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Seagate Exos OEM New 16TB from $319.95 (Sold Out), Recertified 16TB from $279.95 + Postage with Limited Qty @ Neology Technology


Hello Data Hoarder, Bargain Hunters, and everyone in between! The moment you've been eagerly awaiting is finally here – our 2023 Boxing Day Sale, featuring jaw-dropping deals on hard drives. This year, we are going big, with special emphasis on high-capacity HDDs, including our star attractions: the 16TB and 18TB models. It’s time to upgrade your storage without breaking the bank!

Our Boxing Day Sale event will start at 0:00 on the 26th Dec 2023 until 23:59 27th Dec 2023.

Mega Capacity at Mini Prices!
Our Boxing Day HDD Wonderland brings to you these high-capacity drives at prices that are hard to believe. Expect huge discount on selected models. It's your best chance to grab that 16TB or 18TB HDD you've been eyeing.

A Sneak Peek at Some Deals:
The 16TB Behemoth: Perfect for extensive data hoarders and priced like never before people who wants 16TB HDDs.
The 18TB Giant: Ideal for professionals and creators, available at an unbeatable price people who wants more HDD capcity in a NAS with constrained disk slots that offer a reasonable $/TB value.
All Sizes: For those who after capacity with a affordable price tag, now available at enticing discounts.

===============IGNORE ABOVE IF THERE ARE TOO MUCH SALES-Y WORDS===============

Boxing Day Sales Event

We are introducing two new exciting ways for this boxing day sale.
1.Early Bird Discount Sale - Referring to the tables below, we are having special prices for the most popular models with limited quantities. Early birds enjoy hard drives with better discounts.

*To ensure that as many customers as possible can take advantage of these incredible discounts, we've implemented a maximum purchase limit with certain discounted items. This rule is in place to guarantee a fair opportunity for all participants to enjoy our special Boxing Day prices.

Brand New Seagate Exos OEM Version - 3 Years Store Warranty

Models ST10000NM0016 ST12000NM001G ST14000NM001G ST16000NM001G ST18000NM000J
Discount Levels X10 10TB X16 12TB X16 14TB X16 16TB X18 18TB
★★★★★★ 239.95(8pcs) $269.95( 20pcs) $289.95(20pcs) $319.95(30pcs) $379.95(20pcs)
★★★★★ 249.95(8pcs) $279.95(20pcs) $299.95(20pcs) $329.95(30pcs) $389.95(20pcs)
★★★★ 259.95(8pcs) $289.95(20pcs) $309.95(20pcs) $339.95(40pcs) $399.95(20pcs)
★★★ 269.95(4pcs) $299.95(20pcs) $319.95(20pcs) $349.95(50pcs) $409.95(20pcs)
★★ 279.95(6pcs —-) ~~$309.95(20pcs) $329.95(20pcs)~~ $359.95(60pcs 70pcs) $419.95(20pcs)
289.95(—-) $319.95(30pcs —-) $339.95(30pcs —-) $369.95(100pcs 80pcs) $429.95(30pcs)

Recertified Seagate Exos - 12 Months Store Warranty

Models R-ST14000NM001G R-ST14000NM000J R-ST16000NM001G R-ST16000NM000J R-ST18000NM000J R-ST20000NM007D
Discount Levels X16 14TB X18 14TB X16 16TB X18 16TB X18 18TB X20 20TB
★★★★★ $249.95(4pcs) $259.95(4pcs) $279.95(10pcs) $284.95(10pcs) 339.95(10pcs) $419.95(10pcs)
★★★★ $259.95(4pcs) $269.95(4pcs) $289.95(20pcs) $294.95(20pcs) 349.95(20pcs) $429.95(20pcs)
★★★ $269.95(4pcs) $279.95(2pcs) $299.95(30pcs) $304.95(30pcs) 359.95(30pcs) $439.95(30pcs)
★★ —- —- $309.95(40pcs) $314.95(40pcs) 369.95(40pcs) $449.95(40pcs)
—- —- $319.95(50pcs) $324.95(50pcs) 379.95(50pcs) $459.95(50pcs)

