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[Prime, eBook] Amazon First Reads: Prime Members Choose One Free Kindle Book This Month

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    Damn I was looking for a childrens book about ubuntu linux

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    Can anyone suggest a book that I can add, but never get around to reading?

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      Any option above will fulfill your requirement :)

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    I got excited when I read the word Ubuntu…

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    Just wait 2-3 weeks before redeeming when they are heaps of Amazon reviews.

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      Sadly the majority of these books most months seem to be aimed at house wives (urban romance or contemporary romance). The raven spell looks interesting enough so I claimed that one.

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        Deep Sleep (Devin Gray Book 1) will be auto-delivered wirelessly to Kindle Cloud Reader. You can go to your device to start reading.

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    The Deep Sleep novel is by Steven Konkoly who is one of my favorite authors! If you havn't read the Perseid Collapse series then get to it.

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    I love first reads, I am slowly getting through my list. I read one, which then made me buy the whole collection.

    Mostly I try to vary, a thriller, a romance, a suspense.

    Hapoy new year everyone.

  • I thought is was a story about the Church of Ubuntu


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    Are there ever any personal development books

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      I remember seeing some,

      But loads of YouTube vids out there too brotha

  • Thanks OP. Just confirming, first reads subscription is free with prime?

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    • You have to sign up for First reads tho (or click on the Sign up).

      Thanks Op!

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    • Hopefully it helps with making a decision :)

  • Do I have to be subscribed to Amazon (US) Prime for First Reads? I'm only a prime member on AU.

    • Nope, AU is fine. Look underneath the listing for the orange "Buy it now for FREE" button.

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