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[Switch] Castlevania Anniversary Collection, Contra Anniversary Collection - $7.50 Each (Were $30) @ Nintendo eShop


Happy New Year all!
Found these deals while looking for Contra game which is part of Nintendo new year sale I think.

Same price posted over a year ago but good for those who missed out or just get a switch like me.

Castlevania link: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000017485

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    Thanks OP. Was looking for a way to play Contra Hard Corps on Switch. Soundtracks in that will bring back childhood memories!

    • Yep.. that startup music totally brings back my memories.😊

  • Megaman collections are also on sale (not quite as cheap).

    Any recommendations from people? Are any of them poorly emulated?

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      The Castlevania and Contra collections were handled by M2, so you can expect the highest quality possible.

      • Nice. Thanks!

      • The highest quality possible ? , ok, sold

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    Anyone know of any stores with discounted eshop cards at the moment?

    • Jb I think?

    • +2

      Got 10% off at JB yesterday

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    Also available on Steam "Contra Anniversary Collection" 80% off til 6th January $5 .79

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      Cheaper on Indiegala store at $4.50ish or Fanatical. Castlevania is even cheaper on both sites too.

      Obviously this post is about the Switch version though.

      Always use this site before buying anything from Steam.


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        Was more a comment to let the PC master race know its also on the ultimate gaming system for cheap.

  • I think I passed contra once, in all my time playing it

    • I've managed to beat Contra without losing any lives. After playing for hours each day, you end up memorising where/when enemies approach. While the original will always be special, my favourite in the series is definitely Contra: Hard Corps.

      I'm still trying to beat Battletoads. I just can't get past the Rat Race level.

  • +1

    30 lives
    Up up Down down left right left right B A start

    sound test
    Hold a b and start

    • Good old Capcom codes.

      • +1

        Not sure if trolling.

    • The original famicon before NES already used that code prior to sound test

  • -2

    $30 original price for Castlevania is taking the p**s, surely.

    • +4

      It's got eight games.

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    Castlevania advance collection also available for 25% off

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    Thanks op, I've wondered about the Castlevania series, good to see Nintendo have a web based store, welcome to 2010 Nintendo.

  • Is it the same arcade game Contra or modified version?

    • It is arcade game Contra and bundle so includes those below;

      Contra (Arcade)
      Super Contra
      Contra (NA)
      Contra (JP)
      Super C
      Contra III: The Alien Wars
      Operation C
      Contra Hard Corps
      Super Probotector Alien Rebels

  • PC version is also on sale.

    Konami Collector's Series: Castlevania & Contra = $6.39

    • That's not the same collection, and judging by the reviews it seems to have a number of issues.

      • Yes, kinda different but it is for PC. I think the original version of this was released in 2002 as a CDROM.

  • Does anyone know if switch has all the arcade games
    bundle like kinda old arcade 900 in 1 which has Super Mario Bros and Icelander , Pac-Man etc..

  • bought for memory. now looking for gamepad on switch, any suggestion for cheaper less $40 gamepad on amazon?

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