What Technological Improvements in The Next 10-15 Years Will Change Our Lives?

What technological improvements that most people will use, be affordable and available/accessible in the next 10 to 15 years?

Electronic cars? Supermarkets with no checkouts? No cash? Robots? Flying cars? Affordable commercial space travel?


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    My controversial opinions on a few things mentioned:

    • Battery tech isn't going to get substantially better in the next few decades. Current combinations of energy density and degradation have only made minor improvements for quite a while. Single digit and low double digit percentage improvements will come but revolutionary ones require an innovation we have no basis to believe is on the horizon.
    • Self driving vehicles have improved almost imperceptibly in the last 5 years and they were then and are now impractical as a fully automated service. I liken it to voice recognition/commands: it's improved bugger all in the last 20 years and only works trouble free in very limited contexts with a very limited set of commands. Driving is similar because like voices there's a buttload of variation. We're still decades away from it being viable.
    • Computer power/quantum computing… will probably develop along the standard paths it's already doing so. Once again I've been hearing about the quantum computing revolution for a long time and the longer we go the less impressive the claims are. If we get there it'll be a gradual linear shift not a sudden explosion forward.
    • Space stuff. Still ridiculously expensive. Musk claims he's way cheaper but charges more than NASA cost to actually launch stuff. The re-usable rockets only lower the price marginally and they currently only allow a handful of re-uses and cost a bunch of money and time to refurbish between re-uses. We're still at almost the same place we were 50 years ago.
    • AR has potential but has yet to demonstrate it's value. VR is almost useless. This is really just gut feeling I don't have any reason I think it.
    • Flying personal transportation: dumb as buggery. Massive energy requirements make it a horrifyingly bad idea. Drones work because of the incredibly low weight. Add ~100kg of person+stuff+safety stuff and you need a massive thing with massive power requirements. Electric scooters and motorbikes and cars (battery run) and good ole electric trams/trains (connected to grid) absolutely murder them by orders of magnitude in energy usage and safety.
    • Universal flu shot/universal vaccine/dna ultimate cure of infinity - pure speculation with no practical basis. We're in basically the same place with this idea as we were 20-30 years ago. Something new needs to actually happen, not just be hypothesized.
    • Lab grown meat: yeah, maybe. A growing industry, no pun intended, with clear improvements in the process and economic viability over time. Could be a big thing.
    • IOT… I mean, I guess so? It won't be revolutionary or interesting though. Just a fairly mundane improvement over existing control of your stuff.
    • Vaccine passports: not even a blip on the radar in 10 years, barring a big crazy infectious, crazy deadly variant of COVID or something else coming along. It'll be restricted to what it was 2 years ago with only certain jobs and certain countries/visas requiring them. That said with our population glut, the acceleration impact of climate change, anti-science sentiment… a crazy infectious, crazy deadly virus isn't exactly out of the question. But for the flu in a similar form it is now? No.
    • Neuralinks: nah. At least not in the next decade. Ask me again in 2031. Similar to the reception Google Glass got ~9 years ago it would be socially rejected. And current tech and probably near future tech can't do much more than move a mouse or the like. When Musk presented it like it could read your mind that was pure bull hockey.

    All of my things that I actually think will happen are boring extensions of current stuff. Just like, you know, if you made these kinds of predictions every 10 years all the things that actually happened were pretty much boring extensions of current stuff.

    • Nice response to some of my predictions. Most of them I pulled out my ass but I posted it anyway to see how far off I am in the future.

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    sex robots, definitely sex robots…

  • They probably going to invent a fleshlight with flexing muscles built into the container, you won't want to miss out on that.

  • Drones, UAVs, driverless vehicles, they'll be used for delivering goods, post, and then eventually people.
    Escooters or small personal electric vehicles will reduce traffic and car use.

  • I see more of a dystopia happening or at least strong push to;

    -Chinese style digital surveillance.
    -everything a subscription
    -a lot of work being automated
    -social media more effective mind control
    -larger wealth gap
    -automated weapons

  • Augmented Reality.

    And perhaps the Technological Singularity.
    (Most likely you will not notice when it happens).

