Boxing Day Sales 26 Dec 2020 - All the Deals & Promotions

Boxing Day is the day following Christmas Day (December 26) and is traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year in Australia. OzBargain will be collecting all the popular deals in one page to help you find the best deals.

See our Boxing Day 2020 Discussions where we list Catalogues & Sales, + Hours.

Boxing Day Opening Hours

  • Big W 7AM (VIC) / 8AM (WA, Some NSW/VIC) / 9AM (NSW, SA, QLD, NT, ACT) / 10AM (TAS)
  • David Jones 6AM (Sydney: Elizabeth St, Market St., Melbourne: Bourke St., Chadstone) 7AM (Most of NSW & VIC, ACT), 8AM (VIC, Rest of NSW & VIC), 8AM (Pacific Fair QLD, WA), 9AM (SA, QLD, Carousel WA)
  • The Good Guys 8AM (VIC, WA, TAS, ACT, NT, NSW), 9AM (SA, QLD)
  • Harvey Norman 8AM (VIC, NSW, QLD, TAS, WA, Darwin), 9AM (SA, ACT, Alice Springs)
  • JB Hi-Fi 6AM (Chadstone), 7AM (VIC & Some NSW, ACT, TAS, Adelaide), 8AM (NSW, ACT, WA, Brisbane), 9AM (NT, QLD, SA)
  • Myer 5AM (Melbourne, Sydney, Chadstone), 7AM (Most locations, Hobart), 8AM (WA, Eastland, Fountain Gate, Frankston, Knox, Dubbo, Geelong), 8:30AM (Cairns) 9AM (SA, Most of QLD)
  • Target 8AM (Most Stores), 9AM (Some Stores)



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Forum Discussions

Boxing Day 2020 Discussion. Catalogues + Sales, Opening Hours

Boxing Day is December 26, 2020. Let us know in the comments if you spot a sale or deal. If there is a good one, then Submit it or let us know in the comments. Tag your deal with 'Boxing …

Boxing Day Is No Bargain, The Bargain Is Here on OzBargain

So i have seen many news reports that go something like this "bargain hunters going to get a deal" let me tell you something, if you are lining outside myer at 6am to get a …

PC Purchase Budget Gaming Build

I am going to build a cheap gaming PC and upgrade it over time. Right now what I am looking to buy is: Ryzen 3 3100 CPU A B550 motherboard (particular model yet to be determined) 32GB of RAM + the …

Boxing Day - Ultrawide Monitor?

Looking for a ultrawide monitor at a good price this boxing day. I know there was the $450 Xiaomi from eBay Plus that I missed, I regret missing that so much, but keen to see if I can pick up any …

Total Tools

Purchased $2500 of Tools from Total Tools on Christmas Eve - Now 20% off

I was actually a total tool on Christmas Eve and bought $2500 of tools at Total Tools! Now I see they have 20% off most of the stuff I bought and a free battery for the power tool set I …

eBay Australia

eBay 20% Boxing Day Sales - Reckon This Will Happen?

Found something I want on eBay - not sure if I should pull the trigger now or wait for another week until Boxing Day. Does eBay historically do sitewide sales on Boxing Day? Edit: I am an eBay …

Best Discounts Are on Black Friday or Boxing Day?

Hi bargainers, So most retailers released their Black Friday deals with up to 50% off on mens fashion. I was wondering if it was worth waiting for Boxing Day sales and if traditionally sales are …

Boxing Day 2019 Discussion. Catalogues + Sales, Opening Hours

Boxing Day is December 26, 2019. Let us know in the comments if you spot a sale or deal. If there is a good one, then Submit it or let us know in the comments. Tag your deal with 'Boxing …

Mid January Sales & Retailers Captializing on Boxing Day Frenzy

I wanted to stock up on T.M. Lewin shirts and went looking for deals, wanting to catch it early (as they tend to sell out of the sizes you want). I wasn't too impressed with the current …

What’s Your “Steal” Purchase from Boxing Day Sales (20th Dec to 27th Dec)

Mine has been a Max and Miller polarised sunglasses for $11 which were delivered today and found them to be substandard so I will be returning it. I seem to recall that previous years seem to have a …


Myer Extended Boxing Day Sale till Today - eastland (VIC)

Was at myer eastland (VIC) when heard an announcement that they will be extending boxing day sale till today 9 pm because of the EFPTOS issues that happened on boxing day. i beleive this might be …

The Good Guys

[Price Error] Nintendo Switch Lite $219 @ The Good Guys

Very good price! Couldn't be another pricing error! All three colours available. Lenovo Smart Clock W Google Assistant $68 Google Nest Mini $57 Xbox one SAD 1TB console - $199 Samsung Galaxy …

Best Value Curved Monitor This Boxing Day?

Hi everyone, I'm going to buy a curved desktop monitor during the boxing day sales. Can someone please guide me on the best places to look at for the best price? I'm looking for maybe a …

Birkenstock Boxing Day Deals?

My birks are dead after three years of solid wearing. Need a new pair but don't wanna pay full price.

JB Hi-Fi

Online Order and Pick up on Boxing Day

If I make an order prior to the store opening on Boxing day, how likely is it that I will be able to pick it up in a hour after the store opens? I don't usually shop at JBHiFi. I am looking to …

Boxing Day Store opening outside Sydney CBD since when?

I recall seeing some SMH page or so few years before Westfield Paramatta, Hornsby, Rouse Hills Town centre used to be closed on Boxing day and mostly the shops in CBD were open. Does anyone know …

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