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Betty's Burgers: 2 for 1 Burgers on Thursday 2 May - Dine-in, Takeaway & App Orders


Offer: 2 FOR 1 BURGERS - Choose two of the same

Take your pick from our selected range – Betty’s Deluxe, Betty’s Classic, Crispy Chicken, Crispy Chicken Supreme, Classic Vegan or Classic Plant.

When: Thursday 2nd of May (One day only!)

Where: At all Betty's Burgers restaurants and in the Betty's app via Beach Club (Betty's Burgers not available in TAS & NT)

*T&C's: Offer only valid on 02/05/2024. Available for dine-in or takeaway in restaurant and through the Betty's app. Not valid on delivery platforms. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other offer. No modifications or alterations permitted. 2 for 1 burgers must be of the same type. Order time may vary with demand. We reserve the right to remove the offer at any time.

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Betty's Burgers
Betty's Burgers

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  • +16

    Thanks. Their burgers cost twice what they're worth, so I'll happily be a customer for a day.

    • +1

      I think all chains are like that. Which ones cost equal to what they're worth? Maccas? Grill'd? I suppose Grill'd is priced a bit better.

      • -2

        Grill'd is priced fairly for excellent good-sized burgers (and they serve beer). IMHO Betty's is Maccas-sized burgers of marginally higher quality than Maccas, priced higher than Grill'd.

        • +8

          Grill'd burgers are tiny

        • +14

          Grilld uses frozen patties and underpay their staff. Don't know about bettys

          • +3

            @belongsinforums: Macca's uses frozen patties too, but 100% low-grade beef, no additional ingredient, which is why they taste like nothing much at all.
            Grilld use their own patties made from mid-grade beef with onion and tomato, and seasoning to add to the flavour of the meat.
            Betty's I'm unsure but it's while lot tastier than McDonald's burgers, even though they keep them very simple.

        • +3

          Simply Grill'd is $12.90, Betty's classic is $12.50, both are the cheapest burger on their menu. So Betty's price is just slightly cheaper than Grill'd, but the burger is smaller. For comparison, Big Mac is $7.70, still the cheapest.

          • +1

            @leiiv: Is the Big Mac still Big or is it now small? like the whopper…

            • @roughana:

              Is the Big Mac still Big

              Can anyone recall when it would have been considered "big"…

        • +1

          Betty's serve beer

          • @R4: @R4 thanks I hadn't noticed as I was trying to feed a kid.

      • +5

        atleast other chains have chips and drink combos, Bettys charges a premium for EVERYTHING

        • +1

          Does Grill'd have combos? I've never been offered one. What should I be asking for?

        • Is it fair to compare a chain that sells bottles of drink with anothwr chain serving cheap postmix syrup drink made with stagnant water in a tank that never gets cleaned?

        • +7

          I went to Betty's with my 4-year-old who wanted fries and chicken nuggets. I got him the Crispy Chicken Strips and fries. I had a Classic Burger, fries and a vanilla shake. When they said the premium total price, at first I thought it was a mistake. Then we received our order and it was this tiny burger, minimal fries and the very boring chicken strips. The shake is a shake; they just hype it as "concrete". Totally overrated place.

          • +4

            @Morven: You can't beat a McDo HappyMeal for value, but Grilld's MiniMe or DynamicDuo are arguably better quality and very close on value. It's a pity that other chains like Betty's don't offer a kids combo deal, but i suspect the way their menu is about 1/4 alcoholic beverages is a clear indicator of their target market, and it's absolutely not children/families.

      • +2

        Five guys is very over priced

      • +1

        Which ones cost equal to what they're worth? Maccas

        definitely not maccas.

        It's a false economy to think that a $8 burger from maccas is cheap when you see restaurant prices because the burgers are in no way comparable. Maccas are horrendous value.

  • +15

    I remember Betty’s burgers was a little old lady that sold burgers from a caravan/kitchen on the beach at Noosa for a $1 ,
    and you’d carry $1 coins ( when they started making $1 coins ) in your leg rope pocket to buy a couple after surfing .
    Yep those were the days , when you could get burger for a dollar and a wave in qld without being dropped in on .

    • +3

      Beach vibes

    • +2

      wow, from that to one of the most exp chains. Like the burgers but they're on the small side

    • +6

      and in those days, dollar coins had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. Gimme five bees for a five dollar note, you'd say

    • -2

      $1 burger hey? Is that when petrol costed 10c? Grandpa?

      • +1


      • Dunno , I had a bmx .

  • +2

    my lunchmate pulled out

    now, I consider whether I eat two burgers in shame or not

    • +1

      Wait people are sharing these?

    • Thats premature.

      Get a classic, then a naked/bare betty. You have a double.

      • +1

        You need to choose 2 of the same

    • my lunchmate pulled out

  • +1

    the question is: how many can we buy?

