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Samsung HW-Q870A/XY Soundbar $788 (Free Shipping to Select Cities) @ Appliance Central


$899 at most places at the moment.

The system has the soundbar, two wireless rear speakers (still requires power cord) and a subwoofer. Includes HDMI eARC and Dolby ATMOS.

Copy paste from Appliance Central website:

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  • +1

    finally I got the Q950A from the last deal, to be honest I'm not impressed with the sound, better than average but for the price…meh

    • I'm debating whether to get one. Don't have room for a 5.1 setup and most reviews have been very positive. I've read the odd comment like yours who were not so impressed with the sound for music in particular and this makes me hesitate.

      • +2

        I bet when ntt goes in to a cinema, the reaction would still be meh…

        • meh

      • if you can afford, go for it. My living room looks cleaner and tidy after I got rid of the 5.1 bulky speakers. I also got a sound delay when plugging in FireTV 4K into the sound bar.

      • +1

        There is no other brand of comparable Dolby Atmos sound quality compare to Samsung HW-Q950A right now.
        I had compared the top range/model from LG, JBL, Sony, Panasonic, Bose, Yamaha Soundbar etc
        and this model still comes out top, except the extra premium price.
        This model is quite bulky, esp. the sub-woofer. Make sure you have space in the living room.

    • +1

      What setup did you have prior? I’m so close to pulling the trigger on the Q900A (same without the rears), but trying to verify it will improve how I hear dialogue significantly. I currently just have audio coming out of my TV (LG C1), and everyone says “anything is better than just TV speakers” but that doesn’t help me with does $900 on a Q900A give me $900 worth of improvement

      • I'm with you on this. I bought the YAS 108b aka Ozb's favourite soundbar. I thought anything would be better than tv speakers but turns out it was a waste of money. It's bigger sound but I can't hear dialog properly. I tried adjusting the settings on it but it doesn't help enough.

        • +1

          I also upgraded from the Yamaha YAS-108B! Which, to be fair, was still better than TV speakers. :P

          I can't speak for the Q870A, but the Q950A is leaps and bounds better than the YAS-108B - to the point where I don't think people should even be "wasting" money on less expensive soundbars like the YAS-108B (unless it's just for secondary TVs where you want better-than-TV speakers). But for your primary TV, definitely go for a high end model … but only when they're on sale. As much as I love the Q950A, it blows my mind that a sound system even costs that much. XD;

      • +2

        I also have an LG C1 TV with a Samsung Q950A - the Dolby Atmos sound is AMAZING! Sometimes I look over to the left/right as if someone/something is there, but no, it's just sounds from the movie. I highly recommend it! With the rears though, since those were what made me think something was coming from the sides.

        • So do you place the 2 small rear speakers behind/next to where you sit and subwoofer next to TV? I have JBL 3.1 450W connected to Sony KD75X9000H and thinking to upgrade not sure which best system? I have $200 voucher from Sony but they don't seem to have decent sound system, so thinking to get the Samsung!

          • @huntabargain: Yup! The rear speakers are behind/next to me on either side (left and right), and the sub is right next to the TV.

            I would definitely go the Q950A over the JBL 3.1. The Samsung is arguably the best soundbar of 2021! I read/watched a lot of reviews on the year's soundbars before purchasing. Just get it on sale around $1250 (or less! A new model will be out in a few months so it might drop to around $1k … if there's still stock around).

        • Hi, could you share which speaker stand you are using for the rear speakers? Would you recommend them? Thanks

      • I have a mixed 5.1 setup with cheapy speakers and Pioneer bookshelf, I couldn't hear dialogues clearly. The new soundbar has done well with this, but doesn't a "wow" for a music. Because of those reviews and the money I paid, I expected more from the soundbar. Maybe I set up it wrong or my ears are needed to be clean.

        • Soundbars with tiny speakers will never really make music sound good.

      • I also think the x.x.4 over x.x.2 is quite significant for movie/tv goers. I don't really care about the amount of small tweeters they put on the front bar.

        I also like that the LED notification is on the front of the sound bar rather than on top. It means you can see the options from your seat.

        • even their top LCD display is pathetic, too small and I have to wait to see what text is coming next. But again, this is my humble opinion, every one is different

    • I've been thinking about getting the Q870A for a while, but now that the price has gone down, I've actually decided against it because I'm a huge music listener and I don't think the speaker size would appease me. However, the convenience is tempting. Thought I would still post in case others are interested.

      • So which one would you consider?

    • +2

      I have a Q950T and the sub is fairly weak, it sounds great in a small room but in a large room the sub is completely dead.