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    Built in MS Paint plugin for OzBargain

  • Electronic cars? Supermarkets with no checkouts? No cash? Robots? Flying cars? Affordable commercial space travel?

    Some of these are already here, others are more than 10-15 years away, and some aren't life changing. You are probably interested in tech and gadgets, but I'm more partial to health and wellbeing breakthroughs. So, being able to cure incurable diseases, slow down, stop or reverse aging, basically anything that helps you live longer, I consider more life changing than conveniences. That's because I view still being alive in 50-80 years and not on the way to an aged care home more life changing than being dead.

    Getting old is what I fear most. The thought of getting dementia and other incurable diseases is stressful. You will get it btw, if you live long enough, and something else doesn't kill you first, you will get it. And all men will get prostate cancer, again, if they live long enough. I got a lot riding on big pharma. I hope they can pull through in time. I'm not that old, but I've been worrying about old people's problems since my mid 20s.

  • Self cleaning toilets. Or carbon absorbing microbes

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      Couldn't come soon enough.

  • Nothing life changing. I feel the only truly life changing technology in my lifetime has been the internet. Everything else are just various iterations of an internet related technology or an improvement on an existing tech. The future will probably just bring incremental improvements to what we already have

    • Robots. Clean ur house. Deliver stuff replacing humans. U have no imagination.

      • I already have a robot that cleans my house. It was hardly life changing. I pay an Amazon guy to deliver my stuff. If you replaced him with a robot I would hardly notice. Things like smartphones, 5G etc. I consider to be just another way of accessing the real revolution behind it all which was the internet.

        The only thing I imagine might be life changing in the future is if AI became significantly better and all the promises of quantum computing became real. We could then simulate and compute stuff we never thought was possible. Anything requiring an kind of cryptography would need to be reworked, current NFT's and crypto would be worthless, weather and complex natural phenomena could be simulated leading to breakthroughs in medicine, chemistry, physics and materials science.

        I also considered fusion power but with the speed that renewables are advancing, fusion is almost not necessary anymore.

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    Meta verse and nfts

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    Half life 2 episode 3

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      You're a dreamer.

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    Fully autonomous cars and roads controlled by a central computer like in irobot

  • I'd be happy with 4k broadcasting from terrestrial TV channels.

  • Genetic research is now pinning down which genes produce which physical characteristics. The initial purpose of the research is so police can look at DNA traces, and even if they don't have it on record and know whose it is, they will still be able to produce a description of the person. Sex. Height. Weight. Colouring. Etc.

    Of course once they know what genes produce what physical characteristics, the next step will be to modify the DNA in vitroeo so that the child born has all the possible advantages of good DNA, and none of the disadvantages. Everyone will want their child to be tall and pretty and have the right colouring, and not have a tendency to put on weighty, or suffer from chronic conditions. And everyone rich will be able to afford it. So we will start seeing a divergence of the species into the perfect children of the rich, and the losers.

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    Covid booster shots via iPhone built-in syringe ™.

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    Self shucking portable hard drives

    • lol brilliant

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    We've seen the replacement of low-skill jobs, like product assembly, with robots. The decades to come will see the progressive replacement of high-paid professional jobs with artificial intelligences.

    You won't go to a doctors surgery. You'll go onto the internet to what appears to be an empathetic person, and it'll be an AI. That will provide the first level of care, and only be referred to a human if the AI decides its necessary. Consultancy over the internet has been legitimised and validated by covid. They'll just substitute an AI for the GP at the other end, just as many help desks do now. Ditto if you want legal advice. Every child will have their own AI teacher.

    This will not just fundamentally change schools, it will require universities, which is where professions are taught, to fundamentally change.

    Airline pilots and long distance truck drivers will have long since ceased to be occupations that provide any significant numbers of jobs.

    • I would happily deal with AI over almost every GP I've ever dealt with so I'm on board!

  • I see a future where legacy banks, bankers, brokers, financial advisors and payment intermediaries are replaced by code.

  • Electronic cars? Yes currently available, but the adoption rates will be higher on China, Japan and Korea.

    Supermarkets with no checkouts? Its quite hard to implement with human dishonesty but with a membership ID, A.I smart scanning and a credit chargeback or banning system that could happen for selected supermarkets for the middle to upper class.

