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Reds Burger Pack $25 (10% Surcharge on Public Holidays) Delivered @ Red Rooster Online


What a bad way to start the new year 🤪

Code RBP250 - Reds Burger Pack includes 12 Cheesy Nuggets (these are really good), 2 Reds Burgers, 2 Rippa Rolls, 2 Large Chips & your choice of 2 sauces.

Code FCDD42 - Fried Dinner for 2 also $22 but need min $25 delivery so I think Red burger pack is better choice. Includes 6 Pc Fried Chicken, 1 Large Chips, 2 Pineapple Fritters & 2 x 375ml Cokes.

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    Thanks OP. However, dinner has already been sorted tonight, any idea how long this code lasts? :)

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    Sorry! We are currently unable to deliver to your address.

    • Which location?

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        I wouldn't disclose it with a username like that.

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    You can order as a future date. Thats what I did. Also link to image of the deal https://m.imgur.com/a/3VeofWU

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      Does that mean they cook it today and deliver it to you in a few days…😆

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        Haha. But they will microwave it for you before 😝 in all seriousness though, they cook it before delivery.

        • From my experience red rooster likes to deliver your order 2 hours before its scheduled

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          In all seriousness, unless things have changed in 5 years since I used to work there, they will actually microwave it haha

        • +1

          they cook it before delivery.

          Well I don't know why you would expect them to cook it after the delivery…

          • @andehh: Well, what I mean is they cook it just before delivery not at the time of the preorder. You can order ahead for future date.

    • Was there any expiry on the T&Cs?

      • No expiry was mentioned. May end today possibly.

    • That picture shows 2 chips for the fried chicken meal but when you add it to your cart it only shows one, hmmmm

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    Also just so you dont get confused with the codes. RBP250 is for the red burger box and FCDD42 is for Fried dinner box.

    • Fried dinner box says "Friend" instead of fried in the details :D

      • +2

        You don't make friends with salad

        • -1

          You get hot dates with salad.

  • thanks. dinner sorted

  • The closest one is more than 15km away, what a shame no Red rooster in north shore

    • +1

      Lucky you

    • +4

      Wrong side of the red rooster line.

  • The fried chicken dinner box looks great. Is it not available on the normal menu for pick up? I haven't been able to find it

    • Me too. Must be only certain stores.

  • +2

    They deliver to a few hundred metres down the road only. :(

    • -1

      I agree . All the delivery services will only deliver to me not them .

  • Store temporarily unavailable and redirects me to order through UberEats. Will try again later.

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    DLU3RM - 30% off Roast Family Meal ($33 delivered)

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    Don’t forget Amex $30 get $10 back for anyone who have it

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      Not eligible for online use isn’t it?

      • +2

        My bad… in person only

    • +2

      Would it work considering the Amex offer is for in-store only payment?

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      used mine for fried chicken pack $30.95 - 8 pcs fried chicken, 2 large chips, 1.25l soft drink, 1 large gravy, 1 large coleslaw

      ends up $20.95 after cashback from amex

      • can you confirm if it triggered the amex email after purchase as offer terms says " in-person at Red Rooster locations" and i think online deleivery orders are processed by Doordash?

        • The fried chicken pack was purchased in store

          • @CodeXD: So you can get the same deal instore? I am also keen on using Amex deal.

            • @OhTeri BhenDi: The fried chicken pack they got is different to what you get in this deal. They replied specially to the amex comment.

              If you look through the app, you will be able to find the fried chicken meal they're talking about with 8 pieces.

  • +1

    3.5% cashrewards stacks pretty nicely with RR's reward system.

    • Dang wish I saw this earlier already ordered

      • You'll be back 8) no sweat, it's a marathon

  • Had this during Christmas period, was really good value for $25 Inc delivery. Thanks OP was feeling a bit lazy to cook tonight

  • Giddy up RR! Putting HJ and Maccas meal "deals" to shame…

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    My local is not delivering please try uber eats
    Yeah, no

  • +1

    30min ago I placed the order for 6pm tonight, no email confirmation no PayPal receipt so far, is that normal?

    • I put in ASAP. Same no confirmation at all…

    • Got a confirmation SMS from Doordash around 5 min after I placed the order for ASAP delivery.
      Paypal email arrived straight away.

      Order is also visible in RR mobile app (I'm using Android) - not their web app.