  • Prices are GST inclusive. Tax Invoice will be provided.
  • Postage depends on the shipping destination and total weight of order, a postage quote will be provided during the checkout process.
  • Dispatch ETA are vary based on HDD models and stock availability, please see listing page for details

2.Pop-up flash deals during the boxing day sale event:
Random deals will pop up during the event time, each of flash sales last for one hour or until stock lasts. Make a wish by commentting below for the models you would like to get in the flash deals and it may come true! More likely to happen with models available in our ranges.
Flash deal stocks are limited. Maximum purchase limit applies.
Check flash deals regularly at: https://neology.com.au/collections/boxing-day-special

To avoid great wall of text, for FAQ such as compatibility, order processes, warranty, etc, please see here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/814724
* We reserve rights to cancel orders if the anti-fraud engine flag order with high risks.This might be caused if the order is place via a VPN connection, or a specific credit card was used.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Neology Technology Team


Update 25/12/2023:
We've made adjustments on the quantity allocation on each discount levels to improve the opportunities for more OzBers enjoys our products with discounted prices.

Update 26/12/2023:
Flash Sale Schedule on the Boxing Day

Model Date Start Time (AEDT)
R-ST8000NM0055 26/12/2023 08:00
R-ST10000NM017B 26/10/2023 10:00
WUH721816ALE6L4 26/12/2023 12:00
WUH721414ALE6L4 26/12/2023 14:00
ST16000NM000J 26/12/2023 16:00
WUH721818ALE6L4 26/12/2023 18:00
R-ST20000NT001 26/12/2023 20:00
R-ST22000NM001E 26/12/2023 22:00

Update 27/12/2023:
It seems to be an technical issue that Seagate EXOS X22 22TB ST22000NM001E was not listed properly on flash sale today.
We have fixed the issue and It will be listed tomorrow at 16:00

Flash Sale Schedule on the 27 Dec 2023

Model Date Start Time (AEDT)
ST4000LM024 (2.5" - 15mm) 27/12/2023 09:00
Refurbished WUH721818ALE6L4 27/12/2023 10:00
Recertified ST10000NM0086 27/10/2023 11:00
2-Pack ST16000NM001G 27/12/2023 12:00
Recertified ST18000NM003D 27/12/2023 13:00
Refurbished WUH721414ALE6L4 27/12/2023 14:00
ST5000LM000 (2.5" - 15mm) 27/12/2023 15:00
ST22000NM001E 27/12/2023 16:00
Refurbished WUH721816ALE6L4 27/12/2023 17:00
2-Pack ST18000NM000J 27/12/2023 18:00
Intel 760P 1TB M.2 SSD TLC 27/12/2023 20:00

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2023

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  • +17

    Deals seem ok, but the words are just over the top sales-y

    • +41

      Hi, I'm Al Harrington, President and CEO of Al Harrington's Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium and Warehouse! Thanks to a shipping error I am now currently overstocked on wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men, and I am passing the savings on to you!

      • +4

        You forgot jaw dropping so I’m out.

    • +1

      And cluttered with words words words.

    • +1

      The prices are there in nice clear tables so just look at them…

    • +9

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Added a line to separte the Sales-y bit and the Juicy bit.

      Hope it improves your expereience.

      • +8


      • +2

        The 16TB Behemoth: Perfect for extensive data hoarders and priced like never before.
        The 18TB Giant: Ideal for professionals and creators, available at an unbeatable price.

        16TB: For people who want 16TB
        18TB: For people who want 18TB

        Fixed it for you.

        • Okay! Thanks for that.

          Maybe a bit too plain….. ?

          I've kept partial fancy wording and updated with a dash of the tasty bits, how about:
          The 16TB Behemoth: Perfect for extensive data hoarders and priced like never before people who wants 16TB HDDs.
          The 18TB Giant: Ideal for professionals and creators, available at an unbeatable price people who wants more HDD capcity in a NAS with constrained disk slots that offer a reasonable $/TB value.

    • Agreed. It would be better if it just said “oi (profanity), got some cheap drives for ya”

      • +2

        It is more of sense of festival….with the boxing day scene….like someone is yelling these salesy words and selling things in the market with loudspeaker….

