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[VIC] Free $20 Activity Voucher or $50 Activity Voucher, Adult Ticket, $200/$300 Hotel Voucher or Keypass @ Klook (Melbourne)


First post. Please be kind.
Guaranteed voucher for all Klook accounts so I didn’t post in competition.
Check Ts & Cs - hopefully I’ve got the right link up.

  • $20 Activities Voucher
    only for selected CoM approved activities. Discount code is revealed on successful spin
  • $50 Activities Voucher
    only for selected CoM approved activities. Discount code is revealed on successful spin
  • Free of Cost Adult Ticket
    to selected CoM approved activities. Valued at a cap of $100. Discount code is revealed on successful spin
  • $300 Sofitel Hotel Voucher
    only for Sofitel Melbourne On Collins. Discount code is revealed on successful spin
  • $300 W Hotel Voucher
    only for the W Melbourne. Discount code is revealed on successful spin
  • $200 Hotels Voucher
    only for selected CoM approved hotels. Discount code is revealed on successful spin
  • Free of cost Melbourne Attractions Keypass valued at $77
    Discount code is revealed on successful spin.

I just got two adult tix to artvo for $6 with my $50 attraction voucher. (RRP $56)
Enjoy now before our next lockdown!

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  • +2

    I received $20 spin, thank you.

  • +2

    Who won more then $20 spin post here?

  • +4

    Won a free attraction pass

  • +6

    Would highly recommend the Melbourne River Cruises on the Yarra - $27 Ports and Docklands Cruise was the best out of the available cruises. Amazing to get close to the port and see the massive ships and machinery

  • +1

    Got a free adult ticket. Thank you

  • +1

    Got $50 yay

  • +3

    Got a $200 hotel voucher :) - thanks!

    • +1


    • -1

      no way - tried on a few emails and all stuck on the $20 pass

      • +4

        Serves you right

      • You tried too few, just keep trying. It is remarkably easily to register new accounts on Klook.

    • Have u booked? Which hotel is eligible? The t&c is not very clear

      • I booked the Radisson and the $200 applied straight away :)

  • won a keypass thing. thanks! :)

  • +3

    $300 hotel, thanks OP

  • Melbourne Attractions Keypass here - not bad. Thanks OP!

  • +5

    Got free adult ticket…works for Melbourne Museum Family Annual Pass if you want to make it last.

  • +1

    I won free adult ticket on one of my Google accounts, the other 4 just got the $20 attraction discount. Thanks for the share, this is great for some days out in the city.

  • +3

    Booked a keypass and got a free $50 shopping voucher sent to me 10 minutes later! Must be in the first 300 people to book it

    • Congrats! What time did you book the keypass?

      • Around 10 to 15 minutes ago. It was a free keypass too. There should be plenty left

        • Thanks for replying, that's a great bonus!

        • where did the shopping voucher appear for you? Was that sent to your email?

    • I got the shopping voucher too. It says: "Applicable for City of Melbourne approved bussinesses only. Must be collected before 31/03/2022". Any idea where to collect this?

    • We need to know which offer you get. We were digging yesterday but not up for the gamble.

      "Each voucher is limited to a geographical precinct within the City of Melbourne (as per what you found out already). This includes places like Fed Square and St Collins Lane. So depending where the voucher is, you’ll be limited to spending it in a specific area. There is no minimum spend, but depending on the precinct some vouchers must be used in full. All details are provided on winning vouchers. "

  • +1

    I won an attraction keypass, thanks OP!

    Edit: if you win the keypass, redeem now since the first 300 people get a $50 shipping voucher - you can pick your dates later. The keypass is valid from redepemption until March 31.

    • did the shopping voucher come instantly?

      • No. Got mine about 2 hours later, safe to say it'll deliver within 24.

  • 'Melbourne Attractions Keypass' here. Thanks Op!

  • -1

    How only vic? Klook is global.

    • +2

      It’s part of the city of Melbourne’s ‘rediscover Melbourne’ initiative. Valid only for Melbourne attractions but accessible to all global Klook accounts I guess. But unless you’ll be in Melbourne before 31/3/22 it won’t be of much use to you

    • You need to pick up the vou from bourke st from memory.

    • The deals listed in relation to the wheel rewards are all located within Melbourne.

  • Is it only Melbourne attractions? Is there a use by date?

    • +2

      Yep. Only certain Melbourne attractions. Need to redeem by 31/3/22

  • -1


  • +1

    I signed up but can't find the spinner, it's not showing up under my promo codes.

    • +2

      Click on the deal link again to get to the spinner

      • +5

        Thanks, i wasn't scrolling down!

  • +1

    I won a keypass but they seem to have sold out?

