Boxing Day Sales in Australia 2018 - All the Promos & Deals

Boxing Day is the day following Christmas Day (December 26) and is traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year in Australia. OzBargain will be collecting all the popular deals in one page to help you find the best deals.

See our Boxing Day 2018 Discussions where we list Catalogues & Sales, + Hours.

Boxing Day Opening Hours

  • Big W 7AM (VIC, ACT) / 8AM (NSW, WA) / 9AM (SA, QLD, NT) / 10AM (TAS)
  • David Jones 7AM (Most of NSW & VIC, ACT), 8AM (VIC, ACT, Rest of NSW & VIC), 8AM (Pacific Fair QLD, WA), 9AM (SA, QLD, Carousel WA)
  • The Good Guys 8AM (VIC, WA, TAS, ACT, NT), 9AM (NSW, SA, QLD)
  • Harvey Norman 8AM (VIC, NSW, QLD, TAS, WA), 9AM (SA, ACT), 8-10AM (NT)
  • JB Hi-Fi 7AM (Bourke St & Sydney Stores), 7:30-8:30 (TAS) 8AM (VIC, NSW, ACT, WA, NT, Brisbane), 9AM (QLD, SA)
  • Myer 5AM (Melbourne, Sydney, Chadstone), 7AM (Most locations, Hobart), 8AM (WA, Eastland, Fountain Gate, Frankston, Knox), 8:30AM (Cairns) 9AM (SA, Most of QLD)
  • Target 8AM (Most Stores), 9AM (Some Stores)


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Forum Discussions

PS4 Pro Boxing Day Deals

So far we haven't seen any decent PS4 Pro deals come through and Amazon's boxing day sale has already started, do you think we're gonna see any delays in the 400ish range?

Big screen TV bargain

Just after some advise of where are the best places to start when looking for the boxing day sale on a TV. I have my eyes on the NU8000 Samaung 75inch, unfortunately I missed the big ebay bargain not …

Boxing Day 2018 Discussion. Catalogues + Sales, Opening Hours

Boxing Day is December 26, 2018. Let us know in the comments if you spot a sale or deal. If there is a good one, then Submit it or let us know in the comments. Tag your deal with 'Boxing …

eBay UK

eBay UK doing a % Off for Boxing Day??

Any idea if EBay UK are doing anything off today so we can grab some GC’s?? Can’t seem to find any info anywhere. Cheers! Clem. x

Expecting Good Deals for PC Parts Leading up to Christmas/Boxing Day?

Yes I know, I missed the boat with the Black Friday deals. I'm building my first PC and hoping that vendors usually have more sales for Christmas time?

The Age

Anyone planning on camping out for Boxing Day sales?

Hi all, I'm a reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald/The Age and am looking to do a case study on one family in both Sydney and Melbourne who are planning on arriving early well before the …

Going in Store Vs Buying Online for Boxing Day

Is there any benefit of going in store on Boxing day? Are the prices in store same as online? I am mostly talking about stores like JB HI FI, Harvey Norman, Good Guys, Bing Lee or electronic stores. …


Is the Kogan 55" 4k OLED worth it for $1000?

I was reading ausdroid and saw a article on kogans boxing day sales that said the 4k 55" OLED will be on sale for $1000.

When Do Boxing Day Sales Get Announced?

Hi guys, Curious when boxing day sales normally get announced? I have a number of things I've been waiting to buy in the sales. Thanks!

What Bargain Are You Looking Forward to on This EOY Deals?

So as per the title, what are you looking for?

Bosch Dishwasher Sale Boxing Day?

Any deals on Bosch Dishwasher Boxing Day Sale? I have been searching wildly for Bosch dishwasher for past 1 week. But there is not one good deal on Bosch dishwasher. I have Harvey Norman AMEX offer. …

Boxing Day 2017 Discussion. Catalogues + Sales, Opening Hours

Boxing Day is December 26, 2017. Let us know in the comments if you spot a sale or deal. If there is a good one, then Submit it or let us know in the comments. Tag your deal with 'Boxing …

Boxing Day 4K TV Sales?

Hi all, I'm going to be looking to pick up two 4K TVs around the 65" mark. One for myself, one for my parents. I've never really done or got into boxing day sales so I'm hoping …

What's The Best Boxing Day Purchase You've Made This Year?

Hi Good People, What's the best deal you've come across today and what has been your best buy for Boxing Day 2017? I must say I'm not impressed this year my self personally, you can …

Switch Game Discounts on Boxing Day

Hi Guys, I would like to buy super mario odyssey and Disgaea 5, cheapest i can find them now is $69(jb hifi) and $68(eb games) respectively. Do you guys think these prices go lower on boxing day ? i …

Boxing Day Sale - Bed Frame and Mattress

Which shops would have good bargains for bed frame (wood/timber, high gloss white) queen or king bed frame and medium to firm mattress in Sydney?

JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi Laptops Boxing Day Deals

Hi, I am after a computer but I am a bit off with technology as I don't really know what would be better between the AMD or Intel ones coupled with the graphic cards that come with it. I would …

Amazon AU

Amazon Australia Boxing Day Sale

Various sites are running with the story that Amazon AU will have a boxing day sale No news on specifically what is for sale (and I haven't posted this as a deal), but NAB and AMEX cards will …

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