  • +7

    Having to get 2 of the same burgers is pretty shitty…..

    • +4

      Spotted the choosing beggar

    • then pay full for two different burgers

    • i agree, especially when one is vegetarian

  • +2

    Bet cha 50% of the people queueing will be on their phone browsing ozbargain and replying eachother via this post.

  • +1

    Got a server error the first time I tried ordering on the app. It took the money (using Google Pay) then immediately refunded.

    Closed the app and reopened and it took the order successfully.

    • Is it app only? The link says instore…

      • I believe you can do either. I went through the app which has given me a pick up time so hopefully I'm not waiting around too long.

  • +1

    I dont eat here.

    I had two chicken supreme burger $16.50

    I could eat a third burger.

    Not much bigger then mcdonalds, meat/chicken Quality is better but overall they are small.

    I will CONTINUE to NOT eat at bettys burgers.

    I beilive a single Grill'd burger would fill me up.

    • +3

      sir this is a wendy's

      • love wendys

    • Sir, this is the line for the bank

    • Grill'd burger isn't filling.

  • Anyone heading down to Eastland, Vic?

  • +4

    They aren't horrible burgers, but at full price they are totally not worth it. So at half price, if I had friends, this would be a reasonable deal.

  • +2

    I'm not even vego but their shroom burger is the best burger they sell imo, absolutely delicious, a shame not part of this promo though

  • Anyone know how to get discounted Betty’s credit? (Option to pay with that at checkout)

    • -1

      The app is stuffed, promo doesn't work. They just made us jump through the app registration hoops to collect personal data. real poor form.

  • Macca's is offering may deals this week a small McChicken meal and double cheeseburger for under $8.

    Just had 2 deluxe burgers for $16.50 at Betty's.
    Burgers are more substantial and tastier than Macca's. Not hard. But missing chips filler and drink to wash it down.

    I'd rate Macca's marginally better overall, and twice as good on any other day.

    Sorry, Betty's is not good value normally, and today marginally makes the grade.

  • +2

    What is the logic behind such high burger prices these days? Are these chains saving themselves the extra work by selling half as many at twice the reasonable price? Was there a shift over the years away from selling high volume affordable food (of similar quality) for obvious reasons?

    It seems to me that chains like this clearly know their target market and are happy to sell exorbitantly high priced food to couples on dates because they know they'll pay it every time… And as chains like this tested the waters the other burger joints figured out that there are people who will pay it and eventually the baseline price for this kind of product just creeps up as people get used to the idea of overpaying for what is essentially a sandwich in a different shape. The only way to drive the price down is to collectively boycott the offenders, but there will always be weak links in the chain that keep them afloat…

    • +1

      What is the logic behind such high burger prices these days?

      Like many restaurants they think they can raise prices to make up for their losses during covid…

  • +1

    i think the app is stuffed

    ah well, spares me some calories

    edit: nvm, got it to work by logging out then back in again

    • they put minimal effort if at all into the promo on the app - clearly just a deal to scrape your data. Be sure to review the app in the App Store to save others some time.

  • +1

    All these comments about high priced basic food. It’s 2024 folks. That’s the norm.

    • We know it's the norm, still no good though. Do you make the same comment when people are upset about house prices?

  • My restaurant is currently closed :) but open 10 am to 10 pm

    • +1

      I got the same message if I tried to specify a time to pick up. Worked without issue when selecting as soon as possible or whatever that specific option was called.

  • -1

    The app is messed up. Added 2 of the same items, but discount not appearing at checkout. Waste of time. just a data scrape by them getting people to register.

    • +1

      I did the same thing at first, but you need to click the Beach tab and claim the benefit from there to add to your cart.

      • yep, and it tells you all this in the pop up when you open the app…

        Nirmitha is hangry but he has himself to blame

  • So the pub and restaurant cards dont work at bettys burgers. Guess they are not classified as a oub or a restaurant. Would have been nice to know beforehand

    • Restaurant choice card worked for me.

  • Can order as many as you like . I ordered 2x deluxe but counter lady put in 2x deluxe and 2x vegan. I cancelled the vegan one lol

  • So I did this for dinner (skipped lunch). Queue was out the door. Wait was 20 minutes. Fries were cold. Shake was sickly sweet. Burgers (2x deluxe) were unremarkable. And that was $31. Last night I had a lovely Thai chilli & lime chicken stir-fry and rice with a pot of jasmine tea for $21 (with a smile and a wave).

    • +1

      I ordered via app in advance, the wait time was also about 20 minutes but at least I didn't have to wait there.

      The staff at Westfield Doncaster did their best but they were obviously under a lot of pressure.

      Ordered 2x vegan burgers, definitely won't pay full price for these but at half price yes maybe.

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