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Hisense 519L Side by Side Refrigerator $839 Delivered Greater Sydney @eBay Powerland


Hisense side by side fridge 519L for $839 delivered for greater Sydney area. 3 star energy rating.

Seems to be on sale from all major retailers for $899, but Powerland has it for $889 on their website and eBay with free delivery, installation and removal for greater Sydney area (Sydney, Wollongong, and Central coast). This can be stacked with the current promo on eBay for another $50 off.
Delivery timeframe is pretty fast, I ordered yesterday and got a call today to confirm that it is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

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  • Very tempted. How's the fridge itself?

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      Have this model. Bought it a year ago. Very happy with it overall. The only minor improvement that could help it is the fact the door left open chime does not sound if left side door is left opened slightly. But that has hardly happened with us being concious of that fact. Everything else is perfect.

      • adjust the knob so it shuts for you :)

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    What is the use-case for having no freezer?

    • +17

      No idea, but this one has both:
      Fridge: 334L
      Freezer: 185L

    • Pwned

    • Pwned

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    Hello everyone,

    I am on the hunt for a fridge.

    Didn’t do much research on Hisense.

    Can anyone suggest a reliable side by side fridge for under $2000. Capacity around 650L.

    I am leaning towards LG. Samsung seems to be having a few issues and Mitsubishi is quite expensive.

    The models I am looking at GS-B655MBL and GS-L668PL.

    Any advise or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


    • Got a GS-B655MBL for a few weeks, seems to be good. The doors are a bit heavy with all the stuff on.

    • We have a LG for almost six years, very happy with the fridge.

    • +2

      Have a Hisense side by side 610L since 2016, haven't missed a beat.

      Have Westinghouse side by side 610L, last about 6-7 years until now, getting replaced with this Hisense. Probably repairable but need a replacement asap.

      I would recommend both brands.

      • Even I am looking for the Fridge under $2000 and quite confused. We are tempted to buy this
        Samsung fridge
        But hearing so many bad reviews on Samsung fridges. :(

        • +1

          I will never buy another Samsung whitegood again. Samsung fridge failed just after warranty. Kept getting ice (full on icicles) in the back of the unit (had to unscrew and pry it open). Had loud noise for years. Had to turn the fridge off to defrost every now and then to defrost. Got too hard in the end and upgraded to an LG.

          Similar thing happened with another family member’s Samsung washing machine with loud noises just outside of warranty and then tossed away.

    • +1

      In the same boat and also looking at the same LG models. Let me know if you find a good price, bing lee seems to be the cheapest. Or TGG commercial site

    • I have had a Hisense for about 3 or so years. Not this side by side, but very happy with the fridge and brand.

    • +3

      I'd avoid Korean fridges for a few years till their reputation gets better.

      LG just settled a class-action lawsuit for the compressor in their fridges
      Samsung is in a class-action for their ice-maker causing leaky fridges

      Obviously it does come down to luck. These lawsuits apply to fridges from a few years ago, but we also won't know about any issues with their new fridges till a few years later. If you are lucky then you might end up with a great LG/Samsung fridge…

      • I tend to agree and don't mean to lop them all in one category.

        6 years is a minimum period of use for white goods in my opinion.

        My mum's Hoover fridge is about 15 years old and struggling now.

    • I have the LG model and a previous LG for 6 years. No complaints. Barely notice the noise.

    • I am in the similar boat and tossing between Mitsubishi MRLX630EMGBKA2 and Hitachi RWB640VT0GBK. Negotiated with BingLee around $2300 mark.

  • +4

    a tip for personal experience and few friend, dont get a samsung fridge. its surely a lemon

    • logged in just to say the same. whatever you do, think twice before going Samsing. speaking from personal bad experience. Google ice buildup samsing fridge. Across a variety of their models of fridges/freezers.

      • +1

        Weird, I've had both my Samsung fridges (one top mount freezer, the other side by side with ice and water dispenser) for over 10 years now. Never missed a beat, touch wood.

        • -1

          Same 2 Samsung fridges no issues… can't remember but I think the korean or german made one's were the best.

          China or other made are crap

          • +1

            @4foxache: There is currently a class-action lawsuit against Samsung fridges for ice makers causing leaky fridges.

            Japanese fridges are considered premium, Korean fridges for the past few years have been considered crap. Chinese fridges are considered as the no frills option.

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      Idk about that, my Samsung fridge that i got on sale when masters was closing down 6 & 1/2 years ago is still going fine.

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    Black absorbs heat

    • Underated comment

  • +1

    I find side by side fridges have less space VS french door style.

    • Was just going to say something similar.

      Also on this one the bottom halves of both doors are unused, that's weird isn't it?

      • well you can see the space is used for the fresh section. Otherwise there would be less space in those compartments 🤷🏻‍♂️

        • Ozbargain neckbeards don't eat fruit and veg.

  • How is the build quality and reliability of Whirlpool Refrigerators?

    Where are Whirlpool Refrigerators Manufactured?

    Any feedback or suggestions for a French Door refrigerators.

    Whirlpool 675L 4 Door Refrigerator WQ70900SXX

    Hisense 609L French Door Refrigerator HRCD609S

  • +1

    Have a top down ~514L and the fan stopped working after a year and a bit. I called them and they sent someone out pretty quick to respond.
    The subbie fixed it quick saying it was a common problem.

    Bascially the freezer was freezing but everything in the fridge ended up like a freegans dream.

    Apparently they offer a spoilage part of their warranty but after multiple emails and calls from 4 weeks ago. No such luck. Hint hisense rep if you're around.

    Still when you get the fan issue fixed they seem decent units for the price. For what it's worth it was under 1k and it gets abused. At the end of the day it's a fridge, hisense won't tie your shoes but they seem to over spec compressors.

    • +1

      China makes all kind of things, cheap to good quality products catering to all ranges of customers.

      Back to fridges. This model in LG LG GS-L668PNL seems to be having good reviews however, many people are commenting on the sound from the water dispenser.

      Although looks convenient with water and ice being dispensed but I feel this might be the cause to many unsatisfactory reviews, either with the sound or leaks etc.

      I will be focusing on fridges without this feature to minimize possible issues (I might be wrong)

  • Are we able to arrange delivery for a month from now? Moving house soon and need a fridge.

  • OOS???? Just thinking if we should get this..

  • I have a similar model, best fridge I have owned. Agree with other posters, avoid Samsung at all cost.

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