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Wang Lao Ji Canned Herbal Tea 310ml (Pack of 6) $5.40 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


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Perfect for Ozbargain's Asian Male userbase who work in IT

Wang Lao Ji Herbal Tea is packed with various herbal ingredients and preservative-free, making it an ideal drink to cool yourself on a hot & sunny day. It's 'cooling' properties helps after a long night of work or after a hotpot session. Help keeps the body Yin Yang in balance.

This stuff is usually $0.99 per can at the Asian groceries so this is slightly cheaper than RRP.

Sugar, Mesonas Chinesis, Plumeria Rubra, Microcos Paniculata, Chrysanthemum, Ioncera Japonica, Prunella Vulgris, Licorice.

Maximum of 6 packs per customer today
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Mod Update 19/1: In-Stock

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  • +3

    Costco have this for $21.99 a slab of 24

    Best description I can give, is sweet and a cross between tea and tobacco

    • This is cheaper and delivery included if you have prime or buy other items

    • Better buy at Costco

  • +1

    Same taste with Liang Tea ?

    • yea same thing…

    • This one is way too sweet…

  • +1

    Isn't this normal price?

  • +4

    Nothing better than Chinese water to “clear away toxic heat and promote saliva”.

    • +4

      Yet Hey!

  • DIY it. Grass jelly and sugar.

  • Taste good, full of sugar like most drinks

  • thanks OP, bought 5

  • Thanks. Always missed out on previous deal. Bought 3 pack.

    • +4

      u got something against Mesonas Chinesis?

  • Would be nicer if these had the bits of grass jelly in it. I usually buy yeo 24 pack for $15 at spudshed in W.A.

  • +1

    That's me "Perfect for Ozbargain's Asian Male userbase who work in IT" and I love this stuff

  • If you feel it taste wired, never mind, we feel the same with “ Vegemite”, and we never whinge about it!

    • K

  • +3

    Waiting for someone to comment on the history and how Jia Duo Bao is the OG

    • +2

      This is the communist version. JDB is the democracy version.

      • hahaha indeed but democracy doesn't truly exist

        • I mean, have you seen JDB around lately? (´・_・`)

          • @Munki: Yes I get it imported

            A true patriot

  • Bought. Thanks!

  • buy the packs and dissolve it in water… thats the way… each packet is 30cents + water free :)

  • Out of stock so fast, (need to reinstate to myself its too much sugar in these things.

  • -1

    Is this as good as caoni mashabi tea ?

  • Keeping your Ying Yang Tang in balance with the level of sugar in this drink

  • +1

    Don't buy this FULL OF SUGAR worse than any soft drink

    Take Coconut water any day rather than this

  • +1

    My local asian groceries sells 2 x 2L bottle of this for $6.60

  • +1

    it's way too sweet..

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