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[VIC] Roast Meat with Rice $8.90 (Normally $13.80) @ Mixed Rice King (Glen Waverley)


Any roasted meat + rice + small side of vegetables for $8.90 instead of the usual $13.80

  • roast pork
  • crispy roast pork
  • roast duck

Walked past this store and saw a current promo for a roast meat + rice meal and thought I'd give it a shot given I'm longing for the Christmas feasts :(

In comparison to China Bar, Hawker Chan etc, it's about the same quality and quantity (if not more) and vegetables I received were a mix of celery and Bok Choy which is different to the usually soggy Bok Choy leaf you get.

Card - minimum $15 which isn't great as the closest ATM are across traffic lights.

Not sure when the deal ends

Address: 31 Railway Parade N, Glen Waverley VIC 3150

11/01/2022 UPDATED PRICE FROM $7.90 TO $8.90
- went by for lunch and the price has increased by $1

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    Upvote if you think Roast Duck is the best!!

    • +6

      Minh Ky is my go-to duck shop in Springvale. Haven't found a place that can beat it.

      • +3

        Been there and agree that their offering is one of the best especially for the price. They also sometimes have suckling pig which I've yet to find easily ever since enjoying it in HK

      • +3

        A quick Google shows there's two in Springvale. Minh Ky Central and Minh Ky South. Which one are you talking about?

        • +5

          Apologies, it's Minh Ky Central.

          On another note, looking for a good Banh Mi if anyone has a recommendation.

          • +4

            @bardwrangler: Surely if you go to Springvale you would know about Bun Bun Bakery for Banh Mi? Tabac Bakery looks good too however I haven't been.

            • +1

              @mrcosmo: driving past there most of the time the line is all the way to the ANZ bank.

            • @mrcosmo: There's a bakery inside the shopping centre, almost directly underneath Frozen World, that does great Bahn Mi. No massive queues.

            • @mrcosmo: Bun Bun Bakery is over rated.

              Phuoc Thanh Bakery in Richmond is my go to.

              • @JimB: Bun bun also increased their prices again at the start of the year. :(

          • @bardwrangler: Could it be same owner?
            Unfortunately I don't think they have the Steamed duck (Minh Ky South)

            So I go to Golden Lake same springy for one stop shop. They are good too!
            but it's takeaway and not a restaurant
            And just cook rice at hom

            ALSO looking for good banh mis

            • -2

              @capslock janitor: my go to banh mi: Phuoc Thanh at Victoria St, Richmond.
              They have couple more branches, Chadstone and city.
              They're more expensive than other Banh Mis on Suburbs, but I think they're the best in the business :)

            • @capslock janitor: Allegra Bakery in Scoresby does great banh Mi's, that beat the ones in springvale imo. Their pate is better.

              Also if you're out further around Clyde, theres one called "That Bakery" that gives you big shards of crispy pork crackling. More on the expensive side but so good.

              • @KnifeEnthusiastBoi: I've tried Eva's bakery next door and the crispy roast pork Banh Mi is pretty good too! Have heard good things about Allegra so will try them next time.

              • @KnifeEnthusiastBoi: hmmm i rarely go up that way northwest

              • @KnifeEnthusiastBoi: hey @KnifeEnthusiastBoi, whats the price like at that bakey in cylde? it mentions $13 menulog. I hope it's not that expenisve.

          • +3

            @bardwrangler: Bun bun is good if you can stand the line-up and cash only.

            Tabac is a bit pricier (+~50c), accepts card and usually has tiger bread and foil wrapping similar to kebabs.
            - also has tomato

            Both are very good

            • @Unorthodox: I gathered Bun Bun was as good as the line was long. Still on my bucket list (BB) but I'll definitely try Tabac next time.

        • +6

          Minh Ky fan here.
          They both are owned by the same owner and serving same dishes.

          During busy weekends, I find it easier to find parking spot at Springvale South.

          Try their Roast Duck on rice (Roast Pork and BBQ pork also recommended), Sweet and Sour Pork, Char Kwe Tiaw, Ipoh Hor Fun. I can go on and on here, but generally they serve delicious dishes. Generous portion. Don't forget to try their home made chili oil too!

          Minh Ky Central closed on Monday and Minh Ky Springvale South closed on Tuesday.

      • +2

        Agreed. We also ask for extra sauce (the darker one they already put into the takeaway container and drizzle over the rice) and they are more than happy to without any further charge.

        Mix it with their awesome home made chilli oil that they also give you and you've got yourself one great sauce to drench your rice or egg noodles with.

      • The fresh roast duck from Roast Duck Inn in Box Hill is the best.

