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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi 128GB Mystic Silver $1099 + Delivery ($1044.05 Delivered with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Bing Lee eBay


$1099, extra discount & free shipping for ebay plus users.

Excludes: QLD Regional, SA Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box,

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ wifi 128 gb

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  • +2

    $10 cheaper for Mystic Navy on Amazon with a free Samsung 32gb micro sd card included

  • +9

    S8 still hasn’t dropped? Guess I’ll keep waiting

    • +6

      hard to justify a tablet over 1000 with 2 years old SOC….

      • I'm still waiting on the lenovo xiaoxin tab pro 12.6, but despite being released like 2 months ago in china it's vaporware everywhere else.

        • Is there a global ROM u can just flash onto it? I'd honestly have just bought in now if there is.

          • @KARMAAA: it's more about options for place to purchase, prefer to buy from somewhere like bangood than aliexpress for something of this price.

      • +4

        The only other alternative 12" are the yoga tab 13 and p12 with the sd870 and that chip is really only marginally better.

        Too much issues with streaming whitelist on the lenovo, let alone having to dick around with global roms and zero software support from them.

        So yeah this is still the best all rounder Android tablet, they can price what they want.

        • that's what makes me even sadder…

        • +2

          I couldn't agree more regarding the best Android tablet.I have to tab s6 and the software updates alone make it worth it. Because software updates have to be up on the list of features for something that will last you a while and cost so much

      • Unless of course, it's an iPad pro

  • Can anyone comment on the AMOLED screen? Is it full infinite contrast and per pixel dimming like an LG OLED TV? I have an M1 iPad Pro with the 12.9 inch mini-LED screen and I find the viewing experience disappointing, the blooming is pretty severe and distracting.

    • +1

      yes its like a oled TV with the deep blacks and rich colors

    • +1

      I don't think I've ever seen an oled that doesn't have individual control of pixel brightness? By definition that's how self illuminated pixels work.

  • +1

    An excellent tablet!

  • Yeah its a good tab but half the apps only support portrait, you have to get an app that forces landscape to use it. iPads have a better tab experience. But love the notes app too much to change, especially since I can share it with my Samsung Note 20.

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