        "oi.. got some cheap hdd for ya" sounds like a druggie trying to sell something around the street corner and hiding from the crowds….. lol

        • As a south-west Sydney resident, the second option is a much more effective marketing strategy but thats just us

  • How much is postage?

    • +1

      It depends on the destination and total weight of the order. Shipping quote will be provided during checkout.
      For example, with AusPost Standard Post + Signature, 1pc HDD (0.9kg) to Melbourne Metro is $12.95, to Sydney Metro is $15.95

  • +1

    Where are the drives made?

    • +2

      What does that matter?

      • +1

        I've had reliability problems in the past with specifically Chinese made drives.

        • -5

          Chinese would be the most reliable. Ask Apple (they will soon have 50% discount for non Chinese products ;)

        • +1

          At least they're not made in Hungary… land of the Deathstar.

    • +4

      Thailand and China, depends on the models and batches.

  • So the flash deal discounts will be more than the Early Bird Discount? Looking to pickup recertified X16 16TB's

    • Noted the model for flash sale :)

      • Would love this too… wonder if I missed it already.

  • Any deal for Skyhawk? Need a HDD for Reolink NVR which only comes with 2TB

    • Sorry, we don't have Skyhawk at the moment.

  • Hmmm … I may be missing something here, but why are there 3 prices for the same quantity?

    Also, why is it store warranty? Are these drives not covered by a manufacturer warranty?

    • Yes, you need to read the descriptions above each table

    • There are limited quantity associtated with each discount level. For example, with ST18000NM000J, some customer can purchase at $379.95 when sales starts. When 10pcs stocks with $379.95 are sold out, the next cutomer will need to purchase at $389.95.

      In terms of Manufacturer Warranty
      Q: Can I claim warranty with the manufacturer? Why these hard drive's warranty are 3 years instead of 5 years?
      A: These are the OEM stock, means these hard drives are part of the large order and have a special term on the warranty.
      Upon checking the serial number on manufacturers' website, it displays the relevant model but will refer you to "Contact the place of purchase for warranty" or "Out of Region".
      Manufacturer usually refuses the warranty of OEM product and will refer customer to contact the place of purchase for warranty claim.

      For more FAQ, please see them here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/814724

  • +9

    We've implemented $/TB display in the product listing page to save your time for the calculation.
    We've also implemented stock level indicator for the transparency.

    Hope you like these new small features

    • They're greatly appreciated, thank you.

  • excellent! was looking forward to the next Neology special!

  • Hello Data Hoarder….. Damn that's me, meeeee.

    • Heeellllooooooo!!!

  • -3

    I see Seagate I ran the other way like no tomorrow (lost 4T of photos from 2007, luckily I had back ups)

    • +4

      4TB of photos in 2007? What were you storing, the whole of Google Picasa?

      • +1

        Lots lots of photos and videos from 2007 to 2022. I pretty much backed up my entire 15 years of photos and videos to the 4T Seagate. Was bought in Officeworks. Only had it for a few years too and just went dead one day. No more SG ever again

        • Sorry for that. I usually backup everything to the cloud and once every year to an external drive.

    • +8

      To be honest, I have persoanlly experienced hard drive crash with Quantum, Maxtor, Seagate, IBM Deskstar and Ultrastar, HGST, WD (laptop HDD), Toshiba (laptop HDD).
      I had even experienced two HGST drives in RAID 1 array in a Dell 1U Blade Server died in between 5 hours - we noticed one HDD was dead and try to save data from the other HDD, and the 2nd one died during the exporting of data. Had to use data recovery service to recovery all the data from both drives.

      Based on my personal expereince, all HDDs will have a time of end of their life, just sooner or later, expected or unexpected. It is better to follow the 3-2-1 rules to backup your important data
      3 - There should be 3 copies of data.
      2 - On 2 different media.
      1 - With 1 copy being off-site.

      • Don’t you say maxtor, I have I think a 300mb maxtor still running to this day

        • I had a 6.4GB Maxtor, in a Legend (former brand of Lenovo) Pentium 3 desktop , super super loud, lasted for 10 years.
          Then had a 20GB Maxtor some years after, in a AMD Athlon 1700 desktop, died in 2-3 years.