    No cash? Already happening.

    Robots? Japan, China and Korea.

    Flying cars? There are current companies making them but getting them to commercially adopted by countries…maybe another 100 or more years or never but A.I has to be the key. ( Just look at our current sydney drivers and that should be your answer…..not in our lifetime)

    Affordable commercial space travel? Maybe another 100 years or less.

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    You know how everyone is staring down at their phones while walking, sitting in buses, trains, etc. The fix for that wil be the next step forward in our evolution.

  • We will see significant improvements in robotics, narrow AI, green tech, chemicals and medicines.
    You may even see regionalised 3D printing replace a significant volume of manufacturing.
    I'm hoping to see significant improvements in affordable battery technology.

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    Drones that delivery vital items to you instantly in remote areas. E.g. medical supplies. Which is happening already in some areas.

  • None, we'll all be dead from one of th many disasters we would have created

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    I dont see more mentions of the metaverse. This is probably gonna happen way more quicker than most people imagine.
    Imagine living completely in an alternate reality. Everything you do, will just happen in the metaverse. Picking what and how you look like. Gender choices. Going to school. Making friends. Going to the gym with your 'self'. Work. Buying expensive shiit. Even watching and controlling yourself copulate. The only thing you will probably need is a bathroom, food and a place to charge your device (which also can happen wirelessly, btw, our boy Elon would be selling this exclusively) - which you will be able to pay with the earnings (Obviously in Zucker coins) you make on the meta. The possibilities are endless. We eventually will realise there's no way out of the matrix.

    • This will become the norm in our lifetime?

      Sounds like science fiction.

      • Yeah, I was skeptical myself. But I changed my opinion when I read Bill Gates' opinion on this matter. He's probably more smarter than most humans put together imo. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/12/09/bill-gates-metaverse-will-ho...

        • Bill Gates is a boomer that knows as much about tech as Munger and Buffett.

          He can't even fix the BSoD after 36Y.

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            @rektrading: Of course. I will take your opinion over Bill Gates' any day of the year. What was I thinking!

            • @tik tok: It's not my opinion.

              The trio goes on tv regularly and talks about different subjects. Their understanding of tech (or lack of it) shows when they discuss it.

              "Not everybody is right all the time and I think we have to acknowledge that we all have biases". C. P

    • We've had access to virtual reality for decades and we've been sold avatars to replace real-life for just as long.

      We rely on more than just sight for things to feel real and immersive and sitting on a couch and looking around is not the same as waking around, touching smelling and experiencing things. Plus everyone using VR looks like a total tool and they know it.

      Using VR is pointless as a medium and a complete marketing tool for Zuckerberg right now. I laughed when he "announced" it like it was a new thing and people were expected to lap it up as something that would take off.

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    Google Maps will use augmented reality. You drive along roads that are augmented with colour, and your destination has a big large pin appearing over it in the sky.

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    Similar to how the iPhone that came out 13 years ago all of a sudden impacted our everyday lives without us realising it, I think 10-15 years from now applications of AR and VR will do the same.

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    People wont own anything in the future and they will love it.

    People will only rent things or pay for subscriptions for everything other than perishables. Cars/computers/clothes/whitegoods/pretty much anything you can think of.

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    AR and VR gaming

    electric cars with autonomous driving means each car will be used for personal transport + taxi services + delivery services.

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    I look forward to improvements in battery tech or energy generation. You need compact powerful source of energy for anything else, and unfortunately we don't have one.

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    I'd bank on immersive computing, wearables and battery technology improvements in the next 10-15 years.

    Some use cases:
    * Connected cars that communicate with traffic management systems and networks to improve traffic flow, reduce emissions, etc
    * Facial recognition at places like grocery stores and pharmacies so the point of sale/transaction occurs literary when you walk out of the store rather than paying with a checkout clerk or self-service machine
    * Public spaces and city areas will have significantly more surveillance and sensors to maximise public safety and gather more data
    * Smart phones will become a thing of the past and wearables will take their place, such as smart watches/bands or smart glasses with batteries that last much longer than they do today

    • Eww. But this could happen when all meat is banned by the vegan community.

      • The lobby with the deepest pockets will decide.

  • Affordable housing

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