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Samsung Q950A Sound Bar $1262 + Delivery @ Appliances Online


hey guys, this wasn't available the past few days but it is showing available to be added to cart now.

I personally called The Good Guys to get it price matched and use my discounted gift cards. Although I have to wait for it to be ordered due to no stock (Unknown ETA).

edit: My bad, it is showing "Notify Me" if I click Add to Cart. Please disregard this deal, or attempt to price match elsewhere.

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  • When I tried to price match at HN they looked at this and rejected :(

    Estimated delivery date: 11th March 2022

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      ohh so sorry, I tried adding to cart now and it says the same thing too.
      I think I got lucky with the good guys sales if they didn't try clicking "add to cart".

  • Still too expensive for my current search of a good sound bar for my LG TV. Any recommendations about Sonos or Bose?

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      Watch some reviews on youtube.. I wasn't going to spend this much but was hoping $800 ish.. but after reviews went with the 950a..

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      it's relatively cheap compared to the best setup of Sonos by half the price (assuming the cheapest ozb deal for Sonos Arc + Sub + 2 x One SLs).
      And it performs better on movies too. Music is better on Sonos, reddit says. This is the best setup for soundbar I think.

    • This is for someone who is looking for a Home Theatre experience… Sonos and Bose are equally good but Sonos seems to have cheaper deals than Bose

      • Thank you for the information.

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      The 2022 models will be coming in a few months or so. The lg 2022 s95qr soundbar seems to be a decent improvement over the sp11ra.
      It should also bring current sound bar price down

    • Still too expensive for my current search of a good sound bar for my LG TV. Any recommendations about Sonos or Bose?

      If you're looking at the top of the line Samsung (Q950A) vs. the top of the line Sonos (Arc), then this pricing is pretty decent. Sonos Arc, for the soundbar+sub+rear speakers, you're looking at >$2K easily. I think personally the Samsung soundbar is one of the most hideous on the market with its cloth covering and design (I could never have something this ugly in my house :p). But feature wise I think it wins. I'd say if $1200 is out of your price range, you need to not be looking at the high end models and look more to the midrange.

      • Thank you for the information.
        Hopefully will find some mid range models then.

  • Got one boxing Day hopefully will be delivered asked for 6th of Jan when I get home from work.. doing quite a bit of research seems like a bargain esp considering price in UK & US…

    • from this seller?

      • yep when I ordered said they had 5 and then got to choose delivery date

        • Lucky you 😀 .. ta

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    Lucky I bought this from the Good Guys Commercial last month. It appears its not available anymore for $1252.
    Best sound system I every purchased. Replaced by Bose 700s with it and its amazing.

    • Same, very impressed with their service and the new system

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    Any thoughts on the q870? I realise this is better but the other can be had for around $890 or so. Are they in the same ball park or worlds apart? Just seem to be alot less reviews for the 870.

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      I went with the 870 over the 950 too - my problem was size.
      The 950 is a lot wider than the 870.

      870 is a solid unit.

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    The samsung q870a is amazing.. My best investment in the year 2021.

  • How does everyone set-up the rear satellite speakers? Tempted to buy but seems quite obtrusive.

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      Needs to be at the back:

      My problem is my sofa is against the wall. It is impossible for me to do this. Will just see how it would sound like if they are on the sides.

      • Thanks for sharing, that's my exact problem as well with my sofa against the wall. If I moved the sofa out by half a metre and put the rears on stands at the angle indicated by Dolby would that correct it?

      • Sure, if you have 4 sets of rears you could do that, but as each of these are doing the work of 2 , it's designed to be at the back sides of the area

        • Would they be facing in the direction of the listener? Or face front to the TV? I honestly dont know.

          • @Oauiii: Samsung suggests you have them pointed inward.


            Mine are stuck pointed straight for the moment and it still works well

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    I just bought it and got it delivered yesterday from Appliances Online. The quality of the sound is AMAZING! Mind you I was just using the TV default sound. I had used 5.1 surround sound system beforehand. Well worth the money. Easy to install. I have been patiently waiting for the price to go down. One bad thing is the interface menu which you can't see on the speaker itself as it's on top view. Other than that, woooooooooo!!

    • Awesome! I'm so excited!

  • Awesome soundbar. Bought mine few weeks ago for around $1050 price matching an online store, 10 percent code and using ugc from coles

  • Still looking for rear speaker stands though. Anyone have any recommendations?

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      was looking recently, the mounting dream height adjustable ones seem to the be the most recommended, however they've shot up in price and usually have to import them. There's lot of options like the raxx universal or kogan even sell a pair of bookshell style stands where the speakers sit on the but don't actually hook into anything.

      • I was looking into mounting dream as well. I guess I'll wait til we have stock locally

        Bookshelf ones would be just putting speakers on top right?

        • yep (not sure if that's actually the correct term)

            • @Oauiii: Not sure, you'd have to ask the seller for the distances of the mounting holes and see if they line up with the Sammy rears, the listing also says capacity of 1.5kg. The rears have a little bit of weight to them you'd want to hit up the Sammy spec sheet to get the exact weight of the rears as that might rule them out.

            • @Oauiii: probably not. specs say the rears are 1.8kg, max rating for these stands is 1.5kg. wouldnt risk it…

              • @Warehouse: Thanks guys. Finding a stand for this is harder than I thought

  • I bought this from HN about 5 days ago for $1260 and paid another$200 to extend the replacement warranty to 5 year's in total. I prefer the peace of mind in the long term.

    • In case you're not aware: A credit card with free warranty extensions on app purchases would save you heaps if this is a common though for you (E.g. platinum card with Westpac and $0 annual). $200 is a bit pricey….

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