          • @Neology: If that Maxtor was a default size 3.5 it's pretty much rebranded Quantum with known overheating issues. If it's a slim 3.5 they were testing new technologies and obviously had reliability issues.

            • +1

              @Ozzster: "rebranded Quantum with known overheating issues" — That's why they called "Fireball" and Maxtor just inherit the legacy
              The failed 20GB was a slim one… lol
              And I had a couple of Quantum Fireball with the conroller burnt….There was one I saw and smell the smoke from that chip…. those were nightmares

  • Tempted to get another 18TB!

  • +1

    Eastdigital will do the rectified x18 18tb for US$168 ($247) each if you email them, including fedex from HK

    • that sounds pretty bloody good! have you done this? Can you share the person you dealt with? Thanks!

      • I initially ordered the HC550 16tb but they sold out, so was offered the above deal or 16tb HC550 for $130/ea for used units, but still with 3y warranty.

        The guy I dealt with was Yankee

        • Iys always Yankee; do be sure to haggle a little, but not much. Theres usually a tenner left in there.

  • should I be nervous about buying a couple recertified drives?

    • FYI, Recertified is offiically refurbished by manufacturer, it has gone through manufacturer's QA process to reset SMART data and perform certain test before release to the market. Seagate replace the label and use "recertified" wording on the label for such products. Usually recertified products are provided as warranty replacement.

      Comments from previous post may be helpful: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/14711281/redir

      If you are interested in the SMART data, here are SMART data from some examples:

      • -2

        This really scares me that SMART is wipped. Various places, Google, Backblaze for example have published reliability after a certain amount of powered on hours.

        These reconditioned drives get an absolute pounding in data centres worldwide, they don't just sit idle. They are packed in high density racks and when they reach a certain age they are sold on before they fall.

        AliExpress and other market places in Asia are full of these reconditioned drives.

        I would recommend avoiding reconditioned drives, the savings are just not there, they should be at least 70% off. They are literally on borrowed time.

        If you want to save money, try shucking and self warranty that way.

        • +1

          Recertified aren't just "wiped", they're repaired drives from the manufacturer spec, If recertified drives were no good, the manufacturer wouldn't issue them as warranty replacements as their reputation would be tarnished.

          Seller refurbished is a different kettle of fish and 2nd had without the quality check on presumably a drive that hasn't failed.

          As for drives sitting in data centers "taking a pounding", possible but kinda questionable, TBH the I/O just isnt there in a mechanical disk, the power consumption alone is insane with ~10W per drive for a measly 200IOPS vs 50,000-100,000+ and greater on SSDs, its not economical to run mechanical for anything than bulk storage.
          Back in the day when mechanical drives were used for high I/O workloads, they were typically 10-15kRPM SAS drives, not 7.2K SATA.
          These days most I/O intensive workloads are delegated to SSDs with mechanicals filling the need for bulk storage.
          Not saying its not possible, just highly unlikely.

  • Want to know is Exos 16 TB / 18 TB is made in Thailand?

    are those discount apply to only buying one drive?

    are those 3 year warranty with Seagate itself?

    are those drive SMR?

    Thanks in advance if you can reply to me.

    Are those hard drive brand new or it is re-certified ?

    • +4

      Want to know is Exos 16 TB / 18 TB is made in Thailand?
      A: Some stocks of 16TB and 18TB are made in Thaland. You can put comment in your order and the warehouse will try their best to pick the Thailand stock for you.
      If the relevant stock is not available, we will contact you via email or phone call to discuss.

      are those discount apply to only buying one drive?
      A: Discount applies to qty between 1pc to 4pcs, subject to stock availability

      are those 3 year warranty with Seagate itself?
      A: 3 Years Store Warranty
      Q: Can I claim warranty with the manufacturer? Why these hard drive's warranty are 3 years instead of 5 years?
      A: These are the OEM stock, means these hard drives are part of the large order and have a special term on the warranty.
      Upon checking the serial number on manufacturers' website, it displays the relevant model but will refer you to "Contact the place of purchase for warranty" or "Out of Region".
      Manufacturer usually refuses the warranty of OEM product and will refer customer to contact the place of purchase for warranty claim.

