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Stella Artois Bottle (Locally Brewed) 24x 330ml $47 @ Coles


Stella Artois has a history that is as rich as the flavour you find in each bottle. The brewery was established in the city of Leuven, Belgium in 1366 and was quickly beloved locally and internationally. 600 years of practice makes perfect.

Also, $5 Off upon spending $20 with Promo Code LIQUOR20

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    Damn. This if a deal nowadays

  • Often available at Aldi in 4pks of 500ml for $10 which ends up being a better deal for me

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      Those are brewed in Belgium and taste quite a bit better I found, even with the shipping time of variable temperature.

      Has Coopers stopped brewing Kronenbourg 1664 here? Been out of stock for some time and I think the Aussie version taste better than the original.

      • Thought that may have been the case regarding being brewed in Belgium. Seem to be nicer than the stubbies. Haven’t seen Kronenbourg in stock at Dans since they had all the member offers for it last year

      • They definitely still make Kronenbourg and I can currently order it in to my store. All part of the International Partners Group. Could be out of stock with other warehouse/states but as of this moment I can currently order it in NSW

  • $44 for those in Vic…but not brewed in Belgium……

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    Vb cans $18 a case Boozebud

  • this new package is hideous…..

    think I will stock up the Aldi ones brewed in Belgium

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    They call it "Wife beater" in the UK as it contains 5.2%. Sadly, it's only 4.8% in Australia. Still a great tasting drop.

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      That is most likely to keep it in a lower alcohol tax bracket

    • I'm fairly sure it's called that because chavs drink it. Funny that it's seen as something "fancy" here.

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    Not genuine unless imported

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      Or at least follow the original recipe. 4.8% indeed.

  • First choice is $46
    Or carton + 1 bottle =$51 & 2000FB's ($10)

    So ~$41 for 25pk

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    These are locally made crap under license.
    It’s ridiculous to advertise about a brewery that’s over 600 years old and beloved when they are made in steel that’s here in Victoria and taste like every other made under license beer.

    • Harsh, but fair and on point

      All about the $$$

  • Here’s the Made in Belgium stuff, although not as good a price as Aldi:


  • Got.a.carton (24) of VB and Carlton Dry for $50 delivered

    Melbourne bitter case (48) is $68

    • No cases are $22 melb bitter

  • If you cannot wait to buy a slab from Aldi, imported 500ml cans are $65 here: https://www.liquorhomedelivery.com.au/showBrand/STELLA+ARTOI...

  • Stella Artois has a history that is as rich as the flavour you find in each bottle

    So no history at all then

  • is stella good goon?

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