What Is Living in Chadstone Like?

I'm about to start renting in Chadstone and I just wanted to know thoughts of people that are already living there. I will be above the M1 freeway, about 10 min walk from Jordanville Station.

Is there a lot of traffic? Is the Glen Waverley line stable? How are the people in Chadstone? Crime rate? Crazy people?

Let me know!


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    It's a nice place - very convenient in terms of transportation, e.g. the M1 like you point out, but train stations like Holmesglen and East Malvern are both accessible, also a lot of bus lines due to the shopping centre.

    I used to live on the Glen Waverley line, which I've always found to be reliable and safe. Back then, the Chadstone area used to be pretty full of international students because it's close to several major universities / TAFE, e.g. Monash (both Clayton and Caulfield), Deakin, Holmesglen…etc.

    Crime rates and otherwise you can look up yourself, but the general feeling you'll get walking around is that it's pretty safe.

    My only "criticism" (if you can call it such) is that it gets extremely busy at peak periods (e.g. Friday nights, major shopping events) due to the shopping centre and it makes it pretty annoying to get around. Exit onto Warrigal Rd from the M1 will have long queues, the area around the intersection between Warrigal Rd and Princes Hwy is also an annoying place. If you can avoid that general shopping centre area, then I think you'll be fine though.

    • Warrigal Rd between Waverley and Dandenong Rd, is the south East version of Punt Rd. Absolutely hate that section

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    Is there a lot of traffic?

    its the biggest shopping center in the Southern Hemisphere..

    Chadstone Shopping Centre is the biggest shopping centre in Australia and one of the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere and probably the second largest.

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    Nachos Cantina is an amazing restaurant. They do takeaway margaritas.

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    lols 90% of the traffic are cars owned by shoppers

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    This is going to sound fecking crazy but wouldn't one find this information before moving into the area?

  • The Glen Waverley train line is awfully slow because it has so many stations and no express trains.

    If you are driving, there is no city bound freeway ramp on Huntingdale Rd so you have to use Warrigal Rd which is always very busy.

  • Above the M1 freeway? Like Skyrail but a house on top?

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