      are those drive SMR?
      A: Seagate Exos series are CMR drives

      Thanks in advance if you can reply to me.
      You're welcome. Glad to provide clarity

      Are those hard drive brand new or it is re-certified ?
      A:Brand new and Recertified ranges are marked clearly in the product title and product description.
      Brand New OEM: https://neology.com.au/products/boxing-day-special-seagate-e…
      Recertified: https://neology.com.au/products/boxing-day-special-recertifi…

    • +3

      Are those hard drive brand new or it is re-certified ?

      Best "I didn't actually look at the post before typing a heap" question in a pretty impressive thread for that sort of thing.

  • Hi, any 2.5” SAS/SATA 10k drives by any chance?

  • +4

    What an extremely convoluted deal…

    So have I got this right - 1 person can get 4 drives max, and there are only 10 available at each price point? So in theory only 2 and a half people can get the max discount anyway.

    • Thanks for your feedback.

      We do want to provide a deal with the best price possible to many people if it is possible.
      The reality is we are approvied with limited stock and budget for the sale - some of them are selling at the price below the cost.

      In term of the limitation, we had an internal discussion on if the qty should have a limitation? and shall we limit the qty at 2 or 4 or 8?
      With limited stock, we do benefit more people with discounted price. We finially decided on 4pcs limit based on most home users would have a 4bay NAS.
      Limit with 2pcs may benefit more customers, but it makes more complication for people who is after 4 drives.

      Hope this explains the rational behind the rules.

      We would like to hear from you guys if there are suggestions could help us to run a better deal next time.

  • -1

    Who is upvoting this when we are getting 16TB x18 going for $308.

    • Link?

      • +1

        Eastdigital had them on sale just a week ago. they are sold out
        X18 18TB seem like a good deal but with only 10left it will be gone in seconds

        • -4

          Eastdigital is bs, don't know if they are really new and in any case I'd rather deal with an aus registered company for warranty. Good luck tho

          • +2

            @[Deactivated]: Easterndigital is one of the main suppliers for the many OzB groupbuys over the years, they are not "bs". Suggest you do your research.

            • -3

              @BargainKen: That means nothing, suggesting you do your research, and hope you dont get compromised and try your odds at a warrants claim

        • -1

          How are you going with buying the sold-out ones?

          • +3

            @mickeyjuiceman: went great got 2x 16TB + 7% cashback.
            and they had more then only 10 in stock

            • -1

              @Hatter: Not how "did," how "are." There's a fairly significant difference.

        • -1

          Eastdigital ones will almost surely be used drives with wiped SMART data, in which case, I'd rather just get the recertified drives here for $279.95.

          • @p1 ama: Neology organised the GBs through Eastdigital, I'd honestly assume their supplier is likely Eastdigital?

            But yes you will get Aus support etc this way

    • Source of current deal?

    • +12

      Thanks for your comment.

      We would like to say that we are a small business based in Melbourne, with a team to support our customers with their sales and warranty enquries locally.
      So the communication can be easier and warranty process has quicker turnaround time. We also provide 30 days guarantee in case the product is DoA - both ways postage are on us.
      As per item description, prices are GST inclusive, we provide tax invoices with every orders.

      As much as we are running a busines in a lean model, some cost are inevitable, such as rent, labour and professional services - accounting, etc.

      If these services and attrubutes are not somthing you value, please feel free to make selection on products with more suitable price for you.

      Hope it helps.

      • +1

        Classy response. 👏🏻

    • +1

      seems decent but dam the 10-20 stocks on the higher discounts doubt i will get a single one.
      might just have to wait for another Eastdigital deal.

    • +6

      I am handing out a very rare neg bcos this is not a deal it's a gamification sale.
      Very few readers here are going to get the full discount, well to be more precise ~*5-20 people assuming they only get one, which is not going to be the case. Jimmy Horder is going to camp the site, and pick up 5 x 10GB @ $240 + who knows what for shipping for his NAS and y'all get none @ that price.