      • I like the Hoa Tran duck a lot better. Each to their own

      • Another Minh Ky fan here and both Springvale and Springvale South are awesome! They have the best chilli sauce that works well with crispy roast pork. You will always find parking in Springvale South and it's a bit roomier. But Springvale central has other stores nearby.

    • +6

      Cha Siu is the best!! lol

  • +1

    Why can't they bring this to Qld?

  • +1

    Any BBQ pork suggestions? When city BBQ closed a while back and I'm on the lookout 🐷

  • +1

    Uhh what's difference between
    Roast pork and crispy roast pork
    In the description?

    • +9

      Crispy roast pork is very similar to german pork knuckle. Extremely crispy top layer with salty/fatty meat below.

      Roast pork (aka Cha Siew) is marinated in a sweet red sauce which caramelises when barbequed. The end product is a sweet salty smokey meat.

      Both super awesome, just different style of cooking.

      • +5

        Cha siew is Canto red BBQ pork ya

        I don't call it roast pork, that's what I call the crispy/crackling version lol

        • +1

          Yup Cha Siew is the red one. Normally when people says roasted pork in the restaurant, it is generally referring to the crispy one. And everyone will call the red one Cha Siew. There is no other name for it if we were to be accurate and not confuse the waiter/waitress.

          • @KaTst3R: Any idea what the beige duck is called in Chinese?
            (we call it steam duck and they get it)

            • @capslock janitor: Now I'm curious what steam duck is. There is TeoChew Braised Duck which is duck braised in masterstock, Nanjing Salted Duck which is steamed, and Dry Aged Duck which is then streamed.

            • @capslock janitor: Depending on the store (which region the owner is from), the beige duck is either Braised Duck (pronounced in Chinese as Ru Ya) or Salted Duck (pronounced Sian Sui Ya which literally translate to Salty Water Duck). Braised Duck as the name suggest is duck cooked in a very old broth (literally old as some famous shops would continuously use the stock for years or decades which gives its unique flavour). Braised duck is usually slightly sweet which gives a balanced salty/sweet characteristics with aromatics and Salted Duck is just salty umami all the way.

              Depending on what you have eaten, you would probably know which duck it is.

    • Haha sorry, I'm just taking the wording from the menu

      Crispy roast pork = essential pork belly with the skin being crispy

      Roast pork = the bbq pork that's generally a red / beige colour

      • +1

        Crispy roast pork = Siew Yook

        Roast pork = Cha Siew

        Both = Very tasty, unless you're Jewish or Muslim :)

        • +2

          Some of my muslim friends also eat Cha Siew! It is just too good!

  • +2

    Any details if it's an all the time special or just lunchtime or ends at (as example) 6pm?

    • Don't think it's a lunch time only special or anything as I dropped by in the mid/late arvo and just walked past to get the train at past 6pm and the sign is still up.

      Was given the option to eat in or takeaway

  • +2

    Just an FYI.. they give you a takeaway box, and fill it 1/2 with rice. Then you can pick whatever dishes you want (they have a lot of stuff in those silver trays). BUT if you can’t close the lid, they charge you extra!

    • How much for full box without rice?

      • From what i remember they dont do it without rice.

    • Yeah I noticed the buffet trays and the surcharge but tbh by the time I went the food was probably not as fresh so I didn't get a decent look.

      I think the cost is $13.90~ for this if it's the box lunch on the posters

  • do they provide the green chive sauce ?

    • +1

      The ginger scallion sauce..?

      • +2

        yes! that stuff is BOMB

        My Asian friend introduced me to it when we went for HK bbq and never can't go without it anymore.

  • +1

    Cha siew is not roast pork. Alamak.
    It's nice this store. Better roast pork is at A&A BBQ Fitzroy.

  • +2

    Walrus in springvale market area has amazing roast/BBQ pork
    and their free soup is good too

    • Walrus is good.. but I find it expensive for a suburban worn-out restaurant.

  • If you are willing to take the parking challenge at Springvale, i would highly recommend a trip to Golden Chopstix

    • Golden Chopstix is okay. I went down last weekend with high expectations and it didn't live up to the Google reviews.

      Try Golden Dragon in Lalor if you want great roast meat on rice. I used to live in the northern suburbs and had to visit once a month. I live in the south east now and still make the hours drive just to eat there every 4-6 weeks.

      I've tried roast meat on rice at around 10-15 restaurants over the last 12 years and Golden Dragon is the only restaurant that keeps me coming back.

