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Roku Japanese Gin 700ml $48.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Price just went up to $52.50 in the last 5 mins matching Dan's.

Unique blend of six Japanese-based botanicals
Scent of cherry blossoms and green tea with hints of floral-sweet notes
Complex and complex, perfect harmony between classic gin taste
Soft and velvety on the palate. Sancho pepper provides a light spiciness on the finish
ABV 43%

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    same price as dans and first choice

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      And first choice will give you 2000 points ($10) if you click and collect > $50

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        And better still if combined with 20%+ cashback from CR/SB.

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      Don't know if prices have changed but I'm seeing prices in the $50s at both Dans and LL.

      • Yeah they went back up.

  • How does this compare to the UK brands, say Hendricks. I've been thinking of getting a bottle for the last few years and every year its been slowly creeping down in price every year. Now it's sub $50

    • +16

      Wait out a few more years I’m sure the price to creep down further.

    • +3

      Give it a go.
      What I personally find most important is the type of tonic you use. Steer clear of scheweppes tonics or supermarket brand tonics and spend a bit more to get something like Fever Tree. I find it makes such a big difference

      • -5

        Why would someone down vote parent without any reply

    • Personally, I prefer Jinzu. That drop’s the best Japanese-styled gin I’ve tasted so far…

      • Jinzu is horrible imo.

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    One of my favourite gins. Just mix it with ice, soda and tonic water

    • +6

      Soda and tonic water? At what ratio? I would have thought you'd use one or the other.

      • +1

        Gin ctually tastes good about 1/3 each gin/soda/tonic, and ice n lime off course.
        Less sweet than a reg g&t

      • +2

        yes, as mentioned by mick, it would be 1/3 gin, 1/3 soda, and 1/3 tonic - then we'd call it Gin & Sonic (Soda & Tonic). :)

        • Haha I like the name. Nice!

  • Love my Roku, usually I drink it straight. Or tiny bit of soda

  • +1

    Price just went up to $52.50 in the last 5 mins matching Dan's.

    • Thx. Added in description

      • Should mark the deal as expired if the price has gone back up.

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