    • Only available for purchase through desktop or mobile browser, not available via app

  • I won a keypass too and it didn't change any figure in the checkout - so I cancelled and tried to make a new order but it said the code was redeemed…


  • Just $20 on both of our accounts

  • Thanks OP got $50 win so, a Ticket for Melbourne Zoo free trip for all 3 of us (6&8yrs go free) this Sunday 👌🏻

  • +1

    Thanks Op. won a free adult ticket.
    Does anyone know on which attractions can i use the free ticket? Tried with a few, but said it isn’t available.

    • Selected activities on the Rediscover Melb page, but no link oddly. Awaiting customer service.
      But this is what google gave me: https://www.klook.com/en-AU/promo/city-breaks-tourism-austra...

    • +1

      Seemed to work with any in that section under the wheel. I redeemed my ‘free adult ticket’ for 2 x adult deluxe ice bar packages at $49 each.

    • I redeemed on family Melbourne Museum annual pass valued at $99. Also makes it a multi-use rather than single so we can always pop in if we are in the city.

  • First 300 booking for the key pass get $50 to spend in city but I can't find details. Anyone knows when and how to get the $50? Ta.

  • Thanks op. This is a good one😀 Happy New Year everyone 🥳

  • Anyone get the $300 'W Melbourne' hotel voucher? There is no such hotel showing on the Klook map or list of hotels to book :-(

    • +1


      That's the good news. I'm not sure it gets better as I couldn't find anything there that would sort of work with a $300 voucher. But I have been downvoted before on OzBargain for my lacklustre skillz when searching for hotel rooms.

      • Awesome, thanks for that mate - looks like it'll work (voucher got deducted from total). Little odd because after some reading on the Klook website it says to contact hotel/s when using hotel vouchers, which seems inaccurate.

  • +1

    Got 2x $20 vouchers but likely won't use them (don't want needless exposure to omicron).

    Happy to pass them along.

    • +2

      Novak may be interested drop them off at Tullamarine Airport interrogation room 16b ;)

    • -3

      Hi, can you please help with one of the $20 voucher pls. need it urgently

    • Hi, I am interested in this if still available :) Thanks!

  • Looks like we cannot use the Keypass Voucher to book for the Kids.. :(

    • +2

      I think we can book for adult one for kids, there's no reason they won't let you in as lo g as it's not a kids ticket for adult to enter …

      • +1

        Yeah.. agree..
        I'll just call them and double check to be on a safer side..

  • Thanks OP. Scored the $20 voucher.

  • Thanks! I won a free adult ticket. Booked 2 tickets with the expectation of paying one but got both free.

    • Hi, what tickets did you book?

      • +1

        Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium

    • Can you share the activity name?

      • Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium

  • Sorry to be stupid but how do you know which activities on Rediscover Melbourne are eligible?

  • +3

    Scored $200 Hotels Voucher!!!

    • +5

      The 200 voucher is probably the best prize in the pool. At least you can score a free stay vs Topping up on W/sofitel.

  • 2 x Keypasses. Awesome! Now to wait until kids go back to school and the current wave dies down before using it…

  • Okay so I had a few junk accounts that I had lying around from a few years somehow managed to win 3 keypasses in a row? It’s not really my thing, so if anyone wants one PM me

  • Thanks op. Got a $20 voucher.

  • -2

    Not interested in going back into Melbourne CBD.
    Enjoy the deal.

  • +1

    Looks like the game is over

  • +2

    I've got some extra free $20 credit if anyone wants one of the $15 tickets free. PM me if you would like one

    It would be to one of these:

    Melbourne Museum Ticket
    Immigration Museum
    The Explorer – Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne ($10 each so 2 tickets)
    The Fox Classic Car Collection

    • -2

      Hi can you help with one of the $20 credit for klook. need one urgently

  • +2

    Game over

  • +1

    Has anyone collected the $50 shopping vouchers? Just looking to see what they are actually..

    • +3

      Yep went today. $50 gift voucher to spend at st collins lane. Not the most exciting list of shops for me. Valid till 31/3/22.


      • +1

        Did you end up using it? I tried redeeming it a few places on the directory and none of them had any idea about it! Super hard to get rid of especially since half the shops are closed too

        • +4

          Yeah I went today to Royal st Collins for afternoon tea. The waitresses didn’t know what to do initially but called someone and sorted everything out after 5min or so. They have savoury options, alcoholic beverages, decadent looking cakes and macarons. We had the Devonshire tea, a croissant, x2 babychinos and x5 macarons for what ended up being 80c after the voucher. It’s the only nice looking food place in the building imo. And I had no interest in clothes or jewellery.

          • +1

            @carlaj: Thanks for sharing. We planned to go to Royal st too as the best looking option there

      • Thanks a lot.

    • +3

      Got mine today. $50 to spend at the Greek quarter on Lonsdale st. Looks like everyone's will be different areas.

  • how do you even redeem a pass?

    • Book it in their website.

      When you log in go to your account and you will find a voucher code. Then, when you're paying on the checkout apply that code.

      I did everything on their website, they sent me email with pdf tickets and just showed them at the door of the attraction.

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