    • +1

      i got sms with the gps tracker of the driver in like 10-20 mins from order time

    • I got it on 6:15, pretty happy got sms when driver left store

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    Any in store deal so I can use my Amex offer?

  • Guess I'll postpone that healthy eating NY resolution ;) thanks OP!

    • Yeah I am partly at fault for this. But there is always next year right 😉

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    Always thought Red Rooster was a front since I never see anyone going in or out of their stores 🤔

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    They have ruined the rippa rolls replacing the old fillet with the new tender fillets…. :(

  • first time having red rooster in 10+ years lets see how it is thanks op :)

    • +2

      I had it for the first time in about 8 years last week to take advantage of the Amex offer. Chips were soft & soggy, those cheesy nuggets were average, and the $8 chickens you get from Coles / Woolies were just as good. I don't think I'll be rushing back anytime soon.

      • Would you say KFC is better?

        • Yes I think so because I don't care…

  • Thanks op. Just ordered dinner and paid via PayPal. Payment was sent to "Dean Wilson". Hopefully it comes lol

  • Can you use this code in store?

  • +2

    only had a bad experience with red rooster, but can't beat that price, I'll give it a go :D cheers!

    • -2

      Hopefully you will enjoy beating that red rooster coming your way soon lol

  • Sorry! We are currently unable to deliver to your address.

  • Any code for BIG REDS FEAST ? 😋

  • For $25 no complaints here. The reaper sauce is bangin' too.

    • +2

      It was an extra $1 so i didn't get it. After your comment i called the store and they changed the sauces out for free. Scores!

      Super thanks to OP as i love the rippa rolls but usually so over priced. This is a great deal!

      • +1

        :) yep it didn't charge me extra even through the website

        • +4

          Looks like if you make the first sauce Reaper it charges $1 but if you do the second it doesn't

          • +4

            @shrodes: Yep!

            So leave the first sauce to anything except Reaper. (free)

            Change the 2nd to reaper (also free). Happy days!

  • Epic deal. Thanks OP

    Normally a Rippa fan but those Reds Burgers are insanely good.

  • Since when was a rippa not sweet chilli Tenders?? Lol not sure what i think of this roll..

  • +3

    Just so u guys know. If u add a coke no sugar drink (any size) its $0. So basically u get a coke zero sugar for free. Doesn't work with any other drink.

    • doesnt allow to add

      • +2

        Add a paid drink with the free coke, once in cart remove the paid drink.

        Max of 5 x coke no sugar per size

        • they took it off xD

        • Great hack. Can get 5x No Sugar 600ml and 5x No Sugar 1.25 for free.

    • Worked fine here. Got 2x sugar free 600ml for free!

  • The reds burger is quite small and not that nice.
    The Rippa tender roll is not the same as the Rippa roll.
    The Rippa roll is much nicer.

    • -2

      My bad I thought the Rippa was something you let fly .

      • -1

        how original

  • Always Unavailable for me. I live near sydney city

  • Ordered mine, set a delivery time for 6.30, it arrived at 5:50, at least it wasn’t late I guess

  • +1

    would rate their fried chicken as good as KFC Hot n Spicy

  • Thanks OP, great offer
    RBP250 is for delivery only btw
    Was quite ready to drive to store so the chips doesn't go cold but was surprised how fast the Doordash delivery was.

  • I’m having Fomo. What if the deal ends tonight at midnight and I missed ordering for future me.
    Ozbargain dilemmas

    • -1

      You can preorder for the future you

  • -2

    Holy shit we just ordered Red Rooster for the first time, some of the worst fast food of my life. I will personally hunt done anyone who had anything to do with this and hang them.

  • My order was cancelled does anyone have any idea why? Is this standard RR tricks?. 1st time customer…maybe last time.

    • What did you order? For what time?

      • Reds Burger pack, order placed at 18:36 and cancelled at 18:43. Called store and was told of apparent internet issues..

    • I’ve ordered delivery before and had no problems but tonight I got a text after my order was confirmed:

      “ Hi, your order from Red Rooster has been canceled because we are unable to process the order with the restaurant.”

      Phoned the restaurant and the lady said my order had been collected by a DoorDasher then another DoorDasher came in to collect the order. They have no idea if I’m getting my food or not lol

      • did you end up getting it?

        • Nope and 4 days later no refund. I guess I'll have to call the store.

  • The new ‘Rippa roll’ feels like a crappy version of the ‘Strip Sub” from years back. Brings back memories..

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