper, will help anyone lock for next 5 mins (until 4:26pm)

  • all booked in for me, thanks OP!

  • Finally learnt to fly the chopper. Wooo!

    • Where's your L plate :D

      • +3

        Flew it again so on my Ps now.

  • Happy to chopper people in for anyone having trouble.

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      Can't pm you as you have it off

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      Pmed :)

  • Chopper squad is full

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    Happy to help lock for those in need. Feel free to shoot me a PM :)

    • Can you help me, need a lift in your chopper.

    • I could use your help as well :)

  • still not expired. managed to fuel up then fly the chopper again

  • This is a ripper of a price considering i paid $2.02.9p/l for 98(vortex) last week at Caltex Macksville. Prices on the Mid North Coast, NSW, are outright INSANE!! They'll only get worse here during the holiday season :-(

  • Thanks Op. I managed to fly~

  • I thought i’d be honest and i’m half way to VIC from QLD!
    Any suggestions on what to do in melton west while I’m there?… after I fuel up!

    • Melton Botanical Garden

  • Uber Chopper!!

  • My last fuel locked was a few years ago when i was using samsung s7. It was not compatible after they update the app.
    Now i got s20+, can someone please point me in the right direction on how we can lock these price remotely ?

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