  • +1

    They do the Malaysian style tiffin delivery as well on weekdays and my partner uses them. Three dishes with rice and soup. We catered with them when they first started and COVID hit them really hard. It would be really good if everyone can go and have a try on their food. They're trying hard to keep the business afloat and the thing is that they're one of the ones that's not monopolized by rich business owners.

    Also, the part owner, Mila is very friendly and nice.

    • +1

      Thanks for sharing, it's always good to learn a bit about the story/ owners.

      They're in an awkward area but hopefully the suburban station and library relocation will bring that area more foot traffic.

    • -1

      you mean Golden Chopstixs? i might give them a try too!

      • I mean Mix Rice King. No idea what's Golden Chopstix lol

  • This is the best chap fan in town. Eat here so regularly. Brings me back to Malaysia .

  • +1

    My friend just went and they said "We don't do it on Wednesdays"

    • +1

      Damn…. That's not good to hear

      Was there still a board/sign on the walkway and on the store windows?

  • +1

    Went there 5 mins ago and they said they don’t do Wednesdays. I responded there were no exclusions in the window poster. They replied it’s not their business?

  • Ive been to Mixed rice king twice, and have had mixed feelings about it..pun intended.

    First time was great, great selection etc.

    Second time, the selection was not as good. A piece of chicken fell off my plate as i was getting more food and they called me out for that saying you cant do that. "Next time we will charge you extra"

    Haven't been back since.

  • i also went around 1 hour ago and they said that the Chef had gone home, she said that portion of the business is operated by another business/chef so he sells what he has for the day and goes home.

  • Roll in the weird experiences…

    This place has so many twists!
    Better than recent movies
    (except No Way Home ofc)

  • +1

    Thanks for the more recent comments, I was about to go in but saved me a wasted trip!

    I saw another comment on helping these guys stay afloat as business is tough for them etc. Given the responses in the recent comments it appears they are doing fine declining to honour the offer and especially with pretty average responses. They sound like some of the other restaurants on Kingsway that are well established and can afford shtty customer service (one that comes to mind but not limited to, looking at you Rock Kung).

    Contemplating revoking my plus vote.

    • +1

      We went at lunchtime and like those above, were told they offer is not on on Wednesdays. We ordered something else and suggested they update their poster. The front counter person got frustrated and said it was on the bottom of the poster (Quite sure it wasn’t). Won’t be returning.

      Also agree with AnDyStYLe about Rock Kung’s similarly terrible customer service.

    • +1

      Ah good old Rock Kung. Slams the plate on the table LMAO…

      • boycott Rock Kung

  • Any idea if it’s on today

    • I got some takeaway at 12pm. They asked for cash payment only but not a problem for me. Had roasted duck & crispy pork and they were pretty good. Can’t complain at this price.

  • +1

    Went in and asked for the deal. They did give half rice but I told them "That's enough rice" before they added more than my liking.
    The girl behind the counter then told me they only had crispy pork or sausage left. I said yeah pork is ok.
    Paid and waited… an old man walked out with with roast duck and pork lol… I still stuck with the pork cos I CBF. They gave me about a full handful of crispy pork and some minimum mixed veggies (like 1 piece of cauliflower and few slices of carrots lol)

    But for this price. I was well fed and the crispy pork was goooood! I think it is a good deal if your expectation is equal to the price LOL

  • +1

    Went in to buy 3 boxes. Not the friendliest bunch but was told it was cash only so came back with cash.
    At the cashier it was a $15 eftpos minimum.. haha
    Anyway, food is pretty good for 8 per box.

  • Got roast duck and roast pork at lunch time today. Generous portions and really can't complain at $7.90!

  • Update:

    Went back with a few friends to see if it was expired or if there were any rules that had been missed.

    Apparently it's more that the older gentleman who does the roast meat and cuts it etc has to be in versus some of the servers who are only able to look after the buffet type area. He doesn't really speak much English but a lady helped with answering the questions.

    We had the duck, crispy pork, bbq pork etc and again the portioning was great for the $7.90
    At some other places they skimp out on the duck cuz of the bones but our servings were very fair.

    • Correct- from what I was told it's the old gentleman's (chef himself) business- he's just "loaning"/renting space from Mixed Rice King owners so they're technically separate businesses (despite sharing the same till).

      I wonder if you're able to have double roast meat instead of just one choice… will ask next time I'm there.

  • going in later today - anyone got rejected yet ?

  • Went by today and the price has increased by $1 to $8.90

    Portion size below as an example:


    This is also my last week in the area so will be relying on others to provide any updates on price changes or expiry

    • That’s a very decent portion for $8.90! Did you specifically ask for duck leg?

      • Nope, was just polite to the gentleman who runs that area haha

    • Ooh, thanks for the update, still good value at $8.90!

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