      • People dont like critical thinking so let them buy it, some will be very happy, some won't enjoy it too much

    • I bought Q950A one as well in last deal and my LG SL5Y which is 300$ and 3 years old is better than this one.

      DTS surround speakers are very poor.

  • For those looking for reviews and not finding them, the Q870A is the Q800A with the SWA-9500S wireless rear speakers included.

    rtings review of the Q800A: https://www.rtings.com/soundbar/reviews/samsung/hw-q800a

    The rears are the same that come with the Q950A

    • +1

      Just so it's clear to everyone, the surround sound ratings iwll be higher due to the added rear speakers.

    • Seems like a good buy, especially when the 950s are $500 dearer.

    • +1

      I don't think the rears are the same. I think the 950a rears have side-firing speakers as well as up and front. The 870s I think are just up and front. Can someone confirm?

      • +2

        You’re completely right. I thought the SWA-9500S were the same as those in the Q950A, the illustrations don’t help on the SWA-9500S or Q870A product sites.

        SWA-9500S are 2.0.2 (rear-left + rear-right .0. left up + right up)

        The rears in the Q950A are 4.0.2 (rear-left + left + rear-right + right .0. left up + right up)

    • The rears are the same that come with the Q950A

      See: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11590536/redir

      Thanks @redrich2000

  • Hi guys, for those who own the Samsung Q950A, which speaker stand did you end up getting for the surround rear speakers? Would you recommend them? Thanks

  • +3

    If rear speakers are a must, then go with the top model Q950A.
    This Q870A is not really a international model. If you google review, you won't really find any in those popular review sites.

    It is basically a Q700A main unit (3.0.2) + SWA-9500S rear speakers (2.0.2) and a Q900A Sub (0.1.0) = (5.1.4).

    Only Q900A and Q950A shares the same main body (7.0.2) + sub (0.1.0) = (7.1.2).
    With Q900A, you can also buy the rear speakers separately if you wish in the future SWA-9500S, then you will have (9.1.4)

    As for the Q950A rear speakers, Samsung doesn't sell them alone as they have (4.0.2) being 2 side firing, 2 angle ceiling firing and 2 standard surround, to make (11.1.4) as a whole unit.

    I have the Q900A myself and I like the sound, not the cloth cover (I also have the K950 first gen Atmos with similar looking casing like the Q700A). The most disappointed function I really want is to be able to use the Multi-room apps which is NOT COMPATIBLE when I have 3 others soundbar using the wifi connection. Since Q series has 100 days return, I am still considering to return it but I admit I did get a pretty good price for it so still undecided……

    Hope the info is helpful for some !

    • Any chance you can recommend a great bar for dialogue and music without rears (I don't have a space for them) then? $1k budget, can get the arc for this price too if it worth looking at).

      Or is this a good bar in this context for the price? Cheers

      • +1

        https://www.appliancecentral.com.au/hw-q900axy-samsung-7-1-2.... According to reviews, it's not the best bar for music but the ARC costs $500 more.

        • Thanks for the link, have been eyeing this off already. I can get the arc for $1050 via sonos trade up, would this bring it into the fold, or is the Samsung good enough already at this price?

      • +1

        For dialogue and music, I really not sure as I am more focus on Movie, Netflix etc and I think Samsung did a good job. Personally don't like how the arc looks and I bought a Beam last year took me 3 hours to get it works on wifi while always spend less than 10 mins for a Samsung soundbar to work.

        I know a lot of people are disappointed with varies top end soundbar as you need certain hardware to be able to utilise Atmos/DTSx features. Either you have a high end TV or 2021 TV which can decode the audio directly or else I am using a Xbox One for Netflix as it is able to decode Atmos and DTSx. For people who wants to simply improve TV sounds using top end soundbar can save some money and go with mid range.
        In addition, I am Samsung bias as I have 4 Samsung soundbars and just very disappointed that 3 of them can connect to Multi-room apps and the latest one is Incompatible and only can use Smartthings apps when the other 3 can't….

        I would suggest google some reviews such as https://www.rtings.com/soundbar/reviews/samsung/hw-q900a and perhaps some from youtube.


      • +1

        Can't you just get stereo speakers? They will outperform on music and dialogue depending on the tweeter.

    • Can the cloth cover be removed at all for the Q900A?

      • +1

        I took a look at mine, you won't be able to simply take it out without undoing some screws…

  • Stupid question, but can you easily connect to these speakers using Bluetooth to stream from Spotify?

    • I dont have these, but my understanding is yes. You may possibly need to change audio input source.

  • If it's just got one HDMI in and I have 2 devices I need to plug into it, do I need a splitter?

    • You need a HDMI Switch, not a splitter. A Switch will allow you to choose which input to send to the device.

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