      So neg for the limited quantity sliding discount BS.

      • +1

        Thanks for your feedback.
        I understand exactly where you come from.

        Our team had a debate on if we should reveal the quantities on each of the model.
        We could sell on low price with very limited stock without telling people how many we have with each of the discount levels. I suggested to go for the transparent way - and this is exactly other team members worried about.

        I am sorry that we can only get limited stock for the Boxing Day sale. In a perfect world, we should have unlimited resources without worrying about prices.

        I will have a chat with the team for a possible improvement.


        • +9

          Transparency is always good. Another option could have involved averaging the discount and selling all your stock at that price, eliminating the gamification element.

          • @raybies: TBF, they can run this the way they want, and people who don't want to get involved can just not get involved. It's up to THEM how they run it.

            • @mickeyjuiceman: I'm pretty sure raybies was meaning that the way they have price breaks as stock reduces means that the deal title ends up being misleading, seeing as most (if not all) OzBargainers will not get these at the price listed in the title, which is a fair complaint.

          • @raybies: Thanks again. We've made relevant adjustment based on your feedback: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/14762944/redir


  • I need Western Digital Enterprise 3.5" SATA HDD Ultrastar DC HC550 to be discounted.
    16Tb size ones.

    • +1

      You’ve come to the wrong place.

      • Why? They did it in the group buy last time

    • +3

      We have WD DC HC 550 ranges, I can suggest the team to run a sale in one of the flash deals.
      Will discuss with the team to find out the best price we can do.

      • Awesome thanks

    • +1

      hc550 is loud

      • Yes and so?
        My server is in a garage and can't hear it.

  • +4

    Honestly i think this post is gaming the OzB system a little bit. 'Up to' pricing, post probably has a bunch of upvotes from people glancing at the headline, and possibly should be in limited quantity deals?

    • +5

      I am not trying to be negative about the poster who I am sure is well meaning, but I agree with you - I think the headline price should be for those drives that are available in fair quantities

    • Thanks mate. We've made relevant adjustment in the headline and stock availability against each discount levels based on your feedback: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/14762944/redir

  • What do you recommend for reliability whilst been quiet?

  • The December budget won't allow unfortunately. Hope you have a similar sale in the new year.

  • Any SAS drives in promotion ?

    • Please PM me the model and qty you after and I’ll help with a good deal for you.

  • +1

    Anything in 2.5” SATA?

    Want to use as expanded drive for my eufy homebase


    • Will have 4TB and 5TB 2.5" 15mm SATA drive on Flash Sale today

  • +14

    It seems a lot of you are comparing our deals with East Digital HK and are interested in the relationship between us. Fair enough.

    So to provide some clarity on our relationship with ED: I organised four GBs in OzB, because I wanted to buy HDD at a good price. With the GB model, I bargain for a good price, OzBer placed order directly with ED. ED asked me to help with distribution, customer service and warranty in 1st GB - 4th GB in 2022.

    It was not easy to place and track order in the first four GBs. Some of you may remember that I helped to check with order progress manually in the early GBs.
    So I suggested ED to set up a website to make the GB ordering easier. ED suggested me to build the website first and will then pay for it. So we've made one
    In additional, with 5th GB, we want ED to declare proper value at custom, and pay the duty, GST and relevant charges, otherwise it would create huge risks for us. We also asked to pay for our labour as the customer service demand and warrnty cases are increasing.

    ED agreed to pay for the website,GST, duties and our services at the first place, then withdrawn the supply of 5th GB after many orders came through. We had to find new suppliers to honour and fulfill most of the orders. For what happened in 5th GB, please see comments in the 5th GB post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/788353

    Later, ED told us that they had their brand and reputation in the Australian market and doesn't want to run GB anymore (becuase there are people who post their eBay deals on OzB from time to time, so they don't see any values of running GB). Also claimed they found a "solution" for distribution in Australia so they pulled the distribution, customer service and warranty operation from us. They don't want to pay "unnecessary" fees like GST or duty or our service to increase "unnecessary" cost for them, so they can sell in low prices.

    Well that's their decision and I respect it.

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